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*** https://hallidayhouse.com *** Halliday House exhibited at the 20th annual Grass Valley Old West Show where folks came to the Mother Lode country in Northern California this year to view and purchase antique memorabilia of the Old West. This year, special displays commemorated the 150th Anniversary of the driving of the Golden Spike! What an exciting and well attended event. We always meet the most interesting and this year, even inspiring folks. Lots of younger shoppers and vendors. Please also shop us on our website at https://hallidayhouse.com. See our website to join our mailing list to find out more about upcoming sales and special events. For questions about our policies - https://hallidayhouse.com/policies/

Amish Pin Cushion

This triangular shaped Amish pin cushion has been made from the buggy seat upholstery with contrasting back and front designs. 6 1/2 x 6 1/2" x 6 1/2"

Price: $85

2019-May-25 08:48am EDT | Tags : Serious Pin Cushion

Sewing Bird

1853 signed sewing bird with impressive heart shaped clamp. This very functional sewing item from so long ago. Solid brass. 5"

Price: $195

2019-May-25 08:42am EDT | Tags : Brass Sewing Bird Heart Shaped Sewing Bird

Wood Darner

Wooden darner with label and patent information inside. Tip unscrews to store needles or? 5 3/4"h x 2"w

Price: $150

2019-May-25 08:37am EDT | Tags : Darner with thread holder Darner with label

Shaker Berry Basket

A diminutive Shaker basket made of wood with metal reinforcements and intended to hold berries. C. 1850, measures 3 1/2"d x 3"h

Price: $235

2019-May-25 08:32am EDT | Tags : diminutive basket Shaker Basket

Tiger Maple Wall Rack

American Tiger maple wall rack suitable for holding magazines. Late 1800's to early 1900's. Only two sturdy pieces of wood held together by hinges on the bottom and adjustable thin leather straps at the midsection. 18"h x 12"w

Price: $250

2019-May-25 08:21am EDT | Tags : Magazine holder two board tiger maple rack

Pair Child's Boots

Early 1900s Child's rubber boots decorated black with added red topped band complete with many running rabbits. Some wear but much life left in them. 9"h x 6"l x 2+"w.

Price: $195

2019-May-17 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Early rubber kids boots Rabbit trimmed boots

Ball Finials

A fine pair of round wooden ball finials painted white on slender wooden square captured from a Victorian Building. Sold as a pair. 7" x 7" x 7 1/2"h

Price: 195 pair

2019-May-17 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Round wooden finials White painted finials

Wind-up Toy Bull

Wind Up toy bull. He has a soft and fuzzy hide and seductive eyes. Measures 4"h x 6" l

Price: $120

2019-May-17 06:00pm EDT | Tags : mechanical toy toy bull with key

Terrier with Tartan

Vintage Terrier with glass eyes and his very own Tartan. A small charmer of a toy to love. Measures 3"h x 3 1/2" w

Price: $75

2019-May-17 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Tartan on Terrier Colorful dog

Early Wooden Ladle

Early wooden ladle. The aged color of the wood and the shape of the bowl make this a special piece. If that were not enough to satisfy, look at the unusual hook at the end of the handle. 15 3/4"l x 5 1/2"w

Price: $135

2019-May-10 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Shapely kitchen tool

B Belgium Bowls

Pair of early bowls from Belgium. Marked and very colorful. In very good condition. Smaller one is 3 3/4" d, Larger is 4 3/4"d

Price: 125 pair

2019-May-10 06:00pm EDT | Tags : colorful bowls fitted bowls

Early Bird Decoy

Painted early bird decoy with glass eyes, tin feet, wire legs. There is a strong element of funky, folk art in this decoy. Measures 8" x 2 1/4"

Price: $150

2019-May-10 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Funky decoy Seriously? A Decoy?

Folk Art Squirrel

Wood carved squirrel in a standing position and holding a nut. Overall coloring is a reddish brown with grain showing through. Good detailing. Under tail are engraved initials. 7 1/2"h x 6 1/2"w x 2"d

Price: $195

2019-May-03 05:11pm EDT | Tags : Carved Squirrel Standing Squirrel Carving

Lapdesk Writing Box

Outfitted Lapdesk Writing Box from the late 19th C Banister Family, Brownsville VT. Photo, pencils, newspaper, etc. Key inside (hard to work). Measures 11 1/2" w x 8"d x 4"h

Price: $150

2019-May-03 05:04pm EDT | Tags : Banister Family Outfitted Lapdesk

Shaker Three Finger Oval Box

Authentic Shaker small three finger oval pantry box. Very fine condition and with all the expected Shaker dertails. 4 1/2" x 3"

Price: $850

2019-May-03 04:41pm EDT | Tags : Shaker Oval Box Three Finger Box

Toy Bull with Horns

This is a fine small scale bull made with wooden legs. Legs and body covered in what appears to be white and tan felt. Glass eyes and a well formed body and metal horns. 6 1/2"l x 5"h

Price: $95

2019-Apr-26 09:00pm EDT | Tags : Metal Horns Toy Bull

Mochaware Mug

Early mochaware large mug in lovely blue and white. Fine condition. 4"h x 4 1/2"d

