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Fresh finds from New England--great early antiques, Folk Art, wonderful smalls and accessories. A few eclectic finds, 19th C. textiles, and appropriate vintage holiday items. Always on the look-out for authentic antiques and whimsical treasures, check back often for the latest additions and updates. I can be reached by email at, for any inquiries or photo requests. If not completely satisfied with your purchase, a return is always allowed within 3-days of receipt, for a full refund of the item (minus shipping costs).

Wonderful Blue Painted 19th C. Round Pantry Box

Found in Maine, a very nice small, dry blue painted round pantry box in excellent antique condition. Has a diameter of approximately 6 3/4” wide and stands about 2 3/4” tall. Nicely made, all original with copper nails and tiny wooden pegs, there are no cracks or repairs. Minor age related wear, I see a tiny chip at the bottom edge at the seam (shown in photo). A great color blue, would make an excellent addition to any early pantry box stack! $145 + $8 shipping.

Price: SOLD

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Fantastic Small Round Mustard Painted Pantry Box

Very tiny 19th century, lapped fingered round pantry box, in its early dry mustard paint. Found in New Hampshire, very RARE small size, probably used for spices, etc. This 19th century pantry has a diameter of approximately 3 1/4” wide, standing only 1 1/2” tall. Original untouched surface, this box is in wonderful condition, no breaks or issues, other than minor expected age related wear! This little beauty would make a great top of the stack addition! $375 + $ 8 ship.

Price: SOLD

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Best 19th C. Blue Painted NE Market Basket

In beautiful condition, early dry painted surface, this medium sized New England market basket has virtually no damage or breaks, slightly out-of-round, making it one of the best examples of a great painted basket. With a diameter of approximately 12 1/2” wide and standing about 13” tall, it retains is original dry surface (expected dust in the bottom), a lovely blue-gray color! This one is a keeper! $265 + $15 ship.

Price: $256 + $15 ship

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19th C. Child's Leather Button Top Shoes

Fancy toddler shoes, black-patent and white kid leather "button-top" shoes. Great small size, showing only minor use wear, kept in a trunk, a recent Maine attic find! Measure approximately 4 1/2" long, might have been a first pair of walking shoes. The left shoe is missing one of it's pearl buttons, the right shoe is perfect. Nice tan colored leather soles, a very expensive pair for the late 19th century! $44 + $6 ship

Price: $44 + $6 shipping

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Vintage Patriotic "Golden Cookies" Tin Carrier

Very sought after RARE red, white, and blue, tin carrier made by Golden Biscuits, of Watertown, Mass (imprinted on bottom). Original wooden handles, patriotic graphics with stars & striped bunting, condition is phenomenal! The red tin lid is long gone but this great picnic tin would make a fabulous storage carrier or table display! Measures about 12 1/4" long, 7 1/4" wide, and stands around 5 1/4" tall (not counting upright handles). Very minimal use wear to tin, nice and bright colors still. Was obviously stored safely for many years! $95 + $12 ship.

Price: $95 + $12 ship

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Early Double Mushroom Ended Darner Poss. Shaker

Wonderful fresh find from Alfred, Maine, a great 19th century double-mushroom ended wooden Darner, probably Shaker made, in excellent antique condition! Good darkened surface, approximately 6 1/4" long, no chips or cracks. Very well made with turning lines in the center of handle. Fits your hand like a glove, one mushroom end is smaller than the other. A fantastic early, treen Shaker sewing item! $55 + $5 ship.

Price: $55 + $5 ship

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Large Heavy Early Mortar & Pestle Set

This is another wonderful fresh attic find from Maine, an extremely heavy and solid, mortar and pestle set, always together, with original untouched surface! The mortar stands approximately 7 1/2" tall and the matching pestle is about 11" long. Great primitive set, possibly walnut wood, there are no chips or cracks. Simple in character, sweet little "button" top end on pestle. More photos available to show all sides, etc., upon request. Hard to believe it has survived in such great condition! $125 + $15 ship.

Price: SOLD

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Excellent 19th C. Maine Tin Lamp w Stars

Recent house find from Waldoboro, Maine, a wonderful early 19th century tin lamp with glass panels, original wire bumper surrounds, and fantastic punched decorations! On all fours sides of the roof, there is a round "sun" type punch with a star in it's center. At the very bottom, also on all four sides, tiny matching stars go all the way around. With it's original hanging and carrying handle, this lamp measures approximately 16" tall. In excellent antique condition, the glass panels are intact, as is all of the tin parts. Minimal rust and use wear, a very, very, nice and "patriotic" example! $225, to include shipping.

Price: $225 + free shipping

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19th C. NE Document Box w/ Whale Scrimshaw

Beautiful red leather covered document box, 19th century, found in New Bedford, Mass. In wonderful condition, it has fantastic scrimshaw figures on the top (2 sperm whales at front edge, a humpback whale at top left corner, and a right whale at top right corner). The box interior is lined with early wallpaper, as well as the bottom. The lid & four sides are covered with a rich red leather covering and dark brass rivets at all edges. The box measures approximately 12" long, 7 3/4" deep, and stands almost 6" tall. The leather handle on top is sturdy but does show age cracks that don't go through. Interior is very clean, w/ minimal moisture stains. Probably belonged to a Sea Captain or someone in the early whaling business. The nautical scrimshaw is folky & perfect. A very RARE find, the box even comes with a working key to lock it. $345 + $16 shipping.

