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Tin Candlestick Holders

Tenth Anniversary candlestick holders made of tin with sand weighted bottoms. American origin, 1880's. 5 1/2"h x 3"d

Price: $135

2019-Jan-19 10:23am EST | Tags : 10th Anniversary weighted tin

Burl Butter Worker

Burl wood is such an interesting material. This butter worker dates from the late 1700s and has been carefully created and used through the years. 8 1/2"l x 5"w

Price: $495

2019-Jan-18 03:27pm EST | Tags : Burl Wood 1700's

Animal Yoke

Early animal yoke--now a piece of folk art with amazing patina on the wood and early iron hardware. 30"l x 3"w

Price: $250.

2019-Jan-18 03:19pm EST | Tags : Votive Candle Holder Stand or hang

Toy Horse on Wheels

Probably German, this toy horse stands on a wooden board with attached metal wheels. Nicely painted, he has remains of a tail and his mane. 8"l x 3"w x 8 3/4"h. Original price $175.

Price: Sale Price $125.

2019-Jan-12 09:29am EST | Tags : German toy Horse on wheels

Oil Painting

We are offering this folk art painting which is signed E.F. and dated 1910. It has its original frame and measures 8 1/2" x 7 1/2". A single chair stands alone in a room and calls to us to imagine the reason. Original price $595.

Price: Sale Price $395

2019-Jan-12 09:25am EST | Tags : Signed and dated original frame

Miniature Carved Boot

A small replica of a boot made of wood, is carved and painted in black to resemble stitching and shoelaces. 4"l x 4"h

Price: SOLD

2019-Jan-12 03:34am EST | Tags : miniature boot painted laces

Skip Jack

Hand carved and painted child's snow vehicle, also known as a "Skip Jack", this one has a snow scene painted on the seat and wishes for an early spring here and there. 21"l 10"h x 9 1/4"w. Original Price $395.

Price: 295. SALE PRICE

2019-Jan-05 02:26pm EST | Tags :

Maine Bird Painting

This oil painting of a lone bird was set down on a wooden lid. At only 6" diameter, this folk art scene can be hung or stood anywhere. It is beautiful in its simplicity. Original price $285.


2019-Jan-05 11:42am EST | Tags : Painting on Wood lid Lone Bird Painting

Little Footstool

Early mortise and tenon joined little stool; good spay to legs. Dark brown natual wood color. 10 1/2"l x 7"h x 5 1/2"w. Original price $125.

Price: 95. SALE PRICE

2019-Jan-05 11:35am EST | Tags : Mortise and Tenon construction footstool

Folk Art Horses and Rider

This folk art decorative piece features two horses pulling a sleigh with a fully fur dressed rider. Signed in initials and dated 1941 from the St. Lawrence Area. One of the horses lost his ears many years ago. Measures 19"l x 7"w x 10 1/2"h. Original price $625

Price: 495. SALE PRICE

2019-Jan-05 11:10am EST | Tags : Horse drawn sleigh fur-draped man

Large Tablecloth

Freshly laundered large tablecloth in white on white pattern and with scalloped edges. Approximately 180" x 88"

Price: $75

2019-Jan-01 03:44pm EST | Tags : Victorian Linen tablecloth white on white

Lord's Prayer Gourd

Folk Art gourd with Lord's Prayer painted entirely around the gourd. A wooden arrow goes through near the top of the gourd. Signed D. L. Morgan, 1944, Lebanon, OH. *some misspellings. 12"h x 6 1/2"w

Price: $195

2018-Dec-29 01:02pm EST | Tags : Decorated Gourd Lord's Prayer Signed and Dated

Monkey Candlestick Holder

Original Candlestick holder of a monkey holding a palm tree on a painted red and gold base. The depiction of the monkey is a good representation, facial expression, and with his one hand behind his back while the other is holding the palm. Candle would be inserted in the middle of the palm. 7"h x 5"w

Price: $95

2018-Dec-29 12:58pm EST | Tags : Candlestick Holder Palm Tree Monkey

Iron Doorbell

Abbe's Patent iron doorbell. Dark iron round bell with two stars and a rosette on the front attached to the iron back that will attach to the door frame. 5 1/2"h x 4"w

Price: $75

2018-Dec-29 12:55pm EST | Tags : Cast Iron Doorbell Patented

Child's Boots

Early 1900s Child's rubber boots decorated black with added red topped band complete with many running rabbits. Some wear but much life left in them. 9"h x 6"l x 2+"w.

