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Granthum 1763 Antiques was founded in 1986 in a manor house on a tract of land named "Granthum" in Talbot Co. on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I am the sole proprietor and specialize in early original surface and painted pieces, including early cupboards, dry sinks, bucket benches, pie safes, and early hand made pieces. Hooked rugs, folk art in any form and pantry boxes, firkins and blanket chests as well as early toys, dolls and Christmas items are also available. Since I recently closed my, you will find all fresh merchandise here at Dig Antiques! Newly acquired country smalls are being this week!!! Take a look!!!

Early Eagle Plaque in Bellamy Style

Not a Bellamy but in his style. Nice 1” thick in crusty white paint. Great carving and measuring 26” long and 10”tall.

Price: $750.00

2018-Sep-21 01:45pm EDT | Tags :

Blue Child’s Potty Chair

Nice child’s chair in robins egg blue paint. 12” deep x 11 1/2” w and 19” tall. Very cute sweet wings too.

Price: $495.00

2018-Sep-21 01:33pm EDT | Tags :

Chrome Yellow Box

Nice 19C chrome yellow box frim Pa with nice iriginal decoration

Price: $695.00

2018-Sep-20 03:58pm EDT | Tags :

Black Anericana puppets

Fabulous couple c 1930 wood and compo. Oceleo and Ramonia!!!

Price: $750.00

2018-Sep-20 03:53pm EDT | Tags :

Writing Desk

19C Writing Desk in Black with deciration

Price: $750.00

2018-Sep-20 03:49pm EDT | Tags :

Early trencher in blue paint

Nice early trencher in early paint


2018-Jul-26 05:17pm EDT | Tags :

Early green basket

Early Valley of Virginia melon basket in original green.

Price: $250.00

2018-Jul-14 07:51am EDT | Tags :

Pantries and more pantries

Various sizes in early paint

Price: $275-450

2018-Jul-11 08:38am EDT | Tags :

Eary Green Trencher

Nice early trencher in original green paint

Price: $495.00

2018-Jul-11 08:24am EDT | Tags :

Blue firkin

Firkin in the middle is a nice blue/green.

Price: $450.00

2018-Jul-11 08:16am EDT | Tags :

DoughBowl in Blue

Out of round 14 1/2" x 13 x 3" deep

Price: $450.00

2018-Jul-09 08:12am EDT | Tags :

Early Bee skept

Be skept in small size and good patina.

Price: $175.00

2018-Jun-24 11:27am EDT | Tags :

Oval mini boxes

One 3 1/2" x 2" oval box and one 3 3/4" x 2" box. Both in good condition

Price: 195.00 each FREE SHIPPING

2018-Jun-20 07:10pm EDT | Tags :

Early toy with accordion

Nice early Brownie toy with accordion base which still plays when pushed together. Signed Germany.

Price: $275.00 FREE SHIPPING

2018-Jun-20 02:42pm EDT | Tags :

Early pull toys

Horses on platforms on wheels and elephant.. all original. LARGER HORSE AND ELEPHANT ARE SOLD. Two small horses are available.

Price: $99.00

2018-Jun-20 11:46am EDT | Tags :

Dart Signs-English

Great paint and decoration. From a carnival dart game


2018-May-11 08:09am EDT | Tags :

Set of 3 Va. shorebirds with initial B

Set of three long billed birds, one of which has some loss on bill

Price: $325.00

2018-May-11 08:08am EDT | Tags :

Gramdmas Quilting Bee

Grandma is sitting on bench on the right side with her bible while the ladies are quilting. The maid with serving dish yo the left... a very charming, special event captured in a shadow box

Price: $650.00

2018-May-11 08:07am EDT | Tags :

Early Brown Cat

Early Cloth Cat in opera cape... so charming

Price: 325.00 FREE SHIPPING

2018-Apr-04 11:57am EDT | Tags :

Scrub Box

Early bluish gray found in Ohio. 12” x 5”, early square nails

Price: $475.00

2018-Mar-18 03:14pm EDT | Tags :

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