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*** https://hallidayhouse.com *** We are all in this together waiting for health restrictions to be lifted, and thinking of the folks that are fighting to help serve us, bring us food and safety. We've noticed online many artists of all kinds sharing things to inspire and lift our spirits. We, at Halliday House, have decided to join in and we created a sale to lift all of our spirits. LIFT OUR SPIRITS SALE Each Monday starting April 27, Halliday House will post one very valued antique from inventory at half off. The 50% discount is only good for one week or if sold (whichever comes first). The following Monday another item will be posted for sale at the 50% discount. If any item is unsold during its week discount, it will return to its original price. This is a Dig Antiques Sale and will be posted on Facebook as well. Don't miss out on this event. Packing and shipping is handled in house (with rare exceptions) so no need to worry. Shop us on our website at https://hallidayhouse.com. Email us at info@hallidayhouse.com

Pair of Victorian Frames

Not quite a pair, but close enough. Frame as you prefer, tho, one now has a mirror while the other image has a good deal of staining around a young girl with her dog. Below it reads, "Love me, love my dog". Each one measures 12"l x 14"h

Price: 100.00 pair

2020-May-24 12:17pm EDT | Tags : Dark Victorian Frames Decorated Frames

Ribbon Winder

This delicate ribbon winder with small heart cutout has the most lucious patina ever. Mid to late 1800s is now able to be viewed upright with a newer stand. 2"l x 4 1/2"h

Price: $275. 00

2020-May-24 12:12pm EDT | Tags : Patina Heart Collectible

Painted Comb Wallbox

Chip carved comb wallbox painted in blue with traces of old red paint. Front and both sides have been chip carved. Late 1800s. 8"l x 6"h x 3"d

Price: $195.

2020-May-24 12:07pm EDT | Tags : Chip Carved Wallbox Blue over red wallbox

Patriotic Western Boots

Americana Womens Western Boots made by Dingo and painted and signed by Hawaiian regional artist, Deybra, located in the cowboy capital of Maui which is Makawao. Size 7 1/2 Medium, they measure 10 1/2"l x 14"h.

Price: 175. pair

2020-May-23 11:32pm EDT | Tags : Red/white/blue painted boots Women's Patriotic Boots

Early Spice Cabinet

Beautifully shaped and painted early spice cabinet created from a box labeled "Medal Brand Enamel A. Sanderson & Co, Hull". Each drawer is numbered--all handmade--top shelf over two, and over two more drawers. Whale Tail cutout on top back. Painted dark brown with blue striping. Purchased in N.H. Can be hung or stand free. 13 3/4"w x 13"h x 4 3/4"d.

Price: retail: $550.00, 50% off: $275.00

2020-May-18 11:00am EDT | Tags : Whale Tail Spice Box blue striping on brown 50% discount

Child's Tea Set

Mid 1800's children's 17-piece tea set in the Stick Spatterware pattern. Set includes teapot with lid, sugar with lid, creamer, 4 cups, 4 saucers, and 4 cake plates. " As is" with 1 hairline and 2 chips.

Price: 155.00 set

2020-May-17 12:36pm EDT | Tags : Kids tea party Stick Spatterware pattern

Oblong Foot Stool

Mortise and tenon construction, this foot stool has style, design and strength along with a long life. Remarkable condition with a very good surface, square nails, American 17"l x 8 1/4"h x 7 3/4"d

Price: $125

2020-May-17 08:00am EDT | Tags : mortise and tenon

Busmens Changemaker

Days Gone By: Big city busses (and other forms of public transportation) hired workers who strapped an all metal changer to a belt to wear while working to collect fares and make change. Marked "Johnson Changer, Lynde-Ordway Co Inc, Los Angeles, Calif". 8"l x 4"h

Price: $50.

