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High quality Country Americana antiques for sale on the Internet. For over 20 years, Baker & Co. Antiques specializes in country furniture, small accessories in old original paint, folk art, quilts, hooked rugs, samplers, rag dolls, early lighting, stoneware, baskets and more. Many of the items come from frequent buying trips to the east coast as well as contacts on the west coast.In the August 2000 issue of Country Home magazine the Baker & Co. website at was rated the #6 country website in the nation. Owner, Tom Baker, always welcomes visitors whether in person at selected shows or online!

We accept personal checks, money orders, major credit cards, and PayPal. Baker & Co. Antiques has a satisfaction guaranteed policy. We understand how difficult it is to buy from pictures and written descriptions. Therefore, we have a standing policy for website purchases: customers may return items, in the same condition as they are received, within 72 hours of delivery for a full refund less cost of shipping, handling & insurance. No excuses needed!

Hooked Rug of a Horse andCarriage

Early 20th century. Pennsylvania origin. Polychrome scrap fabrics hooked on burlap. With the motif "Come Again". In excellent condition. Measures 45 1/2" by 33 1/2" mounted.

Price: $695

2014-Mar-30 03:20 | Tags : Textiles Folk Art

Early Painted Wooden Mallet

Early to mid 19th century. American. Hand carved and chamfered pine wood in original dry crackled green and mustard paint. Used for corking barrels. Measures 10" long.

Price: $85

2014-Mar-13 07:57 | Tags : Old Paint Woodenware

Painted Checker Gameboard with Drawer

Late 19th century. New England origin. Made from pine wood and in original black and mustard paint. There is a mitered corner frame molding along the top of each four sides. Surface shows the best dry aging and softly worn wear. The playing piece drawer still has its original brass knob with untouched patina. Includes the checker playing pieces that was found with it. Made out of a composition material, there are 15 white and 13 red checkers. The chamfered platform top gameboard measures 14" square with a 1 1/2" overhang on each side of the drawer base. It measures 2 1/4" thick.

Price: $795

2014-Mar-13 07:42 | Tags : Folk Art Old Paint Woodenware

Yellowware White Banded Bowl

Late 19th to early 20th century. American, from the Northeast or Ohio. Nice yellow color background with four white bands. In very good condition with no chips or cracks. Measures 9" across the top by 4" high.

Price: $68

2014-Mar-13 07:31 | Tags : Yellowware Pottery

Velvet Strawberry Pincushion

Early 20th century. New England origin. Nice strawberry pincushion made from red velvet and green wool with nice subtle age fading. Stuffed hard with raw cotton. In very good condition. Strawberry measures 3" long, without hanger.

Price: $68

2014-Mar-11 08:05 | Tags : Textiles

Painted Stepback Cupboard

Mid 19th century. Pennsylvania origin. Made from poplar and pine woods with square nail construction. In original bittersweet red and putty cream paint. Nice dry surface shows wonderful years of smooth wear. Retains all of its original glass window panes. In excellent condition. Measures 84 1/2" high by 51" wide by 20 1/2" deep (bottom half) by by 12" deep (top half).

Price: Please Inquire for More Details

2014-Mar-11 05:43 | Tags : Furniture Old Paint

Treen Butter Print with Eagle

Early to mid 19th century. New England origin. Hand carved American eagle with shield and arrows. Very folky. Nice dry patina to wood. One small crack due to age dryness shrinkage. Measures about 3 1/2" across front by 3" high.

Price: $250

2014-Mar-07 05:52 | Tags : Folk Art Woodenware Treen

Set of Three Small Graduated Tin Shakers

Early to mid 19th century. New England origin. All with nice untouched oxidized aged surfaces. All in excellent condition. Stand 3 1/4", 2 7/8", and 2 1/2" tall.

Price: $78

2014-Feb-28 03:35 | Tags : Tinware

Painted Mortar and Pestle

Early to mid 19th century. New England origin. Wonderful wooden mortar with its original wooden pestle. With years of great wear showing traces of its original sage green oxidized to a putty gray painted surface. In very good condition except for one tight 2 1/2" crack that doesn't go all the way through. Mortar stands 7 3/4" tall and pestle measures 10 3/4" long.