Price: $250

2018-Dec-29 12:52pm EST | Tags : Rubber boots Rabbit decorative panel

Griffin Candlestick Holder

Circa 1890 cast iron candlestick holder in the form of a griffin. Very unusual design. 7"h x 6"l x 4"w

Price: $95

2018-Dec-29 12:42pm EST | Tags : Griffin candlestick holder

Saw Trade Sign

Saw Filing sign made of metal in the design of a hand saw, some mustard colored paint remains as well as the black painted handle and lettering. Attached are two metal strips for hanging. 36"l x 17"h including the hanging strips.

Price: $375

2018-Dec-22 03:42pm EST | Tags : Metal Trade Sign Saw Trade Sign

Steiff Boxer Dog

This Boxer dog has his original ear button. His coat is caramel mohair with a dark brown muzzle. Inside his ears is felt, his eyes are black glass and his paws are stitched. 1950s in very fine condition. 7 1/2"l x 6 1/2"h

Price: $90

2018-Dec-22 03:32pm EST | Tags : Vintage Steiff Toy Boxer Dog

Steiff Frog

Rare Steiff frog, green velvet with airbrushed dark marking. Original button on left foot. 1950s. Very fine condition. 3 1/2"l x 3"h

Price: $88

2018-Dec-22 03:11pm EST | Tags : Vintage Steiff Toy Frog

Folk Art Squirrel

Wood carved squirrel in a standing position and holding a nut. Overall coloring is a reddish brown with grain showing through. Good detailing. Under tail are engraved initials. 7 1/2"h x 6 1/2"w x 2"d

Price: $195

2018-Dec-22 03:03pm EST | Tags : Carved wood Wood Squirrel

Primitive Rocking Horse

Primitive 1800s Rocking Horse in natural wood and in an uncommon small size for a small child. Made of tree branches from a pine tree. Rockers appear to have been added later. Great folky look. 23"l x 20"h x 9 1/2"w

Price: $175

2018-Dec-15 09:24am EST | Tags : Small rocking horse toy of pine branches

Steiff Mungo Monkey

Original chest tag and name. Colorful airbrushed mohair coat and glass eyes, sweet face and 6" long tail. 5 1/2"h x 5 1/2"w (without tail) 1950s

Price: $88

2018-Dec-15 09:18am EST | Tags : long tailed monkey mohair coat

Ball Finials

A fine pair of round wooden ball finials painted white on slender wooden squares captured from a Victorian Building. Sold as a pair. 7" x 7" x 7 1/2"h

Price: $195

Handcrafted RAM

The Alps Mountains origin, (probably German) from the 1890s. He has sheepskin coat, wooden legs, and the longest most masculine horns you have ever seen. 11"l x 11"h x 3"w

Price: $185

2018-Dec-08 09:55am EST | Tags : Alps toy Ram toy

Velvet Penguin

A handsome penguin in top hat in tan, bow tie and a beautiful velvet coat of black and brown. He has a felt open mouth with red tongue, and big felt feet. Do not overlook his big blue velvet eyes. 5 1/2"h

Price: $195

2018-Dec-08 09:51am EST | Tags : Penguin velvet toy

Brass Tabletop Lighter

In the days of cigarette smoking in the home, a tabletop lighter was presented for guests to use. This one is made of brass has a removable lid and would most likely work again with a bit of lighter fluid. On the bottom is stamped "RMK Premier". Probably mid century. Measures 4 3/4"h x 2"w

Price: $45

2018-Dec-01 09:17am EST | Tags : lighter brass tabletop

Matching Doll Bed and Armchair

Cute as heck bed and armchair in yellow and burgundy paint on wood for your dolls or animals. Sold as a set. 9 1/2"x 4" x 5"

Price: Sale Pending

2018-Dec-01 03:07am EST | Tags : yellow/burgundy armchair set

Spotted Ice Fishing Decoy

Heavily spotted all over with the exception of the striped tail and a bit of the yellow underbody. This decoy has a small open painted mouth and carved gills with little remaining paint on the metal fins. 8"l x 2 1/2"w x 3"h

Price: $95

2018-Nov-20 07:31pm EST | Tags :

