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Fresh finds from New England--great early antiques, Folk Art, wonderful smalls and accessories. A few eclectic finds, 19th C. textiles, and appropriate vintage holiday items. Always on the look-out for authentic antiques and whimsical treasures, check back often for the latest additions and updates. I can be reached by email at, for any inquiries or photo requests. If not completely satisfied with your purchase, a return is always allowed within 3-days of receipt, for a full refund of the item (minus shipping costs).

19th C. Yellow Ware Mottled Pig Bank

A little larger than usual and with excellent mottled decoration (blue, green, & mocha brown), this late 19th century Yellow Ware pig bank is approximately 7" long and stands about 4" tall. In amazing antique condition, this little guy shows light age wear with only one tiny flea bite flake under his nose, and it could have been an in-the-making thing, as this type of ware was inexpensively made. Has the usual slot on top for coins, the coloring and condition makes this little pig bank a stand-out! $48 + $6 shipping.

Price: $48 + $6 ship

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Small Early "Climax" Peanut Butter Red Tin Pail

Wonderful small peanut butter tin pail with great grachics and color! Standing only 5" tall, with handle in upright position, this "Climax" brand pail would have had a flat tin lid, at one time. In very good antique condition, minor wear to graphics. Wonderful and fun example, in great colors of red, white, and blue! $35 + $5 ship.

Price: SOLD

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Early Small Tin Watering Can from Maine

Enjoy your spring flowers with this super darkened tin small sized watering can, what I would consider a child's size! In very good condition, with a bit of rust on only one side (that has created a tiny pin prick hole). Otherwise, has great construction, sturdy for actual use, a sweet little primitive garden tool! Measures only 7" tall and 10" long. $34 + $6 ship.

Price: $34 + $6 ship

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19th C. Folk Art Chip Carved Wooden Box

This early and heavy wooden box, in original darkened surface has the most amazing chip-carved decorations on top lid and the bottom. Mortice construction, iron hardware, solid carved feet on bottom. Has a bit of a smoky smell inside that is not unpleasant. Measurements are 13" long, by 7 1/4" wide, and standing about 6" tall. No cracks, or issues, most likely European in origin. Wonderful folk art carving design, very elaborate on the lid and wonderfully subtle on all four sides. Not sure what this very heavy and solid box was used for, as it has cubbies, a sliding door in middle section, possibly documents, money and other valuables. Hinges are also early and original. Although probably not American-made, the folk art carved design has a Pennsylvania-Dutch look! $195 + $16 ship

Price: $195 + $16 ship

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Nice Vintage Wool Braided Mat

Found in Maine, this early all wool fabric braided mat has a diameter of about 14" in diameter. In excellent vintage condition, nice construction, no stains and showing only minor use wear. Light blue with red, yellow, and black highlights in the braids. Great for a primitive "Camp" table mat! $34 + $6 ship.

Price: SOLD

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Early Ohio Art Tin Transportation Theme Lunch Box

Great vintage child's signed Ohio Art oval tin lunch box with handles, showing early forms of Transportation. Wonderful graphics, it measures approximately 8 1/2" long by about 5 1/2" wide and standing 7" tall with upright handles. This early lunch box, circa 1940's, is in nice condition overall, showing normal age and use wear. The little girl's name on top in the place card area of lid, reads Joyce Armstrong. Signed on the seam of bottom side, Ohio Art Co. 49, Made in U.S.A. $45 + $6 ship.

Price: $45 + $6 ship

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Best 19th C. Reward of Merit Sabbath School Book

Beautiful circa 1870's Poem & Essays small green book, with wonderful gilt embellishments, inscribed inside "Mary Webb, A Prize for Consistency, at Sabbath School". This book is in excellent antique condition, all pages intact, very clean, and a still bright green cover. This sweet little book measures 6 1/2" by 4 1/4", by 3/4" thick. A perfect addition for any collection or primitive display! $35 + $4 ship.

Price: $35 + $4 ship

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Small 19th C. Wire Egg Basket w Swing Handle

Found in Maine, this wonderful and small antique wire "Egg Gathering Basket" is the perfect size for holding special primitives and goodies! In excellent untouched condition, measures approximately 7" in diameter and about 8" tall, with swing handle in upright position. Shown with antique ragballs, just a fantastic display vessel. I have not come across another in this pleasing small size! $68 plus $7 ship.

Price: $68 + $7 ship

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19th C. Maple Pedestal Salt w Coin Silver Spoon

Fantastic fresh Maine find, a tiny treen salt with pedestal base and early coin silver salt spoon! The little wooden salt is carved from maple and has the nicest turned base. With only a diameter of about 2 3/4" wide and standing 1 1/2" tall, it is in excellent antique condition. Fabulous untouched surface, it almost has what I would call a "burled" interior, with honey darkened patina. The little coin silver spoon may not have started life with this salt, but selling together as they complete each other perfectly. I have pictured the salt & spoon with two pieces of old stone fruit, a peach and lemon, both showing surface wear but no chips (original wooden stems are in place). The treenware salt w spoon is $145, to include shipping. The two pieces of stone fruit are $40, to include shipping.

Price: See Listing

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Best Small NE Firkin Copper Nails Wire Bail Handle

Wonderful, very small sized firkin, a close to the "top-of-the-stack" size, standing just about 7 3/4" tall (not counting errect handle), with a diameter of only 7 1/2" wide, across the lid. This late 19th C. Small Firkin comes to you with it's original, untouched surface and patina. Excellent construction, copper nails & staples, sturdy wire bail handle with wooden hand-piece for carrying, freshly found on the southern Maine coast area. Little wear, no cracks, or issues with this special beauty. Truly, as clean as they come! $68 + $ 12 ship

Price: $68 + $12 ship

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New England Small Early Turned Wooden Bowl

Wonderful small heavy wooden bowl with great turnings and lip, darkened natural patina and no cracks, chips, or issues. Great smaller size, "out of round", with a diameter of about 8 3/4" wide. This antique New England wood bowl (found in Maine) is as nice as they come. $38 + $8 ship.

