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Folk Art Carved Puppet

A 1920's representation of a Black Man Puppet. Hand carved head, hands, and shoes and painted all over in black paint with black and white eyes and red lips. His body is held stiff with a wood rod. His original clothing is red and white cotton which extends to the sleeve in the back for the puppeteer to insert their hand. At the end of the red and white sleeve, there is an extension of black cloth, so the puppeteer's hand and arm cannot be seen. 15 1/2"tall.

Price: $995.00

2020-Nov-28 04:23pm EST | Tags : 1920's Hand held puppet Black Man Puppet

World War 1 Table Mat

This unique shoe heel design table mat made from WW1 army blankets is well made and handsomely executed. Curved rectangular center piece, delicate stitching around each heel in red and green. Lined with burlap and with ticking underneath. 29" x 21"

Price: SOLD

2020-Nov-13 04:51pm EST | Tags : WW1 army blanket mat Unique design

English Fire Fender

Victorian iron and brass fire fender well made and a handsome design. 16 1/2"l x 8 1/2"h

Price: $150.00

Wind Up Toy Bull

This toy bull has a fuzzy and well worn black-brown coat remaining and he still moves when his key is turned. His eyes look at you with their whites showing. A handsome fellow. 6"l x 4"h

Price: $98.00

2020-Nov-13 04:41pm EST | Tags : Wind up toy realistic toy bull

Framed Fabric Needlework

Signed, dated, and then framed needlework with the fine detailing easy to see in the close-up photo. Dark period frame 11"l x 10 3/4"w. Guess on the date as 1863? Wood backing on frame is stenciled, Willet Hicks, Trenton, NJ. In fine condition considering age.

Price: $195.00

Chair in Bottle

Folk art ladderback chair in glass bottle with interesting wooden stopper. Label inside reads, R.C. Axton, Elk City, OK "Queen of the West". Wow! 2 3/4"diameter x 8 1/2"h

Price: $95.00

Wind Up Dog

This little fellow is a well-worn charmer with his black felt ears, brown glass eyes, and barely there fur. Turn the key and he will walk and turn his head for you. 4 1/2"l x 5"h

Price: $75.00

2020-Nov-06 05:48pm EST | Tags : mechanical dog tan and black toy dog

Ceramic Pitcher

Burgundy and green pitcher with embossed flowers and leaves in addition to ribbing on the barrel-shaped body of the pitcher. Marking on bottom 42. Measures 6"l from far side of handle to the spout. 3 3/4"d x 5 3/4"h

Price: $65.00

2020-Nov-01 06:25pm EST | Tags : Barrel shaped pitcher embossed pitcher 42 pitcher

Spoon Rack with spoons

Early 1800's wooden spoon rack in black over blue from Hancock, NH. Spoon holder on top and shelf on bottom to hold additional items. Ex Harding Collection. Measures 16"w x 10 1/2"h x 3 1/2"d. Set of 8 antique teaspoons in a beautiful ornate pattern, 1847 Rogers Bros., Avon, 1901, included.

Price: $795.00

Horse Pull Toy

Folk art toy horse on a green wood painted stand with four metal wheels. The horse has well marked black paint on gray, funky ears, and a gray hair tail. Some paint loss but considering age, horse is in good condition. 8"L x 3"W x 9"H

Price: $115.00

2020-Oct-30 05:35pm EDT | Tags :

Pastoral Scene Set of Dishes

Early 1800s unmarked set for 2 of 6 pieces total: cups, saucers, cake plates. UK origin, fine condition. Tea cake plates are 8 1/2" in diameter.

Price: 125.00 set

2020-Oct-16 06:02pm EDT | Tags : English Tea Set Early UK Dishes

Pair of Kissing Birds

Early pair of Pennsylvania kissing birds gaily painted and decorated on chalk. They are set upon what appears to be a tree stump. Expected wear and some loss of paint. Underneath is written a capital E in pencil. Such a romantic gift. 4"l x 1 1/4"w x 2 1/2"h

Price: $250.00

2020-Oct-16 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Chalkware romantic piece Painted chalk birds

Red and Green Plate

A lovely and delicate vintage floral plate in colorful flowers and leaves. Excellent condition. 8 1/2"diameter

Price: $45.00

2020-Oct-16 05:56am EDT | Tags : Colorful ceramic

Floral Design Plate

Late 1800s Stick Spatterware floral design plate in purple with green. Excellent Condition. 8 1/2" d

Price: 160.00 each or both for $280.

2020-Oct-09 06:02pm EDT | Tags : Purple and green plate Stickspatterware plate

Floral Design Plate

Late 1800s Stick Spatterware floral design plate in green with purple. Excellent condition. 8 1/2" d

Price: 160.00 each or both for $280.

2020-Oct-09 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Stickspatterware plate Green and purple plate

Holly Pattern Plate

Late 1800s Holly pattern stick spatterware plate in purple and green. Excellent condition. 7 1/2" d

Price: $200.00

2020-Oct-09 05:59pm EDT | Tags : Stick spatterware plate purple and green holly plate

Shaker Footstool

Dark brown marked Shaker footstool. Label underneath, "Shaker Trademark Mt. Lebanon, N.Y." Early 1900s. Slightly sloped toward the seat. 13"l x 11"w x 6"h at the highest.

