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I have been a dealer for more than 40 years. A native of New England, I started out, as most of us, as an avid collector of paint, Shaker, stoneware, textiles, folk art, and Staffordshire. I spent the last 10 years in Tennessee .I recently relocated to Pennsylvania. The move was a bit of a downsize so I am downsizing my own collections. I have been doing shows in the Midwest and returning to New England for new merchandise. I'm enjoying exploring Pennsylvania and the great antiquing opportunities it holds. I hope you will find my fresh finds and old friends to your liking.I accept checks and Paypal. For any reason you may return items within three days of receiving them for a full refund less the cost of shipping and insurance. I am glad to send more pictures and answer any questions. If you are looking for something other than what’s listed, please e-mail your requests.Thank you for looking and I look forward to hearing from you.Lyn

Early doll quilts

Sweet doll quilt . Some hand and treadle sewing

Price: $95 each + shipping

2020-Mar-20 02:34pm EDT | Tags : Fabric Children’s

Three sweet early doll size dresses

All doll dresses show wear and staining. Some small holes. The longest dress is sold.

Price: $45 each + shipping

2020-Mar-20 02:31pm EDT | Tags :

Sweet early child dresses

One red child’s dress, one salmon child’s dress .Please specify which one. Both show wear and staining from age.

Price: $79 each + shipping

2020-Mar-20 02:27pm EDT | Tags : Clothing Fabric Children’s

Early wire compote

Nice early wire compote!

Price: $145 + shipping

2020-Mar-08 09:12am EDT | Tags : Metal

Large Lot of rag balls

Mixed size rag ball lot! See pics

Price: $125 lot + shipping

2020-Mar-08 09:10am EDT | Tags : Fabric

Adorable red child’s high button shoes

Nice red child’s shoes .Normal wear for age. Each shoe is missing one button

Price: $145 + shipping

2020-Mar-08 09:05am EDT | Tags : Clothing

Heart shaped Cheese strainer

Nice smaller size heart shape cheese strainer. About 4 1/2” X 5” including handle. Great patina! See pics

Price: $245 + shipping

2020-Feb-10 06:13pm EST | Tags : Metal Tin

Early Heart tin

9” x 8” heart shaped tin. Great patina! Rust spots make a great dot design!

Price: $125 + shipping

2020-Feb-10 06:09pm EST | Tags : Metal Tin

Early oval braided mat

14 x 12” Braided mat .Faded on one side to great browns. Other side bright multi colors.

Price: $125 + shipping

2020-Feb-08 08:00pm EST | Tags : Fabric

Pantry box in robins egg blue paint.

This pantry box is from my personal collection. Pantry box is 91/4” in wonderful paint! One peg chip in cover and several on bottom edge and bottom. See pics

Price: $495 + shipping

2020-Feb-08 08:00pm EST | Tags : Paint

Small pantry box in blue paint

6” Pantry box. Sturdy construction. Wear to paint on cover.

Price: $265+ shipping

2020-Feb-08 08:00pm EST | Tags : Paint

Early slide candle box in great saggy green paint

12” x 4 3/4” x 4” tall. Square nailed slide candle box, wonderful surface, paint and wear.

Price: $235+ shipping

2020-Feb-08 11:02am EST | Tags : Paint

Treen box with mirror in mustard/ chrome paint

About 3” in diameter. Sweet little treen box. Some variation in paint on top. See pics

Price: $125 + shipping

2020-Feb-08 10:57am EST | Tags : Paint

Early leather shoes

About 8 1/2 “ long shoes. Wonderful condition. Slight tear on one area in front of laces. See pics

Price: $195 + shipping

2020-Feb-08 10:52am EST | Tags : Clothing

Cutlery box in green paint

Nice vintage cutlery box in green paint. Nails are not square. Has a great look. I put a wire in the back and used it to display small items. Back color is much brighter green than oxidation of the rest as shown in pics.See pics. Items in box not included.12“x10 1/4 “x 2 1/2”

Price: $58 + shipping

2020-Feb-02 10:48am EST | Tags : Paint

9 7/8” pantry box in mustard paint

Great size and original color. Pantry box is signed S. Murdox Jr.Boston on lid. 2 small peg chips on lid. Lighter construction. Missing one peg. Slight bite out of lid rim. This pantry box is from my personal collection. See all pics

Price: $495. + shipping

2020-Feb-01 03:46pm EST | Tags : Paint

Halloween candy container

Smaller size 2 1/2" tall Halloween jack o lantern . Some small scratches and remnants of black paper on top and bottom. See pics.

