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Visit our website - https://hallidayhouse.com Halliday House is based in the Napa Valley Area and have 20 plus years experience. We offer antique furnishings, art objects and decorative accessories. We specialize in what we know and what we like, Americana and Folk Art to bring you beautiful objects with rich history to enrich your home. Come visit - https://hallidayhouse.com/visit-us/ Policies - https://hallidayhouse.com/policies/

Folk Art Duck Decoy

Folk Art Duck Decoy with carved 100% original, as found condition. Painted wood in green, black, gold and white on bright yellow tin legs and feet. 1940-1950, Ohio. 6 3/4"h x 6 1/2"w.

Price: $350

2018-Mar-11 05:53pm EDT | Tags : Duck

Rooster with Wagon

Metal lithographed rooster pulling a blue wagon shaped like an egg with wheels. Good remaining colors. Mid Century. Most likely a toy which would have held candy. 8"l x 3"w

Price: $125

2018-Mar-11 05:36pm EDT | Tags : Rooster Toy

Handmade Velvet Bird

The sweetest, smallest early handmade stuffed bird with black eyes. Most likely used in sewing. Rust colored velvet on underbelly and wings over the tan velvet body. 4"l x 2"h.

Price: $150

2018-Mar-11 02:58pm EDT | Tags : Bird Animal Toy

Steiff Duck

"Fuzzy" this 20th C Steiff duck is complete with his tag and button. His wings are upright, felt feet firmly planted under him. His eyes are shiny black and his beak is orange felt. His composition is wool and cotton. He stands tall at 4 3/4" tall

Price: $95

2018-Mar-11 02:33pm EDT | Tags : Duck Toy

Framed Comic Strip Characters

Framed Comic Strip Characters - Maggie and Jiggs wooden toy cutout figures from the comic strip, "Bringing Up Father" introduced in 1913 in comic strip form and later became a radio show an entire books. These painted figures are newly mounted and framed. Expected age is 1930-40 when most popular. 20 3/4"l x 12"h

Price: $350

2018-Mar-11 01:47pm EDT | Tags : Art

Indian Doll and Papoose

Navaho woman with child deaccessioned from a Maine museum. Good details. Actual hair, decorative beaded necklace, and original clothing. 8 1/4"h

Price: $95

2018-Mar-09 11:54am EST | Tags : Deaccessioned Museum Doll Navaho Indian

Pissoir Watercolor

Vintage French Watercolor titled "Pissoir", a line of cats at a sidewalk toilet. Colors are clear and bright. Newly framed. Measures 23 3/4" x 12 1/2"

Price: $395

2018-Mar-09 06:26am EST | Tags : French Cats Framed Art

IOOF Iron Doorstop

Cast iron with paint remaining of a crescent moon with 7 stars and a bird in flight made by National Foundry #81. Odd Fellows logo known as 3 link fraternity which stands for friendship, love and truth. The "R", ( Rebekah Lodge) represents the daughters of the ladys auxilliary of the International Order of the Odd Fellows.

Price: $295

2018-Mar-09 06:09am EST | Tags : Crescent Moon Door Stop

"BUDDY" Framed Dog Painting

Folk Art oil on board. "Favorite Buddy". Oval Mat and Vintage frame. Measures 11" x 9 1/2" Ready to hang.

Price: $225

2018-Feb-20 01:15am EST | Tags : Painting

Eye Dazzler

Prairie Point design on this dazzling table topper from the Midwest, 1920-1930. All handmade in fine condition and with feed sack backing. 27" x 20"

Price: $295

2018-Feb-16 02:43pm EST | Tags :

Folk Art Man with Shovel

Dated 1946 and signed G.G.,StromFors, this carved and painted man has character in his 4 1/2"h frame

Price: $75

2018-Feb-16 11:08am EST | Tags : Folk Art Sculpture

Miniature Quilt Rack

Miniature painted doll quilt rack with added linsey woolsey quilts. 6"h x 6"w.

