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I do not operate an open shop but prefer instead to treat my interest in Americana in a more relaxed manner. Indeed, my primary preoccupation is teaching at the California Institute of Technology, which affords me the luxury of pursuing a tertiary interest in American history. This feeds my interest in Americana and gives me the flexibility to pursue offering a selection of American country and formal antiques that represent the best of what we might otherwise associate with Back East tastes and design. In fact, after 40+ years of collecting Americana, with the last two and a half decades spent scouring the estate sales and flea markets of Southern California, the time has come to begin letting go. What you’ll find here, then, are things from my personal collection with the occasional addition of some treasure I found in my ongoing compulsive hunting. Needless to say, there’s a full “L.L.Bean-type” no questions asked guarantee on anything I sell. I do make mistakes, but I try not to pass them on to anyone. Tel #s: 818-952-8106; 818-618-7984 (cell). Email address is mordess@aol.com. Want to add that I've just finished a book on experiences, lessons learned, etc, so check out my website at www.ordeshookantiques.com. I warn though that the text is constantly under revision as new lessons and experiences arise.

Schieble friction pressed tin fire ladder truck

ca 1909 pressed tin friction fire ladder truck by Schieble that retains its original painted surface (without touchups) and a functioning friction mechanism. Measuring 21 1/4" end to end

Price: $185

2018-Dec-10 08:00am EST | Tags : Toys

19th C Northeast woodlands hand carved wood bowl

Here's a 19th century Northeast woodlands hand carved wood bowl that measures a modest 12 5/8" x 5 5/8" x appx 3 1/4" high. She appears to retain her original surface and I'm guessing the wood is elm. The sole apology is the re-glued chip at one end as shown in my last picture.

Price: $425

2018-Dec-10 07:55am EST | Tags : Native American Primitives

19th C Paint decorated Schoolmasters Desk

Pretty wild paint here and all original ... something that surely falls into the folk art category. Measuring 37 3/4" high x 32" wide x 21" deep with one dovetailed drawer, she is in fact painted all around. The underside of the lid has a variety of newspaper clippings but, unfortunately, with no dates or locations. As for origin, if I had to guess I'd say northern New England.

Price: $695.00

2018-Dec-03 07:29am EST | Tags : Folk art Desk

19th C schoolboy/girl pen and ink drawing

This is just the cutest thing ... a 19th century schoolboy or schoolgirl pen and ink drawing of a house, tree, child, cat and chicken, all framed in a period gold gilt frame. Overall she measures 8 5/8" x 6 7/8", while the drawing itself measures 5 3/4" x 3 3/4". There is the spot damage to the tree as seen in my pictures, but that hardly detracts from the charm of this piece.

Price: $225

2018-Nov-27 11:03am EST | Tags : Folk art

Pr 1750s maple Queen Anne side chairs Spanish feet

Offered here is a pair of ca 1750 American maple Queen Anne side chairs (most likely New England) with Spanish feet and great cross stretcher turnings. Standing 40 ¼” high and a seat height of 17” (seat measures 18 ¾” wide in front x 14” in the back x 13 ½” deep), they have obviously been refinished with replaced (real) rush seats. Both are in superb condition. There are no ended out feet here ... 100% original. Pegged construction with the requisite chamfered back splat, they are a perfect matched pair.

Price: $450

2018-Nov-27 10:54am EST | Tags : Chairs Furniture

19th vinegar painted Penna miniature blanket ches

It doesn't get much better than this ... a ca 1830s dovetailed & footed miniature blanket chest in its original vinegar painted surface with interior till and drawer that, except for the missing lock, is 100% original. Measuring 18 1/2" x 9 5/8" deep x 10 1/4" high, made of poplar, my best guess is that the origin of this museum quality piece is Pennsylvania.

Price: $2.200

2018-Nov-19 09:05am EST | Tags : Folk art Miniatures

19th C American 2-Door Cupboard in Early Paint

Here is a great circa 1800s American tall two door cupboard in early blue over original green paint. The cupboard opens to reveal lots of storage with buttery cream painted shelves. Displays expected age use and wear as shown, leans slightly as one rear foot has worn just a bit on the bottom. Measures approx. 66” tall by 47 ½” wide by 18” deep. In this instance please direct all inquiries to Don at don.vivant@gmail.com

Price: $2,200

2018-Nov-19 12:00am EST | Tags : Furniture Cupboards

19th C Drunkards Path variant hand quilted quilt

this is simply one gorgeous quilt, quite possibly never washed, that measures 78" x 68" and all wonderfully hand quilted at a delicate 9 to 10 SPI. Aside from some subtle toning to the backside there are no apologies here so my pictures tell the rest of the story (the tan is most likely an example of 19th century fugitive green).

