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I have been selling antiques for the past 30 years. I have lived in various parts of the country,Maryland,Chicago, Ohio, Virginia and Philadelphia,where my interest and love grew for Americana. I offer 18th and 19th objects with good design textiles, folk art , decorative arts, sewing items and some jewelry. I often look for pieces that are unique and different. I accept credit cards, money orders and checks in good standing. I have a 100% full return policy if returned in same condition as received within 72hours. Customer is responsible for shipping and insurance. I still can be found exhibiting at about 6 major shows a year. I am happy to hear requests for items I may have in my inventory. Just e-mail!

Xmas cotton ornaments

Two cotton Xmas ornaments. One mushroom & one pear. Nice condition.

Price: $50

2021-Nov-19 11:02am EST | Tags :

Drawing on paper of dove

Pencil drawing on lined paper of dove. Name on top Miss Mary Zimmerman & name on bottom James F ?. This was probably a note to a sweetheart. Frame has a gold leaf liner wood frame has brass tacks in comers. It has a town in Ohio which I cannot make out. No date.

Price: $98 includes shipping.

2021-Oct-30 10:37am EDT | Tags :

German basket

Little wire German basket with berry Xmas ornaments .Basket is 5” acrosd.

Price: $175.

2021-Oct-26 02:35pm EDT | Tags :

Jewelry broach

Early broach made of bog oak.2” across. Perfect condition

Price: $200

2021-Oct-26 02:31pm EDT | Tags :

Chimney sweep carving

Carved chimney sweep with ladder. Arms are pegged to body one is movable and it can hold ladder which is not attached. It has a nice old surface & details. It’s 9” tall. I have an old photo of a chimney sweep ready to go to work which goes with him.

Price: $220 plus shipping.

2021-Sep-13 02:14pm EDT | Tags :

Make Do

A make do pincushion on glass base. It is in wonderful condition. It has bead work which I have never seen on a pincushion, Purchased in N. Y. Makes me feel it could be Iroquois made. Very unusual. No matter it is unique. 5x8.

Price: $165.

2021-Sep-03 02:54pm EDT | Tags :

2021-Aug-29 02:23pm EDT | Tags :

Shaker pincushions

Two shaker pincushions one gold velvet the other garnet velvet. Both retaining their shells. Gold has original ribbon garnet has no ribbon. Gold one is 2 3/4 in. across and garnet is slightly smaller. I have not had any of these in a while, Good condition.

Price: Pair $220 includes shipping.

2021-Aug-29 02:12pm EDT | Tags :

Iroquois bird

Beaded Iroquois bird. Excellent condition.We’re sold as souvenirs. Has BIRD on tail!

Price: $150

2021-Jun-22 11:13am EDT | Tags :

Iron dog

Cast iron door stop. Seated setter painted brown with painted green base.6” high Hubley?

Price: $$245

2021-Mar-10 10:14am EST | Tags :

Amish sewing ball

Amish sewing ball done with cream cotton & deep purple velvet. It is open work squares with little Pom poms on each corner. The Pom poms are cream & purple. Good condition.y

Price: $60

2020-Oct-11 01:08pm EDT | Tags :

Tole shaker

Nice little tole shaker. 2”x1/4. Paint good

Price: $85 include shipping

2020-May-29 12:15pm EDT | Tags :

Shoe pincushions

Three shoe pin shins. Red Green & Turquoise. 5 1/2 inches long. All have bows & beadwork. Shoe is leather with wood sole. I believe them to be Victorian but must have been stored as they are in perfect condition. I would sell one for $85 or three for $200.

Price: $85 or $200 for three.

2020-Mar-11 02:09pm EDT | Tags :


One piece Jacquard coverlet in red & green. It has a central medelion with a double boarder. One boarder is a leaf or fern design & the other is1 1/2 in. With diamonds.78x72. It is In wonderful condition.

Price: $275

2020-Mar-03 12:44pm EST | Tags :

Cotton tick

Red white & lite blue ticking. 44”x66”. Initials of MS. It has a middle seam. Condition good!

Price: $100 includes shipping

2019-Apr-20 02:35pm EDT | Tags :

Velvet shoe

Brown velvet shoe with cotton backing. Pincushion souvenir covered with beadwork. Probably Iroquois. In wonderful condition which you don’t always find!

Price: $90.)

2018-Jun-14 09:47am EDT | Tags :

Creamware plates

A pair of creamware plates with wonderful blue pattern. They are 5 14 in diameter .

Price: $95 pair

2018-Jun-07 02:33pm EDT | Tags :

Spatter cup & saucer

Small spatter cup & sauer in blue & white. Excellent condition No chips or cracks Perfect little size for a grouping. 2 inches tall & 4 1/2 across.

Price: $98

2017-Apr-03 03:36pm EDT | Tags :

Wall Hangers

This is a piece l have had for many years. A wooden rack in old mustard paint. Measures 18" long x 17 1/2" wide for cross bars. It has holes for hanging & l believe it is to be hung with cross bars facing down due to the bracket on the back. Can' t quite figure it out,but I have always just used it as visual on the wall.

Price: $315

2016-Dec-13 12:44pm EST | Tags :

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