Price: $45 + shipping

2019-Sep-06 07:14pm EDT | Tags : Halloween

Early blue and white bonnet

Adult size bonnet. Nicely made. See pics lots of detail work. Great addition to your peg rack.

Price: $110 + shipping

2019-Sep-01 07:06pm EDT | Tags : Fabric

Large Amish doll

Nice large size 19" Amish Cloth rag doll. Dress has small rip on seam as does the neck of the doll. Some staining on face and body normal from age.Found inPa. Rag stuffed.

Price: $235 + shipping

2019-Sep-01 12:01pm EDT | Tags : Cloth dolls and animals

Amish puzzle ball

This is a nice early one Amish puzzle ball. About the size of an orange. Fraying to silk ribbon.

Price: $110 + shipping

2019-Sep-01 11:35am EDT | Tags : Sewing

Early penny doll

11 1/2" doll.No cloths

Price: $110. + shipping

2019-Aug-28 08:11pm EDT | Tags : Dolls

Fruit basket in paint

6" x 9" x 7 1/2" tall basket. One slat has a break. Nice painted basket from Pa. Farm

Price: $58 + shipping

2019-Aug-28 07:53pm EDT | Tags :

Paper mache rooster

4"x 6 1/4" some wear to paint . See pics . Love the feet. Probably German

Price: $89. Plus shipping

2019-Aug-27 07:36pm EDT | Tags : Folk art

Small basket with nice patina

8" round on top x 5 1/4" square on bottom basket . Nice condition and great patina

Price: $95+ shipping

2019-Aug-27 07:35pm EDT | Tags : Baskets

Single metal target

Small 4 1/2" x 5" target . White paint on one side.

Price: $89. + shipping

2019-Aug-27 07:32pm EDT | Tags :

Early egg timer glass

Beautiful wood early blown sand holder. 4 1/8" tall x 1 3/4"

Price: $145 + shipping

2019-Aug-26 11:22am EDT | Tags : Wood

Amish rattle

Early multi color Amish rattle ball. Hand stitched. Light soil from use. Size of a small orange.

Price: $89 + shipping

2019-Aug-26 11:18am EDT | Tags : Cloth toy

Early creamer

3 1/4" tall. Beautiful colors. Great condition .

Price: $89 + shipping

2019-Aug-26 11:16am EDT | Tags : Ceramics

Early Staffordshire dog

2 3/4" x 2 1/4" x 13/4" nice condition

Price: $89. + shipping

2019-Aug-26 11:10am EDT | Tags : Ceramics

Historic transfer doll plate

2 3/4" " Royal exchange" red transfer

Price: $89 + shipping

2019-Feb-09 02:45pm EST | Tags : Ceramics

American historical transfer doll plate

2 3/4" "Indian Chiefs" dark green

Price: $115 + shipping

2019-Feb-09 02:39pm EST | Tags : Ceramics

Little Mae Child's Staffordshire transfer ware

I have a large amount of little Mae tea set pieces. All are red. Pics of some that available. Please ask if you are interested in other pieces.

Price: Cup and saucer $35, plate $29, creamer $35.

2018-Feb-04 11:43am EST | Tags : Ceramics

Sweet boy cloth doll

14-14 1/2" cloth rag doll. Clothes are sewn on. Holes, wear, and staining appropriate for age.

Price: $650 + shipping

2016-Jul-01 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Cloth dolls and animals

Folk art Moravian star

Great piece of folk art. Copper. Nice patina. Also known as a stellated dodecahedron.

Price: $195 + shipping

2016-Jun-27 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Folk art

Shaker trade card

Shaker family trade card. Nice condition. In plastic sleeve.

Price: $78 + shipping

2016-May-30 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Shaker

Sock Cat

Nice old sock cat! Stuffed with what feels like rags. One hole in back of kitty. Button eyes. 14" including tail by 3-31/2"

Price: $195 + shipping

2016-Jan-09 07:00pm EST | Tags : Cloth dolls and animals

Rare King of Diamonds candlesticks

These candlesticks measure almost 12 1/2" . They are impressed " The King of Diamonds". The retain their push-ups but not the bottoms as pictured. I also have a pair of Queens.

Price: $335 + shipping

2014-Oct-27 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Lighting

Large nosed Raggedy Ann

Sweet handmade Raggedy Ann cloth rag doll . 20" tall. Orange hair, cat print dress, I love you heart on chest.

Price: $185+ shipping.

2014-Jul-17 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Cloth dolls and animals

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