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I've been an active collector of Americana for 25 years, concentrating on New England and mid-Atlantic furniture, chalk ware, wallpaper boxes, and velvet fruit. Currently I accept personal checks and money orders. Returns in as-received condition accepted within three days of receipt. Virginia residents pay 6% No. Va. sales tax. Feel free to ask for additional photos and/or a condition report. Refund will be minus shipping and insurance unless I have significantly misrepresented an item. I am a collector, not a professional antiques dealer, and describe each item to the best of my ability. USPS Priority Mail postage and insurance will be added to the price of each item. I HAVE AN OPTION FOR GROUND SHIPPING FOR LARGE ITEMS EASTERN HALF OF U.S. EMAIL FOR DETAILS. I update my shop most weekends, rotating my offerings, so inquire about the availability of items previously featured.

Folk-Painted Country Store Coffee Bin

From my mother's collection, a charming coffee bin with folk art painting of a packet ship, "Baltimore Mail Packet 'United'," probably c.1960s. 8 1/2" x 14" tall. Painted inside and out.

Price: $165.00

2018-Aug-05 04:03pm EDT | Tags :

Apple Green Spice Tin

Apple green spice tin, 7 1/4” diameter; 5 individual spice tins, each 2 1/5” tall. (Wonderful aroma, free of charge!)

Price: $85.00

2018-Jul-31 11:24pm EDT | Tags :

Victorian Footstool, Embroidered Cushion

Victorian footstool with cast iron legs and original gold paint. Eye-catching replaced, close-to-pristine floral crewel-work upholstery. 10" tall, 11 1/5" diameter (top). Lightweight and sturdy, a cozy tuffet for not-far-distant autumn days, in autumn colors of green, burnt orange, mustard, chambray on a gold figured ground.

Price: $250.00

2018-Jul-31 10:53pm EDT | Tags :

Spode Chrysanthemum Bowl/Alabaster Grapes

Flowered chrysanthemum bowl marked "Spode Ironstone X." 9" diameter. $40.00 Champagne alabaster/stone grapes with wood stem, 11" long, including stem. $38.00.

Price: See Listing

2018-Jul-21 10:00pm EDT | Tags :

Four Pottery Banks---Lot

Instant collection/dealer's lot. (Top, left to right) French blue country Majolica fruit bowl bank, with gold accents (some wear to gold leaf), 5" long x 2" high; English unmarked glazed mustard-and-red pottery bank, 2" diameter at base; small unglazed apple bank, 1 3/4" diameter at base; glazed red and white unmarked pottery bank w/small chip at slot, 2 1/2" diameter at base, with "B--tter" in pencil on unglazed bottom.

Price: $185.00 Lot of Four

2018-Jul-15 11:58pm EDT | Tags :

Tramp Art Jewelry Box

Flocked red velvet lined; lovely condition. Exotic paper motifs on each end; metal ring and escutcheon on lid, round nail/tack construction throughout. No missing wooden pieces anywhere. 11' x 6" x 7". Metal lock plate (no key).

Price: $100.00

2018-Jul-15 02:35pm EDT | Tags :

Display Cage Doll

Cage doll with hand-painted face, salmon paint, one loose arm. These dolls were typically used as window display items for dressmakers. Perfect for display of a favorite doll dress or in a large nicho in place of a santos figure. 19" tall, 9 1/2" wide at base. Age (?) so I'm offering at decorative price only, even though a similar piece offered on eBay some years ago sold for several times this price at auction. Other photos available for condition. x a private mid-Atlantic collection.

Price: $200.00

2018-Jul-04 04:39pm EDT | Tags :

Walnut Wood Rabbit Candy Container Mold

Walnut rabbit mold for a papier-mâché Easter candy container. 10' long, 5 1/2" tall. Probably pre-WWII/Phillippines origin. x a Williamsburg, Va., collection. Great with plants and flowers on a summer picnic table.

Price: $85.00

2018-Jun-28 01:49pm EDT | Tags :

Chein Bank, Jaspe Pitcher, Wick Trimmer,Candy Mold

(1) "J. Chein U*S*A" tin elephant coin bank, "5 tall. Metal coin stopper missing from the bottom, but the lever still pulls the elephant's trunk up to deposit the coin. All paint bright and clean, $80.00 (2) Walnut wood "turkey" mold for papier-mâché candy containers, 2" tall. Probably Philippines origin. $45.00. (3) Charming jaspé tourist-ware pitcher with rope-decoration handles, "Montluçon" (central France district) paint decoration. 6 1/2" tall. x M.A. Apple collection. $85.00 (4) Painted tin tray w/ brass wick trimmer. Tray is 9" long. Two pieces, $85.00.

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2018-Jun-07 07:55pm EDT | Tags :

African-American Rag Doll/Calico Romper

Sweet African-American rag doll in lovely condition, 10" tall. Embroidered face, white button eyes, black yarn hair, wearing what looks to be her original cherry red sprigged cotton dress and original pantaloons, with an added vintage cotton apron (note discoloration). She stands but does not bend at the waist. c. 1930-1950. x Adrian's 1800 Antiques. $110.00. Also early red-and-white calico vintage doll romper, lace collar trim, front breast pocket, three back buttons. 14" x 13" sleeve-to-sleeve (other dimensions available). X author, designer, collector Jimmie Cramer. $100.00.

