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We have been buying, selling and collecting Americana, folk art, furniture and early weaponry for 34 years. Our first venture was named Blue Rooster Antiques which was located on our farm in a restored German style barn in mid-Missouri. At one time we were dealers in the Antiques Associates at West Townsend in West Townsend, Massachusetts. Now we are excited to display our wares on our Dig Antiques web site. This is part of our new business model where we have worked to cut our overhead and selling costs, which better allows us to sell great antiques at a lower price point. We have noted that re-pricing on some of our listings as an example. RETURN POLICY: We firmly stand behind our representation of every item we sell to be authentic and accurate, for your protection. This includes a 2 day return policy. Simply notify us of your dissatisfaction, pay the return packing/shipping costs, and upon receipt and confirmation that it is in the condition we sold it, we will promptly refund your money. Further, in the unlikely event you provide proper evidence that the item was not as we said it was (misrepresented) then we will protect you, our customer, from harm, by paying all return costs. Again, upon receipt and confirming the item being in the condition as when we shipped it, we will immediately refund your money. We don't know of a more solid warranty than that. We love happy customers and return buyers!! We accept checks, USPS money orders or cash, of course. WE NO LONGER ACCEPT ANY FORM OF ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS. RECEIPTS: We provide a detailed receipt, with a description of all items purchased, on our letterhead. SHIPPING: We either pack the item or we take it to FedEx or another local shipper for pack and ship. We are not responsible for loss or damage to your item once it is in the shipper's hands. Any damage or loss is between you and the shipper. We ship using our FedEx account which gives great rates and delivery times or USPS whichever is cheaper. We provide shipping estimates for our antiques using the FedEx system which requires full customer name, address, and phone number and by estimating the weight and size the carton will be after actual packing. This has proven to be very accurate method of determining costs. ALTERNATE EMAIL ADDRESS:

Diminutive Pewter Porringer

Such a unique find is this little pewter porringer. It has a shell and scroll handle and an ornate, beautiful coat of arms in the center of the bowl. On the bottom is marked LONDON and has an X. Measures 3 1/2" in diameter (4 1/2" with handle) and 7/8" t. Excellent condition.

Price: $75.00 + 12 sh

2022-Jul-16 11:31am EDT | Tags :

Little Pewter Slide Lid Box

This unique little box measures 4 1/2" x 3 1/4" x 1 3/4 t.. It has a slide lid, a dolphin knob and sets on square legs and feet. It has a clear touch mark, not identified, but looks like English. Excellent condition.

Price: Sold

2022-Jul-16 11:23am EDT | Tags :

Tin Standing Fat Lamp

Here is a 3 wick standing fat lamp, made of light weight tin, with a crimped pan and carrying ring. 13" t. x 5" in diameter. Rare example.

Price: $299.00 + $15 sh

2022-Jul-11 11:22am EDT | Tags :

Child's Leather Boots

These are the cutest little boots, dating to mid 19th c., and in excellent worn condition. There is minor wear on the back of the cuff of the left boot but no issue with it. These are the first red and black children's boots we have found. 6 1/2" l. x 9" t. x 2" w.

Price: $250.00 firm + $15 sh

2022-Jul-10 05:28pm EDT | Tags :

C.I. Sheep Bank

Sheep bank in excellent condition, shows minor wear on the original paint. 5 1/2" l. x 3 1/2" t. x 2" w.

Price: Sold

2022-Jul-10 05:24pm EDT | Tags :

C. I. Dog Bank

The original paint is in excellent condition on this little dog bank. 4 1/2" t. x 4" l. x 2" w.

Price: Sold

2022-Jul-10 05:18pm EDT | Tags :

Flax Comb

Look at those gorgeous rosehead nails! One of the best forms of a flax comb we have had. Full one inch thick hand cut and carved oak with a forged band around the spike pad. 18th c. 12" x 6" x 1". Hanging hole.

Price: Sold

2022-Jul-05 10:34am EDT | Tags :

Forged Door Latch- Hearts

This small door latch would have been for an interior door judging by its size and weight. Fashioned with a heart shape at top and bottom. 7 1/2" x 5" long activator x 2"w.

Price: Sold

2022-Jun-30 04:04pm EDT | Tags :

Merchants Branding Iron

Scarce to find, this is a branding iron used by merchants to mark wooden products with their logo. In this case it is a nicely scripted A.D. Either the product was branded or the case that housed it. 19th c. 11" l. x 2 1/4" w. x 1 1/2" Great appeal.