Price: $375

2019-Apr-26 08:49pm EDT | Tags : Oversized Mug Fit for a king

Shaker Sewing Box

Rare oval Shaker sewing box from Canterury, N.H. C. 1860. minor damage at base. Swing handle and warm honey-colored patina. 11'l x 4"h

Price: $375

2019-Apr-26 08:41pm EDT | Tags : Oval box Handled Shaker Box

Framed Pencil Sketch

Lovely oval wood framed pencil sketch of a woman. On the back of the sketch, it is written to be Minimina Rowana, Dec. 1836. English origin. 14" x 12"

Price: $195

2019-Apr-26 05:16pm EDT | Tags : Oval Victorian Frame Dated pencil sketch

Spinning Toy

1925 tin and wood spionning toy that works. Both sides are painted with clowns. 8 3/4"h

Price: $135

2019-Apr-19 02:35pm EDT | Tags : Painted metal toy spinner

Shaker Scoop

A single chunky piece of wood has been used to create this scoop. Oral tradition claims it to be Shaker in origin. There is a very deep and thick bowl with a short handle and a sharp but deep hook on the end for a good grip and to hang. 8 1/2"l x 5 1/2"w

Price: $250

2019-Apr-19 02:35pm EDT | Tags : Patina Shaker

Wee Table

Late 1800's American table with gracefully turned legs and detailing around the top. From a private collection where it was used for children's tea parties. Usefull also in decorating, tabletop, displaying plants, etc. 12"d x 12"h.

Price: $295

2019-Apr-19 02:35pm EDT | Tags : Child's tea party display piece

Red Rose Framed

An antique wool hooked piece of a red rose recently framed in a Victorian frame covered by glass. The lone rose has varying red colors surrounded by the abundant leaves. Glass leaves a glare on photos. 13 1/2" x 11 1/2"

Price: $150

2019-Apr-19 02:35pm EDT | Tags : Oval frame Hooked rug rose

Butter Mold

An impressive wooden cow butter mold in the round with a contented cow and stars. This mold has crimped edges all around. 4"diameter x 2 3/4"h

Price: $295

2019-Apr-12 08:49pm EDT | Tags : Cow Butter Mold Cow and stars mold

Wooden Doll

Early 1800's wooden carved and painted folk art doll with limbs that can be rearranged for play in several positions. She has painted clothing and facial features. 12"h

Price: $395

2019-Apr-12 08:16pm EDT | Tags : Wooden Doll

Wooden "O"

Carved and gilded 19th C wooden letter "O". Evidence on back where it has been attached to something else. Interesting in either direction. 7 5/8" x 5 1/2" x 3/4"d.

Price: $95

2019-Mar-29 11:00am EDT | Tags : gilded gold letter gold wooden letter

Early Butter Paddle

Very early butter paddle with an amazing patina and a shaped hook on handle. 8"l

Price: $175

2019-Mar-29 08:15am EDT | Tags : butter paddle Kitchen

Wooden Mask

Carved and handpainted wooden mask of a man's face complete with mustache, eyebrows, sideburns, eyebrows. Holes on sides with a string connecting them for easy hanging. Some writing on back which is illegible. 7"l x 6 1/2"w x 4"d. ORIGINAL PRICE: $195.

Price: sale $150.

2019-Mar-26 03:00pm EDT | Tags : wall decor face SALE

Handmade Lion

Handmade Lion with sewn nose and mouth, button eyes with fur mane and tip of his tail. Metal supports in legs. Measures 15"l x 10"h. ORIGINAL PRICE $275.

Price: SALE $195.

2019-Mar-22 10:33pm EDT | Tags : plush lion toy SALE

Dog Head Walking Stick

Folk art walking stick displayed on new museum stand. The delicate stick is made of bamboo with the handle resembling the head of a dog. 31"l

Price: $195

2019-Mar-16 05:55am EDT | Tags : Walking Stick Dog Head Stick

Oval Footstool

Whimsical wooden oval footstool with four painted and turned legs. New England origin, painted long ago in white over brown . 12 1/2"l x 9 1/2"w x 4"h

Price: $95

2019-Mar-16 03:20am EDT | Tags : painted oval stool stool

Early Tole Tray

Black background with painting of two uniformed soldiers with their halberds; middle ages weapons of spears with axes. 15" x 10 1/2". ORIGINAL PRICE $495.

Price: SALE $395

Spring Seed Poster

Jerome B. Rice & Co original 1895 Seed Poster attributed to Alice Hirschberg (Hirschley), Illustrator. Rice Seed Co. had Hirschberg create 4, 1 for each of the seasons. This one being for spring and planting and its purpose was to stimulate sales through their distributors. Newer blue frame and glass. 18" x 15". Original price: $595.00

Price: $ 425 SALE

2019-Mar-08 02:13am EST | Tags : Spring Seed Poster wall decor SALE

Merganser Decoys

Pair of miniature Merganser duck decoys carved and signed by Charlie Hunt. Signed Elna, NY. Delicate detailing in natural unpainted wood with a fine patina. Larger one measured 6 3/4”l x 2 1/2”w, while other one is 6 1/2”l x 2 1/2”w.

Price: $125

2019-Feb-22 12:24pm EST | Tags : pIr Merganser decoys duck decoys sculpture

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