Price: $275

2018-Nov-03 03:32pm EDT | Tags : Quilts

19th C cotton hand sewn Log Cabin Quilt

here is this gorgeous late 19th c cotton calico Log Cabin hand stitched quilt measuring 76" x 69" and in near perfect condition ... the sole apology I could find is damage to one black strip at a fold as shown in my last picture. I note that with 110 squares and 17 pieces per square, this quilt consists of some 1870 individual pieces of fabric.

Price: $275

2018-Nov-03 03:30pm EDT | Tags : Quilts

Miss Dyer's ca 1800 schoolgirl map of Europe

It's not clear whether Miss Dyer's 1st name is Elisa or Eliza: if Eliza, she was born in Massachusetts in 1789, dating the map to 1802. But if Eliza, the map's from Maine and dates to 1800. Both possibilities make sense since the map was found in a New Hampshire estate. In its frame (not terribly old) this watercolor and ink example of American folk art measures 23 5/8" x 18 1/4" (sight 22 1/4" x 17 3/4"). A date of 1800 or 1802 follows logically from the fact that Finland had not yet separated from Sweden (1809) as well as Poland's configuration, which matches its form in 1795 or so (and we can assume there's a lag in the maps children used to construct their own). The detail here is wonderful ... rivers, major cities, etc all finely written in. The map does have two apologies: a tear from the left side (see my 2nd pic.) as well as one from the right with a small dime sized piece of missing paper (see my 3rd pic.)

Price: $1,495

2018-Oct-16 01:38pm EDT | Tags : Folk art

Unique 19th C animated schoolboy / girl watercolor

Not sure, of course, whether this is schoolboy or schoolgirl folk art, but it is unique. A 19th C watercolor that's animated by the pulling of strings. Pull one string in back and the two men will move together or back to their respective houses. Pull another string and the shade to the upper right window rises or falls. And pull a third string and the chimney sweep rises from or drops into the chimney. All obviously hand crafted, drawn and colored. Framed in a ca 1840 mahogany veneered frame it measures 13 1/2" x 12 1/2" with sight dimensions beneath the new matting of 6 1/2" x 5".

Price: $250.00

2018-Feb-01 06:35am EST | Tags : Folk art

18th early 19th C adjustable tin dual candlestand

Offered here is this late 18th or early 19th century two-candle "table model" adjustable tin table model candle stand. Overall height is 29 1/2", diameter of the weighted cone base is 6 1/2" and spread on the arms of the candle holder is appx 10". Both candle sockets are pushups. The candle holder arms are actually made in 3 pieces ... two arms and a center leather ring that connects to the two arms. It was that leather ring that originally provided the friction that held the arms in place together at whatever height was chosen. Over time, though, that ability, due to wear, was lost, so I inserted an additional felt washer that is invisible but provides the necessary friction so that the candle holder operates as intended. There appears to be some spot soldering repairs, but nothing obtrusive and the candle holder is otherwise wholly original.

Price: $675.00

2017-Nov-25 11:41am EST | Tags : Lighting Decorative accessories

hand made folk art wood & tin locomotive

here is this absolutely impressive and monumental (32 1/2" long x 10 1/4" wide x 12" high) hand made locomotive made entirely of wood and tin and retaining its original paint throughout. The detail is incredible and I have no doubt conforms to the real thing. Its "signed" on the front with the date 1991 which is when I assume it was made. I have no idea, though, what the Kumquat Lumber Co. is. Insofar as I can tell, there are no apologies whatsoever ... this incredible piece of folk art is 100% right.

Price: $475.00

2016-Nov-26 06:29am EST | Tags : Folk art

Five signed ca 1928 Folk Art carvings, original paint

Herbert Mills (b. 1878, d. 1948) is buried in the military cemetery in San Antonio Texas and served as a 1st Lt in WWI. These five folk art carvings are all, with the exception of the WWI doughboy, signed "Herbert Mills San Antonio Texas ca 1928". One can presume that the doughboy (9 1/4" h) is Mills himself whereas the largest carving (10 7/8") is Punch from Punch & Judy. The man (10" h) reminds me of those cartoon-like drawings hanging on the walls of various restaurants corresponding to the celebrities who frequented that establishment from time to time. In any event, offered as a set ...

Price: $795.00

2015-Nov-17 06:00pm EST | Tags : Folk art

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