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We have been dealing in early 18th & 19th century country antiques and folk art since 1989. The major Americana antique shows of the Northeast were a focus for many years. Having retired from the show circuit in 2006, we now concentrate on selling privately and online. We deal primarily in country smalls including painted boxes and bowls, lighting, iron and tinware, and baskets. We look for makers who understood form and function, even when handcrafting rather primitive objects. Our preference is for pieces that please the eye AND perform a function.

!9th c., New England Maple Bowl in a Striking Red.

A hard to find, antique maple bowl in an early red paint. Showing great period wear, well out of round and in very good antique condition, no issues. There is a small hole for hanging. 11" x 10 12" x 3 h. We offer a layaway plan.

Price: $215.00 Free Shipping

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Late 19th c., Pantry Box Traces of Early White

A nice clean antique 6 1/2" pantry box that is paper lined. The straight line is solid and tight, tiny wood pins fasten the lid band and bottom. It is 6 1/2" diameter by 3 1/2" h. We offer a layaway plan.

Price: 79.00 Free Shipping

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Antique E B Frye & Son Wilton NH 4 QT-Red

The banded measures were developed to give greater strength for the long haul. It protected the wood from splitting, warping etc. This measure is a 4 quart size which is stamped on its side. A nice size, measuring 9" dia., x 5" h. A strong and delightful; color red. We offer a layaway plan.

Price: 139.00 Free Shipping

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1890 New Hampshire Measure Early Blue

Antique measures were not painted when made.. Paint was added later by the owner for purposes of identifying his pieces. The paint on this measure is early around 1890 according to the owner/collector from New Hampshire.. It is in very good condition, A desirable small size for the top of the stack. 5 1/2" in dia.X 3 3/8" high. We offer a layaway plan

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A 19th c., Tin & Glass Candle Lantern.

The lantern is in very good condition. the candle socket slides out for easy access. The glass appears to be original to the lantern. The protective cross bars are in order. The back door slides up to access the candle socket. A nice country lantern in very good condition. 12" x 4" square. We offer a layaway plan.

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19th c., Hanging Candle Sconce Early Red.

This 19th century tin candle sconce has an early red paint, which is stable and has been on the sconce for some time. It is in very good condition, a crimped hood, folded over edges for strength and the candle socket is cleated through the bottom. A different size 13" long x 4" wide. We offer a layaway plan.

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19th c., Alfred Shaker Community, Alfred, Maine

It is a rare box in that it is “Left-Handed”—-that is, the fingers point to the left. Left-handed boxes and carriers were more rare than Right-Handed Pieces. The Left-Handed pieces were attributed to the Alfred Shaker Community, Alfred, Maine. It has the typical maple sides, pine lid and bottom. Brass tacks, and tiny iron points around the lid and bottom. 8” l x 5 1/2” d x 3 3/4” h. Excellent antique condition. We offer a layaway plan.

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An Untouched Pennsylvania 9” pantry in early paint

An Untouched Pennsylvania 9” pantry box in early paint. A base coat of red beneath the final green helped to season the wood against shrinkage.. This was typically seen on Pennsylvania German painted pieces. A one of a kind in size. 8” dia x 5 1/2” h. We offer a layaway plan.

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