Price: SOLD

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Best Large 19th C. NE Birdseye Maple Bowl

Very nice large New England birdseye maple bowl, 19th century, thick molded top edge lip, fabulous darkened patina, with quite a bit of birdseye figuring throughout! Slightly out of round, this deep bowl has a diameter of about 15". Very solid with good weight, this beautiful bowl would make an excellent display for early prims, stone fruit, or in a rack with other bowls. I see only one very short and tight hairline on top edge, which I almost missed, otherwise the bowl is pristine. It can only be seen on close inspection and does not actually go through to outside of bowl exterior. Surface is very dry, untouched and just how you want to find them! $185 + shipping.

Price: $185 + shipping

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RARE Pair of 18th C. Wood Threaded Candle-Stands

From a local, 50-year collection (provenance to be shared w/buyer), a RARE pair of 18th century threaded wooden candle stands with tripod legs and "penny" feet. Both are in amazing condition considering the age! I do see a couple of very, very faint shrinkage cracks on one of the candle stands, and one or two of the legs have been reglued into their sockets, underneath the base, years ago. Otherwise, they are in absolutely beautiful condition. Old wax can be seen on these stands, which I will be leaving in place, as I don't want to hurt the surface. One of the stands is about 13" tall, while the other is slightly shorter at about 12" tall. Each arm piece is threaded onto the spool and allows the candle to be raised to different heights as it burns, so that lighting needs were adjusted. $325 for pair + $14 ship.

Price: SOLD

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19th C. Portrait Young Child in Red Oil on Panel

Found in New England, an oil painting on early wooden panel, 1830-40's, of a young child in red dress with a basket of fruit. Curly red hair, a coral beaded nbracelet around her wrist (or could this be a boy?), beautiful details, with a lovely folky look. A well done painting, it measures 17 1/2" tall by 14 1/8" wide, in the frame. The frame is approximately 2" wide, and appropriate for the painting, but slightly later in age than the painting. This oil painting is unsigned and the interior measurements are 14 3/8" tall by 11" wide. No repairs or issues, could be lightly cleaned, if desired. I have owned this super folk art portrait for a while, enjoying her in my dining room. She could be placed anywhere, for a bit of color and charm! $1475 + $18 ship.

Price: $1475 + $18 ship

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Early 19th C. Pearlware Child Name Mug John

Sweet little child's name mug with blue pearlwear glaze finish. The front of the mug has the motto "a Present for John". In very good condition, there are two hairline cracks on this mug. One of the hairline cracks goes through the front on the side of the motto and the other crack goes halfway down the mug as you will see in the photos (on the side). Otherwise there are no chips, repairs, or other problems. The handle has always been attached surprisingly, and as old as it is most of these handles have been broken and reattached. Sweet little design with mocha brown pinstriping on the top and the bottom of this mug and a medallion design in dark blue that surrounds the saying "Aa Present for John". The mug has a diameter of 2 3/4" wide and the mug also stands at 2 3/4" tall. It would make a great addition to any Staffordshire child's mug collection, especially the ones that have names. $145 + $6

Price: $145 + $6

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Small Maine 2 Qts. Wooden Measure

Wonderful fresh find from Maine, a fabulous primitive small wooden measure with an inked note on the bottom of this measure that reads "2 Qts". In excellent antique condition, this is a 19th century thick-walled, sturdy measure. The noted "2 Qts" on the bottom is interesting because the letter "q" actually looks like a "g". This measure stands approximately 4 1/4" tall, with a diameter of about 7 1/2". No cracks or repairs, nice darkened oxidation around the early nails. It would make a wonderful addition to any primitive display! $95 + $10 ship

Price: $95 + $10 ship

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Fabulous Large 19th C. Maine Hooked Rug

This wool hooked rug is very large, beautiful, and in fantastic original condition! Fresh find from Maine, it measures a whopping 67" long by 39" wide. Minimal fading, if any, no holes, repairs, or odors. The tiniest bit of edge wear, to be expected for its age. Obviously, a hand-hooked rug this size is heavy, when rolled up. Will be packed safely for shipping, etc. Was stored in a place, as it looks little used. Amazing free form design floral pattern, with vibrant colors and masterful workmanship! $275 + $40 ship. (I will refund any shipping overage difference, but I am probably on the low end).

Price: $275 + shipping

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Large 19th C. New England Trencher Pristine

One of the best large trenchers I have come by, no cracks, chips or issues. Measures approximately 20 1/2" long, about 10 3/4" wide and 4" tall. I believe it is maple, hand hewn, with fine early chopmarks on the interior. Has been cleaned with a bit of lemon oil, a fresh find from Maine. In pristine condition, you will love the natural honey-darkened patina! $225 + $22 ship.

Price: $225 + $22 ship

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Large 19th C. Ironstone Jug w Nautical Rope Design

This is a very large white ironstone jug or pitcher, made by H. Burgess Burslem of England and in fantastic condition. This jug stands approximately 13" tall and has no cracks, chips, or repairs. I do note a very tiny glaze pop on the edge of the handle. But, it is so small, I am mentioning only for the sake of accuracy. The very interesting thing about this late 19th century, ironstone jug is the molded "rope" design that is around the handle. A very nautical touch and perfect for any home near the water! Found in Maine, it would make a great centerpiece, filled with colorful flowers! $115 + $15 shipping.

Price: $115 + $15 ship

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19th C. Oil on Canvas Portrait of Boy w Straw Hat

Beautiful portrait of a southern boy with straw hat, oil on canvas, mid 19th century, found in Virginia. Framed in an appropriate antique frame, no repairs to canvas, but shows a tiny scratch toward upper side (very small and age appropriate) near frame edge. Measures 18" tall by 15 1/2" in the frame. The actual painting is approximately 14" by 12". Nice "pewter" colored thin wood liner, really sets off this very handsome and folky portrait--true southern charm and nicely executed! $375, to include shipping.

Price: SOLD

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