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We have been dealing in early 18th & 19th century country antiques and folk art since 1989. The major Americana antique shows of the Northeast were a focus for many years. Having retired from the show circuit in 2006, we now concentrate on selling privately and online. We deal primarily in country smalls including painted boxes and bowls, lighting, iron and tinware, and baskets. We look for makers who understood form and function, even when handcrafting rather primitive objects. Our preference is for pieces that please the eye AND perform a function.

Rare Early 19th c., Small Bowl, Orig. Paint

This is an outstanding small ash turned bowl in the original green paint sitting on a small raised bottom. The turnings on the bowl are similar to the 18th c., beehive style. The bowl is in very good condition. It is well out-of-round for it's size, measuring 7 1/4" x 6 3/4" x 2 1/2" h. A beauty for any collection. The sale is for the bowl only.

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19th c., "Swan," Butter Press, Original Red Paint

A beautiful " Swan," butter press in the original red holder. This is an exceptional example which is in very good condition. Showing wonderful patina. 6" h x 4" dia.

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Six Hand-Dipped Candle & Antique Chamberstick

Offering six hand-dipped country candles and a late 19th century tin chamberstick. The chamberstick has a crimped drip tray, folded-over seams on the candle socket, and looped handle. The candles were made in an antique 6 chamber candle mold. The candles vary in length, 10" 9" 9 1/2" etc. The chamberstick is 4 1/2" in dia. Additional pictures are available.

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Late 19th c., American Game Board

The game board is in the original untouched condition. The red and black is strong and makes a statement. It is in good condition, two early nails are exposed from wood expansion. The frame is in good condition retaining the original hanging loop. A nice size measuring 14" x 14" . Additional photo are available.

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A Pair of 19th c., Sheet-Iron Candle Sconces

A wonderful and different designed pair of sheet-Iron "Diamond Shaped," hanging candle sconces. These sconces are very welled designed and made. There were most likely a commissioned piece. There are in very good condition. 10" x 5 1/2" w.

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A Delightful 19th c., Country Child's Shoe Shine

This small banded firkin in the original green paint served a child's shoe shine business. It appears to have been made special for this purpose. The little wooden knobs securing the handle. It is a small size, made for the intended purpose. The lid with the shoe last attached with early nails shows extensive wear. A wonderful piece of Americana. 7" h x 7" dia., sloping to 8".

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Late 19th Hanging Spiked Candle Holder

This is a very nice forged iron spiked candle horider. It has the option of two different spikes for hanging. The holder has the period wrap around candle socket. A nice period lighting piece, a nice size measuring 12". candle cup is 1" dia Additional photos are available.

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19th C. Maple Bowl In Original Green

A delightful New England Maple Bowl in the original green paint. There is paint wear, with two small tight rim cracks. The two cracks are very tight, hardly noticeable. The interior is clean with a nice early patina. 10" x 11" x 3" h. \

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Great 19th c., MAKE-DO, Hogscraper Iron/Brass

Happy to offer this very fine make-do hogscraper candlestick with a brass base. It is an amazing marriage. The signed, 18th c., hogscraper iron top fits perfectly into the brass base, a perfect fit. We know the hogscraper is 18th c., for it is very small in diameter, typical of the period. The brass base is in good condition. The hogscraper is signed on the push-up tab, it has a desirable chair hook, and in very good condition. A great piece for the collector of make-do antiques. A desirable size at 7" h x 3" diameter. Additional photos are available.

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