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High quality Country Americana antiques for sale on the Internet. For over 35 years, Baker & Co. Antiques specializes in country furniture, small accessories in old original paint, folk art, quilts, hooked rugs, samplers, rag dolls, early lighting, stoneware, baskets and much more. Many of the items come from frequent buying trips on the east coast as well as contacts on the west coast. In the August 2000 issue of Country Home magazine the Baker & Co. website at was rated the #6 country website in the nation. Owner, Tom Baker, always welcomes visitors whether in person at selected shows or online! We accept personal checks, money orders, major credit cards, and PayPal. Baker & Co. Antiques has a satisfaction guaranteed policy. We understand how difficult it is to buy from pictures and written descriptions. Therefore, we have a standing policy for website purchases: customers may return items, in the same condition as they are received, within 72 hours of delivery for a full refund less cost of shipping, handling & insurance. No excuses needed!

Polychrome Painted Double Sided Gameboard

19th Century. Hudson River Valley NY State origin. Double sided homemade polychrome painted wooden Gameboard. Checkers and Parcheesi. All original with nice wear. Very bold and graphic. Measures about 18” square. In very good condition.

Price: $995

2021-Nov-24 09:00am EST | Tags : Folk Art Gameboards

Miniature Toleware Bread Tray

Early to mid 19th century. Pennsylvania origin. Sweet miniature tin Toleware Bread Tray in original mustard yellow and white free hand painted decoration all on a red painted background. Exterior is in original black paint. With slanted sides. Measures only 4 1/8” long by 2 1/4 to 2 5/8” wide by 3/8 to 7/8” high.

Price: $195

2021-Nov-23 09:00am EST | Tags : Folk Art Toleware Tinware

Large Die Cut Paper and Tinsel Santa Ornament

19th to early 20th century. Made in Germany. Large Die Cut Paper and Tinsel Santa with Christmas Tree Ornament. Measures 6” long.

Price: $60

2021-Nov-22 04:00pm EST | Tags : Holiday

Pair of Colored Spun Cotton Ball Ornaments

19th Century. Made in Germany. Pair of Colored Spun Cotton Christmas Tree Ball Ornaments. Blue Ball measures 2” and Red Ball measures 2 1/2” across the middle.

Price: $78

2021-Nov-22 03:30pm EST | Tags : Holiday

Large Die Cut Paper and Tinsel Ornament

19th Century. German made. Large St. Nicolas Die Cut Paper and Tinsel Christmas Tree Ornament. Measures about 8” long.

Price: $58

2021-Nov-22 03:00pm EST | Tags : Holiday

Toleware Document Box

Mid 19th Century. Probably Pennsylvania origin. Early tin toleware document box in nice colors of teal blue, salmon reds, off white and gold. Measures 9 1/2” wide by 6 1/2” high by 5 1/2” wide.

Price: $195

2021-Nov-21 09:30am EST | Tags : Holiday Folk Art Toleware

Pair of Spun Cotton Beet Ornaments

19th Century. German made. Early pair of Spun Cotton Beet Christmas Tree Ornaments. One red beet and one yellow beet. Each measure about 3” long.

Price: $95

2021-Nov-21 08:30am EST | Tags : Holiday

Set of 3 Santa Clause Ornaments

19th Century. German made. Early Die Cut Paper and Tinsel Santa Clause Christmas Tree Ornaments. Each measure 4 1/4” to 5 1/2” high.

Price: $125

2021-Nov-20 10:00am EST | Tags : Holiday

Set of 4 Mica Star Ornaments

Early 20th Century. German made. Set of 4 Mica Covered Pressboard Star Christmas Tree Ornaments. Two in purple, one in yellow, and one in blue colored decoration. Each measure about 2” across.

Price: $90

2021-Nov-20 09:00am EST | Tags : Holiday

Large Santa Die Cut and Tinsel Ornament

19th Century. German made. Large Die Cut and Tinsel Santa Christmas Tree Ornament. Measures 7 1/2” tall by 4 1/2” wide.

Price: $68

2021-Nov-20 08:30am EST | Tags : Holiday

Tall Santa Claus Candy Container

19th century to very early 20th century. German made. Nice 11 1/2” tall Santa Clause Candy Container. He has a warm friendly face. In all original very good condition. Fresh to the market.

Price: Sold ~ Thank you!

2021-Nov-19 03:00pm EST | Tags : Holiday

Doris Stauble Millenery Arrangement

Unusual Christmas Tree style millinery arrangement made by Doris Stauble (1917 to 2017) while she was still living in New Jersey before moving to Maine. Mid 20th century. Arrangement is in a Mustard Painted Wooden Measure. Stands 15” tall.

Price: $495

2021-Nov-19 12:00pm EST | Tags : Holiday

Large Santa Die Cut Tinsel Ornament

19th Century. German made. Large Die Cut Paper and Tinsel Christmas Tree Ornament of Santa, his sleigh, his reindeer, toys, and a boy and girl. Measures 4 3/4” long by 4 1/4” high.