Price: $195

2018-Feb-16 09:20am EST | Tags : Quilt Rack Sewing

Horseshoe Tramp Art Frame

Early 1900's tramp art frame in rich medium brown finish, all surrounding the symbol of good luck--the horseshoe. 10 1/2" x 9"

Price: $250

2018-Feb-16 06:38am EST | Tags : Frame Tramp Art

Dog with Collar

Early 20th C stuffed dog with good coloring and a happy face. Lots of play left in him. 6 1/2"l x 6"h

Price: $35

2018-Feb-16 05:18am EST | Tags : Dog Stuffed Animal Toy

Wooden Rooster

Carved and painted wooden rooster on stand in crackled finish. No markings. A great design to complement your chicken collection or display in a kitchen. 7"h x 7"w

Price: $150

2018-Feb-16 02:53am EST | Tags : Animal Kitchen Rooster

Wine Stoppers

One Pewter pitcher-shaped beverage stopper included with the carved and painted wooden wine stoppers. All early 1900s and all unique and fun to own or to gift.

Price: $75. each

2018-Jan-31 03:53am EST | Tags : Pewter Folk Art

Soft Bunny

This plush soft bunny has stiff ears. Is this the one and only Velveteen Rabbit? 6 1/2"l x 8 1/4"h to tip of his ear.

Price: $125

2018-Jan-11 12:48am EST | Tags : Stuffed Animal Toy Folk Art

Miniature Bathing Beauties

This set of early 1900s bathing beauties in miniature makes them even more rare. Since they are entirely bisque, they do not often retain all their parts including paint which these do. When one has a bathing cap, it is even more collectible. Standing one is 4"h, lounging ones are 3" each. Sold as a set.

Price: $550

2017-Nov-03 10:36am EDT | Tags :

Black Crow

Black crow carved and painted. Marked B.B.D, Back Bay Decoys, C. 1950s and mounted on suitable piece of driftwood. 11"w x 5"d x 9 1/2"h

Price: $275

2017-Nov-03 07:45am EDT | Tags : Sculpture Bird

Bull Throwing Trophy

Turn of the Century prestigous trophy presented to the best public speaker in a competition. Made of iron and colored green, impresssed on front spells out "Southplant Champion Bull Throwing". USA. 8"w x 7"h

Price: $495

2017-Nov-03 07:29am EDT | Tags :

Architectural Design Element

Timeless design element is metal with some remaining paint, this design has been mounted into a heavy plaster stand . Great look as is, or use without stand. 8 3/4"h x 4"w

Price: $125

2017-Nov-03 04:12am EDT | Tags : Architectural

Black Rag Doll

Early 1900s Mammy doll, handmade and hand stitched. Happy eyes and mouth, intricately hand stitched close-cropped hair. She is dressed for her work in a cotton dress with red stitching on her white scarf. Matching red stitching is on her well worn apron. Her outfit is complete with her black felt shoes. 20"h x 18"w

Price: $250

2017-Oct-24 06:40am EDT | Tags : Cloth Doll

Bird Jamb on New Wooden Stand

Rare and beautiful 18th Century jamb hook with a delicate bird form and scroll finial. Probably Pennsylvania origin. New base of old wood. 9"h x 9"w

Price: $395

2017-Oct-24 06:06am EDT | Tags : Bird

Collection of Pewter Whale Oil Lamps

5 Unique New England Lamps: L to R: -Small 4 1/2"h finger hold lamp, early 1800s -Large 10"h early 1800s double wick lamp -Large 10"h single wick whale oil lamp, early 1800s -8 1/2"h simple design double wick lamp, early 1800s -Small 6 3/4"h very early pewter oil lamp in elegant design $95. each or $425. for the lot

Price: $95

2017-Oct-23 11:26pm EDT | Tags : Lamp Pewter

Hanscom Tin Spice Box

General Store tin spice box with glass window on top and top opening. Hanscom printed on top. 8"l x 5 1/2""w x4"h

Price: $95

2017-Oct-06 01:49am EDT | Tags : Box Wood

Pumpkin Painted Cutlery Tray

This wooden pumpkin painted tray with canted sides is from the 1900's. Very well shaped cutout for handle. 12"l x 8"w x 3"h

Price: $195

2017-Oct-05 02:21am EDT | Tags : Tray Kitchen

Pocket Flask

Early 19th C hand stitched leather covered glass pocket flask with cutout for viewing contents. Screw on metal stopper and drinking cup. This is rare. 5 1/2"l x 3"w

Price: $295

2017-Sep-18 09:29am EDT | Tags : Flask Leather

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