Price: $275.00

2020-Oct-02 05:11pm EDT | Tags : Mt.Lebanon Shaker stool 1900 marked Shaker stool

Ironstone Strainer

A Victorian beauty, this pure white ironstone strainer at the end of a beautifully turned wooden handle. Imagine pouring tea with such delicate beauty. 9"l x 3"w

Price: $125.00

2020-Oct-02 02:15pm EDT | Tags : Victorian tea strainer Wood handled strainer

Shaker-Style Footstool

The wooden frame of this Shaker Style footstool is painted a pleasant green and the newer tape top is off white and tan. Expected wear. 11 1/4"l x 9"w x 10"h.

Price: $95.00

2020-Oct-02 02:12pm EDT | Tags : Green painted footstool Tape top Shaker Style stool

Hand Painted Bowl

Very early redware bowl, decorated with a single bird amidst flowers and leaves. Hole for hanging. This one is stellar and in fine condition. 8 5/8"d x 2 1/2"deep

Price: $200.00

2020-Sep-25 06:03pm EDT | Tags : Bird in Bowl Redware hand painted bowl

Flow Blue Plate

A delicate 9"diameter flow blue plate on white. Fine condition. There is a slight curve to the edge. Very lovely

Price: $45.00

2020-Sep-25 05:56pm EDT | Tags : blue marked plate

Honey Pot

Red, white, and blue honey or jam pot with wooden lid and knob. Tiny holes at top so that the pot may be hung to keep insects away. Fine condition. 3 1/4"d x 5 1/2"h

Price: $135.00

2020-Sep-25 05:45pm EDT | Tags : patriotic honey pot

Blue Willow Sauce Tureen

Three piece sauce tureen in the blue willow design. England, 1860. Fine condiltion. 7 1/2"l x 5 1/2"w x 5 1/2"h.

Price: $175.00

2020-Sep-18 05:42pm EDT | Tags : English Tureen Victorian Tureen

Grape Cluster Butter Print

Made of maple wood with an easy to use handle, this print is engraved with a lovely cluster of grapes. 3"h

Price: $150.00

2020-Sep-18 05:40pm EDT | Tags : Maple Butter Print Grape Cluster

New England Document Box

Beautifully finished inside and out. Inside is covered in multi-colored print, while exterior sports a large leather handle attached to the top with studs, hasp and lock, key missing. Notice Initials "H and C" under hasp. 15"w x 9 1/2"d x 9"h. Originally $250.00

Price: SALE: $175.00

2020-Sep-11 05:48pm EDT | Tags : Large Document box SALE on Document Box

Tramp Art Box

Large tramp art box as found, There is a missing corner of the top but otherwise, in fine condition. Inside there is a notable front page photo of the piece on an edition of the "New York Pennsylvania Collector" monthly newspaper. 18 1/2"l x 12"w x 11"h.

Price: $375.00

2020-Sep-04 05:01am EDT | Tags : Published Tramp Art Box Tramp art box with lid

Carving of Woman

American Folk carving of a woman. Some paint remains, nailed arms and applied stand. C 1930, Tennessee origin. Measures 8"h x 2"w

Price: $195.00

2020-Aug-28 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Primitive carving Paint remaining on primitive figure

Rebekah Lodge Doorstop

Cast iron Rebekah Lodge doorstop. National Foundry #81. Crescent moon with 7 stars and a bird in flight. Odd Fellow logo is known as the 3 link fraternity which stands for Friendship, Love, and Truth. The R represents the daughters of the lady's auxilliary of the International Order of the Odd Fellows. Very Collectible. 6"l x 7 1/2"h

Price: $195.00

2020-Aug-28 05:00pm EDT | Tags : IOOF Painted doorstop Iron Bird in Flight

Match Holder

Handmade and painted match holder in a variation on the heart and shield theme. Tiny figure of a man applied to the shield. 6 1/2"h x 3"w

Price: $150.00

2020-Aug-22 03:07pm EDT | Tags : Heart and Shield Design Painted Shield with Man

Shaker Scoop

A single chunky piece of wood has been used to create this scoop. Oral tradition claims it to be Shaker in origin. There is a very deep and thick bowl with a short handle and a sharp but deep hook on the end for a good grip and to hang. 8 1/2"l x 5 1/2"w

Price: $250.00

2020-Aug-22 02:55pm EDT | Tags : Wood Scoop Shaker design

Shaker Oval Pantry

Authentic Shaker small three finger oval pantry box. Very fine condition and with all the expected Shaker details. 4 1/2"l x 3"w x 1 3/4"h. JUST REDUCED

Price: Now, $450.00

2020-Aug-14 04:30pm EDT | Tags : 3 finger box Markdown Shaker Box

Signed 19th C Pin Cushion

This is the largest pin cushion with this design that we have ever seen. At 16"l, it is made of strips of heavy cotton in red, white, and blue with white stitching. A small faded label identifies the maker, in clear printing, as Rachel Hart. Oral history states the origin as the North Shore of Long Island, New York.

Price: $175.00

2020-Jul-25 03:28pm EDT | Tags : Rachel Hart pin cushion Patriotic Pin cushion

Pennsylvania Painted Storage Box

Early PA Painted Storage Box with double snipe hinges. Decorated with swags and leaves in red, green and yellow on four sides (including top). Check hardware. Measures 25 1/2" x 13" x 10". Regular price: $575.00

Price: Sale Price: $450.00

2020-Jul-18 06:56pm EDT | Tags : Vines and floral decoration on box Painted box

Pine Anywhere Shelf

This pine "anywhere" shelf was hand crafted in the late 1800's. unusual design on the back giving more visual interest. Measures 22"h x 13"w x 9"d

Price: $150.00

2020-Jul-18 06:43pm EDT | Tags : Universal shelf Hanging pine shelf

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