Price: $68

2021-Nov-19 11:45am EST | Tags : Holiday

Spun Cotton Pear Ornament

19th Century. German made. Early Spun Cotton Pear Christmas Tree Ornament with nice original painted coloring. Measures 3 1/4” high by 2 1/2” thick.

Price: $65

2021-Nov-19 11:30am EST | Tags : Holiday

Belsnickel in Mustard Yellow

19th Century. German made. Tall 10 1/2” Paper Mache Mica Covered Mustard Yellow Belsnickel. Great detail to his painted sweet face. Holding a Feather Tree. In nice very good condition. Fresh to the market.

Price: $995

2021-Nov-19 11:00am EST | Tags : Holiday

Toleware Tea Cady

Early 19th century. Made by the Filley Tin Shop in Lansingburg (Troy) NY. Nice strong and bold freehand decoration in paint colors of red, green, yellow and white on a black background. In very good condition. Stands 8” high by 4 1/4” across bottom.

Price: $225

2021-Nov-01 09:00am EDT | Tags : Folk Art Old Paint Toleware

Still Life Watercolor

Mid 19th Century. American. Wonderful folky and well executed still life floral watercolor with vase filled with water. Measures 13” by 11” in period frame. In very good condition.

Price: $165

2021-Nov-01 08:00am EDT | Tags : Folk Art Paintings

Painted Painted Box with Painted Hearts Decoration

Early 19th Century. New England origin. Round wooden pantry box with opposing fingered laps. Original black paint with original red painted hearts. Early provenance note written in pencil on inside cover with the date “April 17, 1817”. Wear. Measures 8” across the top by 3 1/2” high.

Price: $450

2021-Feb-01 08:00pm EST | Tags : Hearts Folk Art Old Paint

Iron Heart Shaped Trivet

19th Century. New England origin. Hand forged heart shaped iron trivet on three iron feet. In excellent condition. Measures 6 1/8” long by 4 1/8” wide by 1 1/4” high.

Price: $125

2021-Feb-01 04:00pm EST | Tags : Hearts Folk Art Ironware

Needlework Sampler in Paint Decorated Frame

19th Century. New England origin. Very well done and folky thread on punched paper needlework with house, trees and fence. Signed "My Cottage Home - Wrought By E. A. Gray - Gilford NH" In original period red and black paint decorated pine frame. Measures 19 1/4" long by 14 3/4" wide, framed.

Price: $195

2021-Jan-28 08:00am EST | Tags : Folk Art Textiles Samplers

Amish Cloth Toy Dog

19th Century. From Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Early small Amish cloth toy dog. Stands and is hard stuffed with rags. Wonderful wear from lots of loving. Measures only 6” long by 4 3/4” high.

Price: $295

2021-Jan-27 04:30pm EST | Tags : Amish Dogs and Cats Toys

Small Wallpapered Box

Early to mid 19th century. New England origin Small Oval Wallpapered Band Box. Measures 5 5/8” long by 3 1/4” wide by 2 1/2” high. With expected normal wear.

Price: $245

2020-Nov-07 09:30am EST | Tags : Wallpapered Boxes

Shaker Strawberry Pincushion

Early 20th century. NY state or New England origin. Silk Shaker Strawberry Pincushion with Green Silk Stitched Top and Seeds. Measures 3” high by 2 3/4”:wide. Green Silk Loop Holder is 4” long, in excellent condition.

Price: $60

2020-Nov-07 09:00am EST | Tags : Sewing Items Textiles Shaker

Tin Hogscraper Candlestick with Tallow Candle

Early 19th century. New England origin. Rare tin Smith tin hogscraper candlestick with working push-up finger tab. Nice untouched dark patina surface. Comes with early tallow candle stub. Candlestick measures 6” tall by 4” across base. Stub tallow candle is 4” long.

Price: $165

2020-Aug-07 09:00am EDT | Tags : Lighting Tinware

Miniature Folk Art Carving of Abraham Lincoln

19th Century. Found in Vermont. Handmade intricately carved and painted figure of Abraham Lincoln with his iconic stove pipe hat. All made from cork except the old metal washer or coin used for the brim of his hat. Stands only 3 1/2” tall.

Price: $295

2020-Aug-06 09:00am EDT | Tags : Folk Art

Fabric Covered Abraham Lincoln Book

Published in 1863 in Boston. A turkey red, black, and tan checked homespun fabric covered rare book titled “The Pioneer Boy and How He Became President” and tells about Abraham Lincoln. Signed inside cover by book’s owner and hometown of “Ashland, Mass.” Both fabric cover and book are worn. Measures 7 1/4” long by 5” wide by 1 3/8” thick.

Price: $275

2020-Aug-06 09:00am EDT | Tags : Textiles Early Books

Bell Shaped Iron Dough Scraper

19th Century. Found in Upstate NY. Small nicely bell shaped iron dough scraper. All original with untouched surface and in excellent condition. Measures 4 1/2” long by 3 1/2” high.

Price: $85

2020-May-07 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art Ironware

Pewter Ice Cream Mold

Early 20th century. Small pewter ice cream mold with floral motif. All original and in good condition. Measures 4” long by 2 3/4” wide, closed.