Glass Eyed Decoy

Large glass eyes reach out to you as you look at this beautifully painted spotted trout decoy. Wide open mouth and carved gills are painted as well. Underbody is a salmon color hiding the weighted part and the upper body is painted in a dark blue with black stripes everywhere. Metal fins have little remaining paint. 8 1/2"l x 3 1/2"w x 2"h

Price: $195

2018-Nov-20 07:29pm EST | Tags :

Yellow Bottom Decoy

Such an elegantly painted smaller ice fishing decoy that is sure to entice the fish to your hook, or just for you to admire for your collection. Underbody and metal fins are painted yellow, top and sides of the body are shades of green with bright red dots along each side. Red glass eyes, carved and painted red mouth complete the simplistic beauty of fish. 6"l x 2"w

Price: $75

2018-Nov-20 07:26pm EST | Tags :

Tack Eyed Decoy

Big tacks for eyes, carved and painted mouth and gills, a bit of a turn to the tail and overall highly decorated body and fins on this beauty. 7"l x 3"w x 2"h

Price: $95

2018-Nov-20 12:00pm EST | Tags : tack turned tail gills

Ice Fishing Decoy

Multi colored paint decorated decoy, sure to catch the eyes of many fish. Yellow and red bottom, medium to dark green body, painted face with open mouth, carved and painted gills and metal fins round out this beauty. Measures 7"l x 3 1/2"h

Price: $95

2018-Nov-20 11:39am EST | Tags : open mouth decoy ice fishing

Carved Oriole

Brightly painted Oriole stands on its wire legs and feet on a chunk of tree. The bird is very life like with textured wings and tail feathers, tiny glass eyes and a long, gray beak. Beak has a tiny chip missing, 5"l x 5"h

Price: $98

2018-Nov-20 11:35am EST | Tags : Oriole branch stand colored

Bird Whistle

This colorful bird is perched on part of a branch with some of the bark remaining. Much of the bark has been whittled away to create the mouthpiece which when blown has a sharp tweet to it. The bird is small, well carved and painted in bright colors. The stand is wooden and painted black. Whistle measures 6"l x 2"h

Price: $95

2018-Nov-20 11:34am EST | Tags : whistle branch bark

Dollhouse Furniture

Detailed pair of upholstered stylish chairs and matching pair of ottomans in a mustard yellow plush fabric. Good condition.

Price: $95

2018-Nov-12 03:59pm EST | Tags : dollhouse furniture plush upholstery mustard yellow

Red Doll Chair

Early red doll chair in red wash. Ladderback style with basketweave seat. Four stretchers and great color. As found in New York State and measures 14 1/2"h x 8 1/2"w

Price: $115.

2018-Nov-12 02:27pm EST | Tags : doll chair red wash as found

Victorian Lap Robe

Very colorful lap robe is mostly wool and lined in cotton for an individual. Measures 36" x 34"

Price: $95

2018-Nov-03 08:02pm EDT | Tags : wool lined personal colorful

Chair in a Bottle

An amazing piece of folk art depicting a ladder back side chair with woven seat inside of a clear glass bottle with a wooden stopper. A label inside the bottle reads: R. C. Axton Elk City, OK "Queen of the West". 8 1/2" x 2 3/4"

Price: $125

2018-Nov-03 07:58pm EDT | Tags : Novelty glass miniature

Pine "Anywhere" Shelf

Pine "Anywhere" Shelf This pine "anywhere" shelf was hand crafted in the late 1800's. unusual design on the back giving more visual interest. Measures 22"h x 13"w x 9"d

Price: $150

2018-Oct-30 04:59pm EDT | Tags : Back design Anywhere Shelf

Miniature Piggy Bank

A tiny ceramic piggy bank that will not hold much money, but will hold your gaze of admiration. Well made in details and in very good condition with good coloring. 4'l x 2"w

Price: $95

2018-Oct-26 08:30pm EDT | Tags : slip glaze sweet face ceramic

Miniature Rectangular Basket

The detailing on this mini basket is exquisite. Very early workmanship with one handle remaining. Still a beauty to behold. 4 3/4"l x 3"w x 2"h

Price: $175

2018-Oct-26 08:26pm EDT | Tags : patina weave

Miniature Buttocks Basket

This early Buttocks Basket is accurate in its scaled down version of a regular size one, tho more difficult to create. 4"w x 3"l x 3 1/4"h at handle