Price: $185

2014-Feb-28 03:34 | Tags : Woodenware Old Paint

Painted Deacons Bench

Dates to 1840 to 1850. Found in Indiana but originally from Pennsylvania. In original dark brown paint with a very subtle, faded, light color freehand painted decoration on back. Includes specially made down filled antique linen homespun cushion. Measures 71" long by 21" deep.

Price: $1,800

2014-Feb-26 03:17 | Tags : Furniture

Large Red Painted Pine Cupboard

Dates to 1850 to 1860. Maine origin. Pine wood with square nailed construction. Original red painted surface. Perfect for a TV/entertainment center. In very good condition. Measures 73 3/4" tall by 63 3/8" wide by 20" deep.

Price: $3,400

2014-Feb-26 03:11 | Tags : Furniture Old Paint

Redware Tart Baking Dish

Early 19th century. New England origin. With manganese glaze and a leaf decoration in the middle of the dish. In very good condition with only some glaze wear along the rim. Measures only 5 1/4" across the top by 1" high.

Price: $175

2014-Feb-23 03:37 | Tags : Redware Folk Art

Soapstone Tile with Incised Decoration

19th Century. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania origin. Nice folky hand incised decoration of a dove bird with sprig. In very good condition. Measures 8 1/2" long by 7" high by1" thick. Can be used as a wall plaque or hot plate trivet.

Price: $265

2014-Feb-16 06:39 | Tags : Folk Art

Early Hearth Broom

18th to mid 19th century. New England origin. Handmade straw with hand hewn wooden handle. In very good condition with great wear and untouched aged and patina. Measures 27" long.

Price: $375

2014-Feb-16 06:23 | Tags : Woodenware

Fraktur Watercolored Book Plate

Early to mid 19th century. Found pressed in a larger early book in New England. Very folky hand drawn with watercolors. Never framed. In good condition with paper foxing. Measures 8 1/4" high by 5 1/4" wide.

Price: $250

2014-Feb-16 06:12 | Tags : Folk Art

Quimper Child's Porridge Bowl

Early 20th century. Made in France. With nice blue, red and green decoration. In very good condition except for some minor edge wear. Signed "HR" "Quimper" on bottom. Bowl measures 3 1/2" across by 2" high. Measures 5 1/2" handle end to handle end.

Price: $125

2014-Feb-16 05:41 | Tags : Ceramics Folk Art

Hand Carved Wooden Bird Shilouette Decoy

19th Century. Found in New York state's Mohawk Valley. Original surface with losses to beak and stand. Shows great wear and age. Measures 7 1/2" from beak to feather tail end.

Price: $38

2014-Feb-16 05:32 | Tags : Folk Art Woodenware

Tin Screened Fly Catcher

Late 19th to early 20th Century. Northeastern US origin. Made from tin and wire screening. With cone shaped base. Nice aged untouched patina to tin. In very good condition. Stands 5 1/2" high by 4" across.

Price: $115

2014-Feb-16 05:07 | Tags : Tinware

Miniature Painted Spinning Wheel

19th Century. New England origin. Not sure what this was used for but it has a great early look with original dry crusty white paint on mixed woods. Measures 8" long by 6 1/2" high. The base measures 5 1/2" long by 2 1/4" to 1 1/2" wide. Does spin. Nice wear. Pretty neat little shelf piece.

Price: $95

2014-Feb-16 04:55 | Tags : Old Paint Woodenware

Small Painted Wooden Bucket

19th century. New England origin. In an original dry green painted surface with wire and wood swing handle. In very good condition. Stands just 4 1/4" high, without handle up, by about 5 1/4" across the top opening.