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2018-May-15 08:21pm EDT | Tags :

Tropical Candlesticks in Green and Gold Paint

Just in time for tropical weather! Wooden candlesticks in gold and green paint decoration. Metal palm "fronds" in gold paint, with gold accents on the "trunks." 6" tall, 3 1/4" diameter at base. Great condition. Bought as old, but age???

Price: $195.00

2018-May-02 02:26am EDT | Tags :

Medium-Size Rag Doll

Well-loved early rag doll, 16" tall, with black stockings, red calico bonnet, handmade brown print/calico skirt, cotton underskirt, undershirt, and buttoned overshirt. Jointed legs at hip; will sit nicely.

Price: $295.00

2018-Apr-24 01:55pm EDT | Tags :

African-American Toaster Doll

This upper half of a rag doll (wearing a long dress meant to drape over a toaster) is from artist, designer, and author James Cramer's collection. 7" long (18," including original brown and blue calico dress); button eyes, embroidered red mouth. (Separated stitches along one side seam of bodice and small tear in upper arm on the back of the doll.) Includes an early embroidered cream doll bonnet. $165.00. Wood architectural "pedestal," in peeling white paint. $75.00.

Price: See Listing

2018-Apr-24 01:43pm EDT | Tags :

German-made Gilt-Paper Pin Cushion Box

Sweet Mother's Day gift! Pre-WWI pasteboard pin cushion box. Lift top, gilt paper on lid and all four sides. Even the little lift ribbon is intact. 4" x 5" x 1 1/2." Velvet pin cushion is clean, the nap almost as new, as is the blue-paper-lined interior compartment for pins, buttons, etc.

Price: $90.00

2018-Mar-11 04:25pm EDT | Tags :

Nineteenth-Century Oil Landscape

Early landscape in oil of a vernacular farm house with an old tin roof, set on a country road, with a stone wall and fencing, surrounded by fall foliage. Unsigned. 20" x 25." Very old re-tacking on stretchers. (see second photo).

Price: $145.00

2018-Mar-10 02:05pm EST | Tags :

Calico Chicken/Tulip Folk Art

(Left) Whimsical cotton calico chicken, stuffed with cotton batting. A bit of lost fabric on the tail/nose. 5" tall; 5" long. Pot lid? Jar lid? $110.00. (Right) Tired of winter? How about a tulip? Hand-carved wooden flowerpot in oyster white and bittersweet paint. The top of a children's ring toy seems to have been re-purposed as the tulip. Age (?). 5" tall. Purchased at York, Pa. $205.00. (Cricket stool nfs.)

Price: See Listing

2018-Feb-01 10:39pm EST | Tags :

Small Berry Basket, Staff Cat, Daguerrotype, Duck

Small is beautiful! (Left to right) Brown and white Staffordshire cat, 3 1/4" tall, flake off ear, $95.00. Miniature splint oak berry basket in dark barn red paint, inside and out. 2 1/4" tall, 4" diameter (wooden apple nfs), $125.00. Lemon gilt frame with daguerrotype of a stern nineteenth century lady, 3" x 3," $55.00. Red pine hand-carved Asian duck/swan w/tin medallion, nail eyes, 5" long x 3 3/4" tall, $60.00.

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2018-Jan-27 10:01pm EST | Tags :

Shaker Silk Bonnet

Shaker chocolate brown iridescent silk bonnet, 1850-60. 11" x 14" long, including the bonnet's fall at the neck. Lovely, unstained condition, inside and out. Missing may be matching silk satin ties typically stitched on the front. $245.00. Nineteenth-century French papier mache milliner's head, x Pontius. Wear/damage as is often found on these early window-display pieces. 14" tall/ 5 1/2" diameter at base. (The back of the head has been cut out.) SOLD--THANK YOU.

Price: See Listing

2017-Nov-19 04:39pm EST | Tags :

SALE: Lot of 19th Century Landscapes

Dealer's lot: two unframed 19th century oil landscapes. (Above) Landscape, oil on canvas, 14" x 21". Wispy clouds, stream, trees in foliage. Lots of visible brush strokes. Tiny, 1/4" tear in upper left; almost unnoticeable. (Below) Oil on canvas of landscape with country road, saltbox cottage, stone wall. 16" x 22". Blemish in the center is an old make-do repair.

Price: $145.00 SALE, Formerly $225.00

2017-Sep-03 11:09pm EDT | Tags :

Early Chalkware Dogs

(Left) Standing poodle in red, ink blue, black decoration, $295.00. Lighter in weight than the poodle at far right, thus earlier in age. (Center) Handsome spaniel in "Bennington/Rockingham glaze" paint. 8 1/2" tall, 6" diameter at base. Early chalk ware was cold painted, so wear to the paint is expected; lightest in weight of the three chalk pieces. $125.00. (Right) Standing poodle in red, gold, black decoration, 7 1/2" tall. $200.00.

Price: See Listing

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