Price: $85.00 + $12 sh

2022-Jun-30 03:55pm EDT | Tags :

Shaker Pantry Box

This unusual pantry box is said to be Shaker. We have not seen one in Shaker materials so cannot warrant it as Shaker. But it is a nice find in wonderful condition. Natural unadorned surface, 9 inches in diameter by 4 1/2" tall and heavy walled. The lap bands are secured by 1/2" wide tin "staples" and little wooden pegs. All else is fastened with cut nails. The wood appears to be walnut with pine top and bottom. The only flaw is a 1/2" x 1/4" chip out of the inside top edge. This is an example of how a superior pantry box should made.

Price: Sold

2022-Jun-30 03:43pm EDT | Tags :


This compass is housed in an excellent slide lid box with dovetails, finger notch and great patina. The compass is in good condition. This displays beautifully. 7" x 7" x 4".

Price: $225.00 + $15 sh

2022-Jun-30 03:35pm EDT | Tags :

Heart Shaped Thread Holder

Brass thread holder in heart shape and punched decoration. But check out those legs! Three women's legs and feet with shoes. Excellent folk art tribute to the lady sewer. Legs are peened to the plate. 8" x 6" x 2"

Price: Sold

2022-Jun-30 03:29pm EDT | Tags :

18th c. Box Lock

Iron box lock in old green paint. Handle operates the lever just fine. 15" x 6" x2"

Price: $120.00 + $15 sh

2022-Jun-30 03:20pm EDT | Tags :

Wooden Cake Mold

We have this 2 piece wooden mold with a hand carved rooster figure inside. 4" w. x 5" t. 2 1/4" thick. Great condition.

Price: Sold

2022-Jun-24 04:49pm EDT | Tags :

Small Painted Dome Top Box

This little dome top box has wonderful hand painted floral and vine decoration along with wrought iron hardware. The sides are tapered and the interior is painted red. Great condition wit expected minor paint loss on the top. 9" w. x 5" d. x 7" t.

Price: $220.00 + $15 sh

2022-Jun-24 04:43pm EDT | Tags :

Eagle Quilt

This is a gorgeous hand stitched quilt with vines, flowers 2 hearts, a bell and an eagle with 13 stars. It is in near mint condition with only a few small age spots showing on the back. Large at 94" by 100". Difficult to judge age but may be bicentennial. Great subject, great colors and wonderful subject.

Price: $695.00 + 15 sh

2022-May-16 03:15pm EDT | Tags :

Carved Scoop or Drinking Vessel

Probably Native American, this scoop or drinking vessel is hand carved with a nice melon shaped bowl that has many gouge marks inside. Maple. 19th c. The bowl is large and heavy and the handle is cut so it serves as a rest to keep the bowl nearly level. 12" l. x 5" w. x 5" t. The bowl is 6" x 5".

Price: $375.00

2022-Apr-21 02:31pm EDT | Tags :

Log Dough Bowl

One of our favorites items we recently acquired is this early pine dough bowl hewn from a log. It shows great character that pictures don't capture. It has developed a slight twist over time and some small age cracks that have been stabilized with three iron patches. The surface is grungy but with a warm patina from years of use and care. Probably 18th century, maybe earlier. Measures 21" long by 12" wide at one end and 11" at the other and 6" tall.

Price: $375.00

2022-Apr-21 12:52pm EDT | Tags :

Painted Bowl- 4 Colors Plus Lid

Wooden dough bowl painted with four colors, red, blue, green and yellow. It has a rare tin cover and measures 14" by 15", 1" out of round, and 4" deep. There is an oval tag on the foot reading "Louis E. Stilz & Bro. Military and Society Goods. Philadelphia." Has a 3" crack as shown in the pictures and a piece about 1" long has been glued back on. It looks like someone had a hanger for the bowl and it cracked.. Unusual bowl.

Price: $325.00 Reduced to $250.00

2022-Mar-21 11:08am EDT | Tags :

Three Blown Glass Bottles

Offering choice of three blown glass bottles, each in mint condition. One is a dark amber color, has a pontil mark, applied lip. 7" t. x 4" w. x 3" thick. $220.00. Two is olive green, broken pontil, applied lip. 9 1/2" tall x 5" w. x 3 1/2" thick. $245.00. Three is an olive green gin bottle, square and tapered, mold blown. 9 1/2" tall x 3" tapering down to 2 1/4". $195.00. All are clean and perfect for a tavern setting.

