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Old Wire Tray /Vintage Silver and White Ornaments

An old wire tray, has white paint splashed it in places - never bothered me - filled with silver and white snowcapped old 1920 ornaments. Tray measures 12 in across and 5 in high and filled with a box (dozen minus one) old snowcapped ornaments

Price: 75.00 + s/h

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19th Century Blue Box

This is a great box and it is very BLUE, did not show up in first photos - is an old planter and original dry blue paint. We always used this for a balled, live tree to put on porch and later we planted in our yard. We cannot plant here at condo, as they do that - so going to part with it. A great early box in beautiful original blue paint. Measures 14 x 14 in at top, 13 x 13 at bottom and 10 in high!

Price: SOLD

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Antique Child's Chair/Steiff Bear

Sweet offering, great red/white decorated doll chair and a 1940 or so Steiff bear with button. I have three or four much older bears, two with buttons and two without. This little guy is in good condition, 9 in tall and shows usual wear. Some wear on original pads - he is straw filled, fully jointed, has glass eyes and still has all stitching around nose and mouth - he has big feet and hump in back. The chair measures 10 in tall, 5 in across and 5 in to seat. Has all original red paint and white decoration. Super offering.

Price: 300.00 + s/h Make Offer

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Great White Christmas Tree

Remember when I bought all the red/white blue balls, and the patriotic horns from the store that closed in NYC in 40s. Well I also bought a carton of unopened white Christmas trees. I sold the ones with stands and now am selling off the rest - as I find antique stands for them. They are not feather, some type of paper, but not sure what they are - they open beautifully as you can see -- make a beautiful statement for little money. I have three antique bases now, so will be listing them when I can. Today is one in an antique red stand. Tree measures 29 in tall - and in future I have six more to sell. From paper work shows they started in Germany - went to Italy and then NYC. The date on invoice was 1939. Nice because not a piece missing, the trunk of tree is wrapped and perfect - a great opportunity.

Price: 150.00 + s/h MAKE OFFER

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