2020-May-17 08:00am EDT | Tags : Work Implement metal changer

Staffordshire Small Pitcher

Small three cup pitcher in the Rosa pattern, Alfred Meakin, Staffordshire, England. White with blue roses, leaves and stems, shapely design. 6"l x 5"h

Price: HOLD

2020-May-17 08:00am EDT | Tags : Staffordshire Pottery English pitcher

Octagonal Jar with Lid

Octagonal shape flow blue designed pot with decorative lid. Assorted flowers and leaves decorate entire pot and lid. Marking on bottom, unknown age. 5"l x 6"h

Price: $95

2020-May-17 08:00am EDT | Tags : Flow Blue Jar English Jar with lid

Fish Weathervane

Maine origin, this folky vintage fish vane sports a yellow painted color with touches of white and black on face and fins. Both sides painted and a newer stand, created from old wood, supports the vane. 13 1/2"l x 13 1/2"h on stand.

Price: $195

2020-May-14 12:44pm EDT | Tags : Yellow Metal Fish Funky Maine Vane

Painted Half Hull Boat

Early 20th C half-hull with great painted surface colors and a very clean design. Hanging in shop on string, or use the two metal hangers on back if desired. Get ready for months of boating. 25"l x 5"h x 4"d

Price: HOLD

2020-May-14 12:38pm EDT | Tags : Hanging Half Hull Red White Aquamarine Half Hull

Brass Candlestick Holders

Handsome pair of American early 20th C. candlestick holders. Chunky and tall at 9"h x 4"w, they will stand ready to make a presence. Good condition.

Price: $125.00

2020-May-14 12:33pm EDT | Tags : Chunky Brass Lighting American Brass

Painted Wooden Candlestick Holders

Mid 19th C American painted candlestick holders made of wood and beautifully turned. 6 3/4"h

Price: $125.00

2020-May-14 12:29pm EDT | Tags : abstract paint on candlesticks turned candlesticks

Patriotic Crib Quilt

A patriotic Red, White, and Blue 100% cotton crib quilt, machine stitched and cotton filled. The dimensions of 54" x 42" lend themselves to use as a wall hanging, luncheon cloth, a throw, or as its intended use on a crib. Additional 3" squares are attached in case of needed repairs. A blue piece is currently needed on this vintage quilt.

Price: $150.00

2020-May-10 02:08pm EDT | Tags : 100% cotton crib quilt R/W/B small coverlet

Tri-Fold Shaving Mirror

Antique tri-fold shaving mirror with beveled glass, William Morris inspired pattern on the backs. Beautiful wood frame with metal hardware. 26 1/2" x 10 1/2"h open, 9" x 10 1/2" closed.

Price: $175.00

2020-May-10 01:53pm EDT | Tags : William Morris Design Beveled glass mirror

Meat Market Bull on Stand

A rare and unusually large ornament from a meat rack, this heavy iron red bull (C,. 1880) was removed from the rack and now mounted on a painted wooden stand. Midwest origin. 11"l x 7”h

Price: $775.00

2020-May-10 01:48pm EDT | Tags : Red Bull Meat Symbol Midwest Bull Sign

Finger Hold Whale Oil Lamp

Practical design for carrying this lamp. There are two openings for wicks and a good sturdy base. Early 1800's with two dings from wear and tear. 4 1/2"h x 4"d.

Price: $95.00

2020-May-01 05:00pm EDT | Tags : Gray Metal Lamp Delicate design

Patriotic Partial Croquet Set

This partial set includes the 2 red, white, and blue wooden stakes and 10 twisted "night" wickets, one of which is bent. All wickets have holders on top for the candles so that the game can be played at night. Stakes are 22"h, and wickets are 15 1/2"h

Price: $95

2020-May-01 02:00pm EDT | Tags : Croquet Time Night croquet game

Tiny Yellow Mohair Teddy Bear

At only 4 1/2" tall, this bear packs quite a punch! He is fully articulated so that he can stand, sit, even march with assistance. His eyes are glass and the bottom of his feet show lots of wear, (must have been marching).

