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Charter Oak Acorn Bank

Handsome early carved bank in the shape of an acorn. Some painting on surface including the words, "Charter Oak Bank" and "for Minnie". There is a screw to allow savings to be retrieved. 7 1/4"h x 3 1/4"


2021-Feb-19 07:51pm EST | Tags : Wooden Bank Bank for Minnie

Early Bird Decoy

Painted early bird decoy with glass eyes, tin feet and wire legs. There is a strong element of funky, folk art in this decoy. Measures 8" x 2 1/4"


2021-Feb-19 07:41pm EST | Tags : Bird Decoy

Gentleman's Box

Ribbon Maple (So Called) Gentleman's Box with separate interior tray with velvet bottom. Original hardware, hinges and lock (no key). Wood grain is amazing. Measures 7"w x 5"d x 3 1/2"h


2021-Feb-19 07:35pm EST | Tags : Early Dresser Box Ribbon Maple Box

Folk Art Bird Painting

Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Art Bird watercolor on board or artist board. Late 19th C. Classic PA Dutch Distelfink is the more common term for a bird with this form. Measures 9 1/2"w x 11 1/2"h

Price: 1,250. FREE SHIPPING

2021-Feb-19 07:29pm EST | Tags : Distelfink PA Dutch Bird

Framed Fabric Needlework

Signed, dated, and then framed needlework with fine detailing visable in the close up photo. Dark period frame 11"l x10 3/4"w. Guess on the date as 1863 during the Civil War. Wood backing on frame is stenciled, "Willet Hicks, Trenton, NJ". In fine condition considering age.


2021-Feb-19 07:15pm EST | Tags : NJ framed art

Punch and Judy

Charming hand puppets made of papier mache and delicately painted in appropriate colors. C 1880, American. Original handmade cotton clothing.. Set atop wooden mill bobbins. Measure 12-13"h


2021-Feb-19 07:11pm EST | Tags : Hand puppets Folk Art Punch and Judy

Early Wooden Doll

Early 1800's wooden carved and painted folk art doll with limbs that can be rearranged for play in several positions. She has painted clothing, hair and facial features. 12"h


2021-Feb-19 07:05pm EST | Tags : All wood doll Painted Doll

Boy and Girl Stocking Dolls

Early 20th C stocking dolls. Boy has stitched face, a cap that matches his pants, white shirt and tie. The girl also has stitched facial features, yarn hair, a circle skirt with bonnet to match. Both are clearly made from stockings. 10"-10 1/2"h


2021-Feb-19 06:55pm EST | Tags : Vintage stocking dolls Handmade dolls

Pair Amish Toy Horses

Colorfully painted and carved pair of Amish horses used as toys for children for generations. Original paint with some paint loss. Old repairs to legs. Each horse situated on a stand for stability. 7"l x 6 1/2"h.


2021-Feb-19 05:43pm EST | Tags : Amish toys Painted toy horses

Eagle Foundry Mold

Suggestive of a late 18th C firemark. In very early paint, the eagle is prominent in black on a white background. A well formed wooden foundry model for metal firemarks which were displayed on buildings to indicate they were to be saved from fires. Measures 11 1/2" x 8"


2021-Feb-19 05:37pm EST | Tags : Antique Foundry Mold Firemark mold

Pocket Flask

Late 18thC-early 19thC leather covered glass pocket flask with cutout for viewing amounts and contents. Metal screw top shot glass for measuring and drinking. Fine condition considering age. Imagine the stories this item could tell. A rare find. 5 1/2"l x 3"w


2021-Feb-19 05:28pm EST | Tags : Leather pocket flask 2 pc flask

Grape Cluster Stamp

Made of maple wood with an easy to use handle, this stamp is engraved with a lovely cluster of grapes. Use with inkpad on paper or fabric, on butter, etc. 3"h


2021-Feb-19 05:20pm EST | Tags : Engraved grape cluster Grape Design

Rabbit Cookie Cutter

Unusually large cookie cutter in aged tin. No handle, but holes in back for removal. Measures approximately 8"l x 5"w


2021-Feb-19 05:12pm EST | Tags :

Match Holder

Handmade and painted match holder in a variation on the heart and shield theme. Tiny figure of a man dressed in red and blue applied to the shield. 6 1/2"h x 3"w


2021-Feb-19 05:05pm EST | Tags : Tiny match holder Decorated match box

Shaker Berry Basket

In classic Shaker style, this small berry basket is exceptionally designed and crafted with all wood sides and bottom and slim metal bands holding the sides to the top and bottom. The top band is folded over sides and crimped. The bottom band is tacked to the bottom wood. C. 1859, D. Cooks, PA. 3 1/2"d x 3"h

Price: $150. FREE SHIPPING

2021-Feb-19 04:46pm EST | Tags : Small basket Shaker wooden basket

Lancaster County Crib Quilt

Lancaster County, PA crib quilt, all handstitched in yellows and reds with calico backing. Lancaster Co. has a fine reputation for quilting, and this is no exception. Expected fading but still vibrant. 35" x 32".

Price: $195. FREE SHIPPING

2021-Feb-17 01:23pm EST | Tags : Soft Baby Quilt PA Quilting

Miniature Bathing Beauties

This set of early 1900s bathing beauties in miniature makes them even more rare. In fine condition for their age, there are no chips or paint loss. Made entirely of bisque, they show beautifully. When one has a bathing cap, it is even more collectible. Standing one is 4"h, lounging ones are 3" each. Sold as a set.