Price: $250

2018-Oct-26 08:21pm EDT | Tags : fine condition scaled down right weave

Sally Patchin Basket

Sally Patchin from Patchinville, Steuben County, NY, (1874-1958), started a cottage industry of folk painting on baskets. Her baskets are widely acclaimed for their delicate beauty. This one has a center handle and two side tops that lift. 9"l x 5 1/2"w x 7 1/2"h

Price: $165

2018-Oct-26 08:17pm EDT | Tags : handle painted basket 2 lids

Tudor Doll House

Hand Crafted Tudor Doll House, 1/2 timber detailing dating to 1920's - 3-'s. All original , it retains a working door, glass windows with lace curtains, wallpaper and original flooring. Furniture also handcrafted, though not original to the house. Includes cradle, rocker and 2 side chairs (all with string seats), mini basket, 4 drawer dresser, needlepoint work and basket with knitting. Measures 22 1/2"h x 12 1/2"w x 9 1/4"dTudor

Price: $750

2018-Oct-22 06:51am EDT | Tags : Hand Crafted Doll House Doll House accessories

Green Painted Box

Great old green painted and initialed box with label inside, "Overland Route". Top clearly shows "M" and "B" with a middle letter we cannot identify. Inside top has some pencil writing too. Interesting metal handles with flattened out heart backings. Previously had a lock but that is long gone. 20"l x 12"d x 9 1/2"h

Price: $250

2018-Oct-19 08:27am EDT | Tags : Green Signed Label

Wind Up Bull Toy

Soulful eyes on this vintage dark brown bull will draw you in to his presence. His coat is worn but still fuzzy and the key to his windup mechanism still works, but his balance has seen better days when moving. 6"l x 4"h

Price: $120

2018-Oct-19 08:22am EDT | Tags : Sweetface Soulful Eyes Fuzzy

Fancy Corkscrew

Vintage Brass and Ebony wood corkscrew which has been mounted on a painted black piece of wood, giving it a look of more importance. 5"h x 2"w

Price: $125

2018-Oct-19 08:17am EDT | Tags : Ebony Mounted Fancy

Painted Knife Holder

Could be a knife holder or carry all, this deep box with canted sides, carved cutouts and delightful handle is in natural wood with off white painted interior. 13 1/2"l x 9"w x 4"h

Price: $175

2018-Oct-19 08:12am EDT | Tags : Knife Holder Canted Sides

Civil; War "Pick Up Sticks" Game

Civil War "Pick Up Sticks" games. Wood carved, pine. In beautiful treen box. Measures 5"h

Price: $125

2018-Aug-28 08:07pm EDT | Tags : Pine Treen Game

Medicine Bottles in Leather Case

19th C Medicine Bottles in case, each one marked individually. Measures 4 1/2"h x 4 3/4"w x 2"d

Price: $75

2018-Aug-28 07:50pm EDT | Tags : Apothecary glass leather

Wooden Bowl

Small out of round wooden bowl. Well worn and used but good dry surface. shows much use. Measures 8" x 8 1/2"

Price: $125

2018-Aug-28 05:12pm EDT | Tags : wooden bowl out-of-round


Handmade Lion with sewn nose and mouth, blue button eyes with fur mane and tip of his tail. Metal supports in legs. Measures 15"l x 10"h

Price: $275

2018-Aug-28 02:00pm EDT | Tags : Fur Blue eyes stuffed

Dome-top Blue Trunk

Circa 1800 dome-top mid size wooden trunk in dark blue paint. Original hardware consisting of a handle on each side, hinges, and hasp (no key). Inside top is the remains of a paper label about sheep. Measures 21 1/2"w x 13"d x 13"h.

Price: $495

2018-Aug-07 09:05pm EDT | Tags : Mid-size dark blue original hardware

Brown Bear

Schuco brown bear, fully articulated and charming. Such a lovable vintage toy. Measures 2 1/2"h

Price: $58

2018-Apr-20 05:14am EDT | Tags : Toy Bear Animal

Framed Comic Strip Characters

Framed Comic Strip Characters - Maggie and Jiggs wooden toy cutout figures from the comic strip, "Bringing Up Father" introduced in 1913 in comic strip form and later became a radio show and entire books. These painted figures are newly mounted and framed. Expected age is 1930-40 when these characters were most popular. 20 3/4"l x 12"h

Price: $350

2018-Mar-11 07:47am EDT | Tags : Art

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