Price: $98

2020-Apr-19 01:15pm EDT | Tags : Articulated Toy Bear Yellow Mohair Teddy Bear

Blacksmith-made Iron Hinges

This set of four hinges have been held together with a wooden round and tied on each side with vintage cord. Each hinge is a bit different from all the others. Currently used as a wall decoration, however, can be easily used for their original purpose. 7 1/2"l x 4"w

Price: 98. set

2020-Apr-09 12:39pm EDT | Tags : Iron hinges Blacksmith hinges

Belgium Bowls

Pair of early bowls from Belgium. Bottom marked on each, "Manufactured Imperiale", Fabrication Belge, (made in Belgium). Each has a rim and indented sides around the outside of the bowl. Designs painted in rose, blue, green, and rimmed in yellow. Smaller - 3 3/4" dia, Larger - 4 3/4"dia

Price: 125. pair

2020-Mar-31 01:36pm EDT | Tags : Hand Painted Ceramic Rimmed round small bowls

Energetic Eagle

One could almost expect this eagle to take flight! Signed by Al Klein and dated from the 1970's, this beautifully carved and brightly painted majestic "king of the skies" piece of folk art came from a private collection in Vermont. 58"l x 23"h x 13"d

Price: $2,700.00

2020-Mar-27 02:33pm EDT | Tags : Eagle in flight Sky Inspired Eagle Carving

Banner Weathervane

Late 19th C banner in sheet and copper tube with a ball finial. Top finial has the leaf motif. There is a warm verdigris surface which adds to the grace and delicate nature of this piece. As an added charm, the letter "D" has a bullet hole and a second one recently found when examining closer. Newer museum stand. 30"l x 36"h

Price: $1,500.00

2020-Mar-25 01:21pm EDT | Tags : "D" Banner

Burl Butter Worker

This butter worker was a necessary and useful early kitchen tool from the 1780s. Made from the burl of the tree for extra strength. 8 1/2" x 5"

Price: $450.

2020-Mar-24 07:04pm EDT | Tags : Burl Kitchen Tool Homemade Butter

The Fair Store

Advertising sign from Des Moines, Iowa. Circa 1950, The Fair Store was founded in 1874 in Chicago as a discount retailer. This sheet metal sign retains much original paint and strong graphics. The Fair Store chain of stores was sold to Montgomery Ward in 1957. 30" x 30"

Price: $1,295.00

2020-Mar-24 06:58pm EDT | Tags : Sheet Metal Sign 1950's store sign

Fiddler and his Dog

Folk art figure of a youth with his dog at rapt attention. Set on a 5" x 5" base, the figures are made of composition and cloth. Dog's coat even appears to be fur (though not). Youth has all handmade clothing. A charming piece. 8"h

Price: $450

2020-Mar-20 05:20pm EDT | Tags : Dogs love music Fiddle Time

Folk Art Scull

Brightly painted scull with oars, two oarsmen mechanically moving their boat. The number 2 is painted on both sides. Great paint and super colors, detailing and design. An old, but not original wooden stand. 18"l x 9"h x 15"w

Price: $995

2020-Mar-19 12:59pm EDT | Tags : Mechanical boat folk art oarsmen

Workman in Overalls

Carved and Painted Workman is a handsome piece of folk art. Midwestern origin, 1930's. Carved wood and painted. All orginal, including clothing and his broom. Unsigned. Measures 17"h x 7"w

Price: $450

2020-Mar-19 12:46pm EDT | Tags : Original clothing Broom included

Red Rooster

A wonderful Folk Art carving which came directly from the Hypoint Collection, having initially hung on a barn or similar building in Illinois. This fellow has a unique form with a distinctive comb and wattles. "Big Red" sports a dry red surface and all original paint. A newer metal stand has been created for this piece. Measures 25 1/2" w x 27"h

Price: $1,500.