Price: $330. FREE SHIPPING

2021-Feb-17 01:01pm EST | Tags : Bisque Figurines Early bathing attire

Indian Doll and Papoose

Navaho woman with child deaccessioned from a Maine museum many years ago. Good details. 8 1/4"h


2021-Feb-17 12:54pm EST | Tags : Two for One Navaho Deaccessioned Museum Doll

Handmade Velvet Bird

This early velvet hand made bird has two contrasting colors-light tan and rust overall on its body. Eyes are stitched on (one eye area shows wear). Bird has some red stitching on top of its head. Bird will set on its bottom...was it used as a pincushion or perhaps a toy? 4"l x 2"h

Price: $150. FREE SHIPPING

2021-Feb-16 03:03pm EST | Tags : Mystery bird Tiny velvet bird

Miniature Buttocks Basket

Early Miniature Buttocks Basket, tightly woven and with a small wooden handle. Rich colored aging to weave. Accurate in its proportion and details. 4"l x 3"w x 3 1/4"h at handle.

Price: $250. FREE SHIPPING

2021-Feb-16 02:51pm EST | Tags : 4" Buttocks Basket

English Hallmarked Set of Salt Dishes

These silver salts have been made into pin cushions with cotton filled velvet covers. Three of the dishes have a different shape and design, while two of them have a similar shape and design. There is 1 orange, 1 forest green, 1 blue, and 2 teal ones. All priced the same at $50.00 each, but sizes vary from 2"d - 1 1/2"d

Price: $250. set FREE SHIPPING FOR SET

2021-Feb-15 11:01pm EST | Tags : Collection of salt dishes pin cushion collection

Pair of Snuff Boxes

Larger snuff box is made of early papier mache with pewter trim. Larger box measures 3"l x 1 1/2". The smaller Snuff Box, also made of papier mache is highly decorated with engravings on the perimeter of the top and a large center design with leaves and a vine. This smaller one measures 2 1/2"w x 1 1/2"l.

Price: $150. FREE SHIPPING

2021-Feb-15 10:47pm EST | Tags : Decorated papier mache Lift-top snuff boxes

Pair of Small Bird Houses

This pair looks like little dollhouses, but actually is a pair of birdhouses, crafted and painted colorfully with extra features such as a porch, a chimney, and a glass window and door. Yellow/green house is 7"l x 5"h and Blue house is 5 1/2"l x 5"h.

Price: $135. FREE SHIPPING

2021-Feb-15 10:30pm EST | Tags : Houses for birds Tiny Houses

Amish Quilt

This mid century Amish quilt is bursting with colors, (imperfections and all). Created by hand or hands as was the custom, it shows wonderfully as a wall hanging or can be used on a bed or a large table. All cotton in fine condition Measures 72" x 62"

Price: $750. FREE SHIPPING

2021-Feb-15 06:55pm EST | Tags : Star Quilt Cotton Handmade Amish Quilt

Pair of Shore Birds

Pair of large mid century carved and painted white and gray folk art shore birds in large sizes. Originally from the Jersey Shore, they will be at home anywhere. Due to their large size, they would look great as doorway sentinels. 38"h x 17"w, Sold as a pair

Price: $450. FREE SHIPPING

2021-Feb-15 05:50pm EST | Tags : Jersey Shore pair birds Folk Art Pair Birds

Pair of Full Bodied Silhouettes

19th C cut and paste form, dark gray paper, extensive use of color embellishments in ink and gouache. Both are seated on red period chairs, in contrast to the vibrant colors of the formal garments. Textural use of black ink with impressive attention to detail make this pair a beautiful and fascinating find. Both silhouettes have been remounted onto paper with mat and are presented in early frames and glass. Minor condition issues but none so great as to detract from this pairing. Framed measurements 9"l x 10 1/2h

Price: $1,750. FREE SHIPPING

Bird Whistle

Hand carved and painted bird in many colors, (unknown date or origin). This bird is perched on a tree branch which has been fashioned into a whistle. The whistle still blows nice and loud. The entire whistle is mounted on a painted black wooden stand. 6"l x 2"w


2021-Feb-15 04:15pm EST | Tags : Working bird whistle Painted/carved bird

Maple Sugar Mold

C 1900 tin maple sugar mold with an uncommon plunger handle. Push it down to see the design. Get ready to tap the maple sap. 2"l x 3 1/2"h

Price: SOLD

2021-Feb-15 03:29pm EST | Tags : Early tin mold Sugar mold

Nesting Blocks

Sam L Gabriel Co. 1939 heavy cardboard childrens' ABCs and nursery rhymes nesting blocks. Entire set of 10 educational lithographed boxes with original box bottom and label. 50"h stacked Large box 7" x 7", Small box 3" x 3"

Price: $395. FREE SHIPPING

2021-Feb-15 03:24pm EST | Tags : Original toy w/box Lithographed Blocks

Lonestar Wooden Box

Unique Lone Star treen box with extra special patina. Slide top with room inside box for the tiniest of objects. The slide front has a single finger space for opening. One small side has the carved STAR, while the opposite small side has a carved grid. 2”long


2021-Feb-15 03:13pm EST | Tags : Patina Tiny box w/star

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