Price: Priced each. $575.00 for all + sh

2022-Mar-14 11:25am EDT | Tags :

Large Cow Weather Vane

Bossy here has been on the receiving end of some ornery shooter, having several bullet holes now filled with old solder repairs. They don't detract from this beauty's character, though, she wears them proudly as a sign of her decades of perseverance!! She is a large one at 15" long by 9" tall and 1" thick. She has a brown coat of paint over her zinc body and is standing on an ornate arrow which is 29" long.

Price: $425.00 +sh

2022-Mar-13 04:31pm EDT | Tags :

Mustard Painted Firkin

This is a beautiful staved wood firkin with vine banding, having original mustard paint outside and white paint inside including the lid. The one piece lid has a handle and the original locking pin. Probably Scandinavian or made by an immigrant like was done in the old country, which would have been natural. Straight sides at 11" round by 12" tall. Paint has some wear but in great condition otherwise. 19th c.

Price: $245.00 + sh

2022-Mar-13 03:31pm EDT | Tags :

Large Pig Weather Vane

We saw a pig vane this big in a special auction for a large collection of lightning rod weather vanes. Our zinc pig by itself is 14 1/2 inches long and 8 1/2 inches tall by about 1 inch thick. It sets on a KING arrow, a maker of lightning rods, has a BLITZEN DIODE milk glass ball and cast directionals. Dates to 1910-1950. It is assembled on a steel rod with a cone shaped base and pointed finial. Repainted and two bullet holes. 32" l. x 23" t. x 14" or 19" w. depending on the position of the directionals.

Price: $595.00 plus $38.00 insured shipping

2022-Mar-06 12:46pm EST | Tags :

Folk Art Shaving Mirror

For lovers of great folk art, we have this incredible tramp art shaving mirror from the 1920-30's, having terrific details such as hearts, stars, crescent moons, pinwheels, a drawer and three trays. It is red stained. The maker was a true crraftsman with an artist's eye as seen by the volume of carvings on the layered mouldings, the scale and the proportions, everything intended to impress which it does in spades. Condition is excellent, does have a chip off the peak of the top and allowing for an age crack in the back, hardly noticeable when dazzled by the rest of the piece. Not dainty at 42 1/2" t. x 12" w. x 5" at the deepest point. This is folk art at its best.

Price: $595.00

2022-Feb-23 03:25pm EST | Tags :

Walnut Mortar and Pestle

All indications are that these two pieces are original to each other. They are both walnut and lathe turned. The mortar is beautifully turned with rings on the barrel and the base is very well done. Condition is excellent with no chips but a 1 1/2" crack in the foot, and some expected age checks. Measures 8" t. x 5 1/2" in diameter. Pestle is 9" long by 2 1/2" round.

Price: $110.00

2022-Feb-17 11:06am EST | Tags :

"Squirrel" Nut Cracker

Made of solid brass with a precise casting, the edges and fit are superb as castings were 100 years ago. This very cute little guy has original or very early brown paint and black eyes in great shape with only some minor wear from use. The details are crisp including the bark on the limb base. 9" l. x 6 1/2" t. x 2 1/2" w. Note: the stone walnut is NFS.

Price: $79.00 + sh

2022-Feb-17 10:50am EST | Tags :

Fireside Trivet

This is a very nice hand wrought iron trivet having a steel shelf with handle and a pretty rear leg with penny feet. Excellent condition with a clean, well patinated surface. Measures 13" w. x 15" d to end of handle x 11" t.

Price: $95.00

2022-Feb-17 10:22am EST | Tags :

Bible Box

Carved on three sides this oak Bible box is a nice medium size at 25" w. x 15" d. x 8" t. The iron lock has been removed and the mortise filled but the hasp and escutcheon are there. Brass hinges are old but replacements, the lid has newer cleats added underneath to stabilize age cracks and the bottom has been reinforced with wire nails. In other words this very early box has been used. But it is a survivor, which is one of those intangibles that pierce the hearts of true lovers of all things old and we just love and admire that they have endured it all for such a long time.

Price: $445.00 + 45 sh

2021-Dec-25 02:01pm EST | Tags :

Salt Glazed Pitcher

This salt glazed pitcher has much cobalt blue decoration and is marked with a stamped '1' in a circle. It is in excellent condition with a minor chip in the glaze. Measures 10" t. x 9" round. Follow up: I bought a black light and there are no restoration or repairs on the pitcher. I did find a 1 1/2" hairline in the tuck where the spout was formed. It may have occurred in the firing.

Price: Sold

2021-Dec-19 05:12pm EST | Tags :

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