2020-Mar-17 05:02pm EDT | Tags : Red Rooster carving Big Red Rooster

Great Expectations

This pencil sketch tells a story that is so clear and beautifully executed by Mary Hallock in 1866, that you feel as tho you are right there. Created in Newburgh, N.Y. a label on the back gives you all the information. Very well preserved and framed in figured maple, this is a treasure. 8 1/4"l x 11 1/2"h

Price: $295

2020-Mar-11 07:15pm EDT | Tags : A boy and his Dog Signed and dated

Boy/Girl Painting

Ruth Reed Cummings was a memory artist in Central New York. Painting on whatever materials were available; she preferred polymer paints to oils and her subjects were limited to areas and people that she knew. We are not sure when this was painted, but she died in 1975 after some printed and television acclaim. An article is included with this painting to better understand her life. Colors are always very bright and vibrant, objects are unmistakably clear and primitive, she remains unique in her style. `10"l x 8"h

Price: $295

2020-Mar-11 06:48pm EDT | Tags : colorful whimsical

Hooked Rug

Mid Century abstract wool hooked rug in vibrant colors and excellent condition. Recently professionally mounted. Can be hung either way. 32"l x 48"h

Price: $995.

2020-Mar-09 06:52pm EDT | Tags : Abstract design Colorful wool

Circus Poster

Founded in 1937 by Obert Miller as a dog and pony show; his son created a circus which has been going on for 4 generations. Now turning more into a circus source of extinct animals. New frame and glass. Photo shows glare on right side. 34"l x 12"h

Price: $250

2020-Mar-09 06:46pm EDT | Tags : colorful poster Save Animals


Carved, painted and jointed wood. This vintage marionette has cotton handmade clothing: shirt and overalls plus a wooden hat. This is a newer stand. 24"h

Price: $495

2020-Mar-06 02:09pm EST | Tags : Black Man Vintage Clothing

"Ramona's Marriage Place" Painting

Circa 1920's signed H. R. Robinson vibrantly painted in oil and framed, this small painting appears to be an early hacienda. . Deep wooden frame painted off white, The back has the printing, "Ramona's Marriage Place". 10"l x 8"h

Price: $195

2020-Mar-04 07:25pm EST | Tags : Hacienda Wedding Place Colorful spot

"Dinner in the Making" Painting

Pre 1892 oil on board, "Dinner in the Making" painting, (as known before framing). Serene Victorian subject by a trained, but unknown to us, artist. New artist frame. 20 3/4"l x 17"h

Price: $975.

2020-Mar-02 01:52pm EST | Tags : Victorian Oil painting After the catch

Homestead Watercolor

Early signed, (EBW) watercolor of home and surroundings. Lovely period home and outbuildings, lush foliage, and a view of the water make this a serene scene. Framed in a 1920's wooden frame. 12"l x 7"h

Price: $95

2020-Feb-22 12:36pm EST | Tags : Vibrant watercolors Rural setting

New England Sailing Ship Diorama

Sailing Ship Diorama, mid-coast Maine origin. Sails, hull, masts and flags carved wood applied to board and framed, then over-painted to create the finished piece. Painted ship and lighthouse add to the charm. Condition is very good and parts are intact. One flag has some paint loss. We believe this is an important and impressive piece of folk art of a classic New England Seascape. Measures 28 1/4"w x 16 3/4"h x 3"d

Price: $2,500.

2020-Feb-22 12:24pm EST | Tags : Mid-Coast Maine Impressive Seascape

Pair of Full Bodied Silhouettes

19th C cut and paste form, dark gray paper, extensive use of color embellishments in ink and gouache. Both are seated on red period chairs, in contrast to the vibrant colors of the formal garments. Textural use of black ink with impressive attention to detail make this pair a fascinating find. Both silhouettes have been remounted onto paper with matte and are presented in early frames and glass. Minor condition issues but none so great as to detract from this pairing. Framed measurements 9"l x 10 1/2h

Price: $1,750.

2020-Feb-18 12:54pm EST | Tags : Ink and Gouache Unique presence

Folk Art Bird Painting

PA Folk Art Bird watercolor on board or artist board. Late 19th C. Classic PA Dutch Distelfink is the more common term for a bird with this form. Measures 9 1/2"w x 11 1/2"h

Price: $1,295.

2020-Feb-15 06:39pm EST | Tags : Distelfink Penna Dutch

Cotton Fields

Oil on board "Cotton Fields" by American Folk Artist Mary Locke Brewer. New repair to frame. Measures 30" x 22"

Price: $1,200.

2020-Feb-14 05:49pm EST | Tags : Original signed oil fine representation

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