Price: $38 + $8 ship

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Best Folky Anniversary Tiny Tin Basket Dated 1889

This is one of the very best antique "Anniversary Tin" items I have ever come across! This tiny basket with working tin handle is beautifully made. It has nicely shaped folk art scalloped edges on the rim and bottom of the basket. And, best of all, it is dated "1889" on one side and "1899" on the other. Not sure if it was meant to commemorate a wedding anniversary and possible death (after ten years of marriage). The diminutive size is amazing, measuring only 2 3/4" long, 3 1/4" tall (with handle upright), and about 2" wide. No dents, repairs, or problems, it maintains it's original, untouched surface. The handle moves up and down perfectly and I have it shown it holding a trio of stone fruit cherries (for size indication). This little antique tin basket could be used in so many ways, I hate to suggest any ideas! A very RARE and fresh find from southern Maine. An important piece of dated "Anniversary Tin" folk art! $145 + $6 ship.

Price: SOLD

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Best 19th C. Large Hand Hewn Trencher Excellent

This is a fresh and fantastic find, a wonderful large trencher bowl, completely hand-hewn (or hand-carved), with original darkened surface. Was only cleaned lightly with soap and water to remove a layer of old grime. This beautiful trencher has no chips, cracks, or repairs. Unbelievable, considering the age of this piece of primitive treen. Additionally, this trencher has a diameter of approximately 19" long, 11" wide and is about 5" deep. You can see the real use wear that this trencher has sustained, in the bottom interior (check out the numerous chop marks). Countless meals were prepared in this fantastic "Bergen County" wooden bowl! Best "flat lip" edge around the entire top of the trencher. As an actual hand-carved trencher bowl, found in Bergen County, New Jersey, it makes this 200 year old country primitive that much more interesting! $235 + $22 ship

Price: $235 + $22 ship

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Early Coin Silver Fiddleback Spoon "Fannie"

Sweet little 19th century coin silver spoon, Fiddleback handle, with the name "Fannie" lovingly engraved for it's young owner. Maker marks on back look like W & M, although not sure and further research to be left to buyer. Great condition, no dings or issues. Nice patina but could be polished, if desired. $24 + $4 ship.

Price: $24 + $4 ship.

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Early 19th C. Pearlware Grandfather Child Plate

Wonderful early 19th century child plate, Pearlware glaze, impressed with Rogers maker mark, blue transfer on front, depicting "My Grandfather". Shows an early man and young boy, playing fetch with a dog. Very sweet verse that reads: The new watch, who when I could both read and spell, and in my writing got on well, bought me a watch the time to tell? My Grandfather. Diameter of approximately 7 1/2", there is a 1 3/4" light colored hairline on bottom edge. Otherwise, no chips or repairs. Could be professionally repaired or displayed as-is (has been in my collection for years). There was a series of these rare plates and I have seen others for Grandmother, Mother, Father, etc. $42.00 + $7 ship

Price: $42 + $7 ship.

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Pair of Small Child Canary Mugs Good Boy & Girl

Rare pair of precious early 19th century child mugs in sought-after canary glaze with red transfer. Wonderful small size, one reads "A Present for a Good Girl" and the other matching mug reads "A Present for a Good Boy". The girl mug is perfect with only some very old age stains on exterior base. The Boy mug has a repair to it's handle which was a clean break and an additional, very light and short interior stable hairline on inside of mug at top. This mug is surely worthy of professional restoration if desired, as it would show perfectly afterward. I have had this pair for many years and did not mind the minor issues. Too hard to find any at all these days! Downsizing and getting a jump start on some spring cleaning. Look for more choice goodies on my site soon. This early pair of child canary mugs is $385 + $10 ship.

Price: $385 + $10 shipping

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19th C. Staffffordshire Child Plate Keeping School

Wonderful early Staffordshire child's plate, blue transfer and pearlware glaze, entitled "Our Early Days, Keeping School". Diameter of about 7 1/4" , no chips or cracks, only minor light age crazing. Shows a little girl reading aloud to her assembled doll audience! Great time capsule of early period fashion, hairstyle, and dolls! $28 + $7 ship.

Price: $28 + $7 ship.

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Early Miniature Maine "Old Town" Canoe Paddle

Wonderful vintage small canoe paddle for your camp or cottage, circa 1950's, made in Maine by the famous "Old Town" canoe company. Measures approximately 20" long and only 3 1/4" at widest part of the paddle. There are no breaks or repairs. Very minor age & use wear, as to be expected. These tiny canoe paddles are quite collectible and sought after! $65 + $10 ship.

Price: $65 + $10 ship

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Best Small 19th C. New England Pantry Box Carrier

Wonderful smaller sized pantry box carrier, all original, with nice bentwood swing handle. Found in New England, this early 19th C. pantry box has a diameter of 9 1/4" across and stands about 5" tall, not counting the upright handle. Fantastic construction, highly detailed with small copper tacks, no chips, cracks, or repairs. Original dry surface, small button ends on handle, tiny square nails on the inside holding the button stems in place. Again, all completely original, untouched, and fantastic condition, this early pantry box carrier would be great stacked close to the top of a stack! $275 + $12 ship.

Price: SOLD

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