Price: $245

2014-Feb-10 07:07 | Tags : Woodenware Old Paint

Painted Oil Cloth Face Rag Doll

Early 20th century. Found in Pennsylvania. Black cotton fabric with painted oil cloth face. Hard stuffed with rags. Arms and legs are fully bendable. Original simple hand sewn clothing. In good condition except for most of the hair missing. Measures 9 1/2" tall.

Price: $165

2014-Feb-10 03:51 | Tags : Textiles Toys Rag Dolls and Cloth Animals

Primitive Folky Homemade Coot Decoy

Early 20th century. Found in Michigan. Nice turned head. Original black painted body with mustard painted beak and red painted on wings. Minor wear but could use a good cleaning which would probably make the colors stand out more. Measures 9" long by 4 1/2" wide by 6 1/2" high.

Price: $135

2014-Feb-10 03:49 | Tags : Decoys Folk Art

Furry Homemade Toy Cloth Dog

Early 20th century. Found in Vermont. Stuffed with oatmeal and made with a bell in one ear. Stitched nose, mouth and eyes. In very good condition. Measures 5 1/2" high by 5 1/2" long.

Price: $125

2014-Feb-10 03:48 | Tags : Rag Dolls and Cloth Animals Textiles Toys

Early Tin Whale Oil Lamp

18th century. From an early Ticonderoga, NY farm. All original with a great untouched aged patina to the tin. In excellent condition. Stands 7" tall and measures 5 1/2" across the saucer base.

Price: $375

2014-Feb-10 03:45 | Tags : Tinware Lighting

Small Christmas Feather Tree Candy Container

19th century. Probably made in Germany. With original tin candleholders and red candles. Stands only 7" tall.

Price: $365

2014-Feb-10 03:38 | Tags : Holiday Items

Early Set of Iron Hearth Skewers

18th century. Found in Vermont. Great simple but boldly striking form. Untouched aged surface. With all five original skewers. Skewers measure in length from 8 3/4" to 13 1/4" with the round loop hanging holder measuring about 6" wide.

Price: $265

2014-Feb-10 03:37 | Tags : Iron

Oval Opposing Finger Lapped Painted Pantry Box

Mid 19th century. New England origin. With the original dark brown mustard paint. In very good condition. Measures 6 1/8" long by 4 3/4" wide by 2 1/2" high.

Price: $295

2014-Feb-10 03:37 | Tags : Old Paint Woodenware

Hard to Find Fish Tin Cookie Cutter

19th century. Pennsylvania origin. Nice oxidized original surface. Never had a handle. Measures 5" long.

Price: $58

2014-Feb-10 03:36 | Tags : Tinware Folk Art

Rare Treen Crrumb Tray

Early 19th century. New England origin. Maple wood with beveled edge and raised sides. Carved from one piece of wood. Great aged patina and in excellent condition. Measures 7 1/2" long by 5 1/2" wide.

Price: $285

2014-Feb-10 03:35 | Tags : Treen Woodenware

Cast Iron Painted Horse Drawn Fire Wagon

Very early 20th century. Found in upstate NY. In original worn painted colors of white, red, blue and black. Retains all three horses, one fireman and two ladders but is missing both ladder hanging hooks and one fireman. Measures 26" in length.

Price: $375

2014-Feb-10 03:31 | Tags : Old Paint Toys

Miniature Painted Tin Pail

Early to mid 20th century. Original blue and green paint. Swing handle. Stands 3" tall by 3 1/4" across the top by 2 1/4" across the bottom. In very good condition. Nice dull surface.

Price: $58

2014-Feb-05 02:51 | Tags : Tinware Toys Old Paint

Small Wrought Iron Peel or Spatula

18th to early 19th century. New England origin. Untouched aged surface. Measures 13 1/2" long.

Price: $88

2014-Feb-05 02:50 | Tags : Iron

Pair of Old Homemade Long Stockings

19th century. From Maine. Tightly hand knitted black wool with faded red hand sewn trim on top. In very good condition with minor wear. Each measures 25 1/2" long from sock top opening to toe tip.

Price: $98

2014-Feb-05 02:46 | Tags : Textiles

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