Price: $55

2020-May-07 09:00am EDT | Tags : Folk Art

Cone Shaped Tin Dipper

19th Century. New England origin. Nice cone shaped tin dipper with an untouched patina surface. With handing holes in top. In excellent condition. Measures 14” long.

Price: $85

2020-May-06 05:00pm EDT | Tags : Tinware

Original Blue Green Painted Carrier

Mid 19th century. New England origin. Nice pine wood and square nailed constructed carrier, tote, knife box in a original thick blue green painted surface. With nice wear and patina. Canted sides. Measures 13” long by 10” wide by 3 3/4” high.

Price: $185

2020-Apr-28 09:45am EDT | Tags : Old Paint Woodenware

Swing Handle Splint Basket in Original Paint

19th Century. Hudson River Valley, New York State origin. Probably a Taghkanic (Taconic) basket. Splint swing handle basket in the best dry original salmon painted surface with nice expected wear. Double wrapped weaved rim and Demi-John bottom. Probably used as an apple basket. Some missing weavers at bottom but not noticeable when basket is sitting. Measures 15” to 13” out of round diameter by 8 1/4” high, 16” high with swing handle up.

Price: $650

2020-Apr-27 06:30pm EDT | Tags : Old Paint Baskets

Small Grenfell Hooked Mat

Early 20th century. Circa 1940. Handmade in Labrador, Canada. In soft muted blues and white linen cotton fabrics hooked on burlap. Original Grenfell Labrador Industries label sewn on backside. Nice smaller mat size that measures 12 1/4” by 8 1/4”.

Price: $125

2020-Feb-09 05:00pm EST | Tags : Hooked Rugs Textiles

Painted Redware Fruit Shaped Bank

Early 19th century. New England origin. With wonderful well worn original chrome yellow paint and aged patina. Measures 3” tall by 3” wide.

Price: $95

2020-Feb-09 05:00pm EST | Tags : Redware Folk Art

Velvet Strawberry Pincushion

19th Century. New England origin. Handmade and all hand sewn fat plush red velvet strawberry with green wool felt top and stitched orange yellow seeds. In very good condition. Measures 3 1/2” long by 4” wide.

Price: $265

2020-Feb-08 05:00pm EST | Tags : Pincushions Velvet Fruit Textiles

Folky Painting of Cat

19th century. American. Small oil on canvas painting of a cat swatting a fly painted on a tambourine. Some losses around wooden rim. Tin bells. Measures about 8” in diameter.

Price: $395

2019-Aug-19 11:00pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art Dogs and Cats Paintings

Large Breadboard with Heart Cutout Lollipop Handle

Mid 20th Century. Handmade from a single wide piece of pine wood. Nice patina and wear. Measures 22” across by 29” long by 3/4” thick. Great to hang on the wall and use for cheese and crackers, deserts or pizza.

Price: $95

2019-Aug-19 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Woodenware Breadboards

Vintage Ladies Wool Swim Suit

Early 20th Century. With Catalina logo and tag that reads “Styled for the Stars of Hollywood” “Size 46”. Measures 25” across the bottom by 32” high, including straps. In very good condition.

Price: $175

2019-Aug-19 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Textiles Folk Art

Double Sided Painted Gameboard

Mid 19th century. New England origin, probably Maine. Original dry painted surface with nice wear from usage. Single pine wood board with square nailed mitered frame. Checkerboard and The Mill Game. Very graphic and bold. Two sides of the frame long gone. Measures 12" square.

Price: $895

2018-Apr-15 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art Old Paint Gameboards

Patchwork Doll Quilt

Early 19th century. Northeast US origin. Incredible homespun, calico, and solid fabrics all hand sewn and quilted. Blue homespun backing. Great color with little fading. In very good condition for age. Lots of warmth and character. Measures about 10 1/2" square.

Price: $175

2017-Jan-23 11:00pm EST | Tags : Folk Art Textiles Quilts

Painted Carrier Knife Box

Early 19th century. Maine origin. Pine wood and square nail construction. All original. Blue green painted surface showing great age and wear. Measures 12 1/4" long by 8" wide by 3" high.

Price: $165

2017-Jan-16 11:00pm EST | Tags : Old Paint Woodenware

Patchwork Doll Quilt

19th Century. Probably Pennsylvania origin. All hand sewn patchwork pattern squares with treadle machine quilting. Great colored calico fabrics. Homespun backing. Very good condition. Measures about 19 1/2" long by 15" wide.

Price: $145

2017-Jan-12 11:00pm EST | Tags : Folk Art Quilts Textiles

Small Square Painted Slide Top Box

Early 19th century. New England origin. Pine wood with thick dovetailed construction in original sage green paint. Nice dry painted surface with expected wear for its age. Measures 5 1/4" long by 5 1/4" wide by 4" high.

Price: $375

2017-Jan-12 12:06am EST | Tags : Old Paint Woodenware

Early Round Braided Candlestick Mat

19th Century. New England origin. Nice muted blue, tan, and brown colored cotton fabrics. Wool backing. Nice wear. Measures roughly 13 1/2" wide.

Price: $95

2016-Nov-21 05:33pm EST | Tags : Textiles

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