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Blue Willow Sauce Tureen

Three piece sauce tureen in the blue willow design. England, 1860. Fine condiltion. 7 1/2"l x 5 1/2"w x 5 1/2"h.

Price: $175.00

2020-Sep-18 05:42pm EDT | Tags : English Tureen Victorian Tureen

Grape Cluster Butter Print

Made of maple wood with an easy to use handle, this print is engraved with a lovely cluster of grapes. 3"h

Price: $150.00

2020-Sep-18 05:40pm EDT | Tags : Maple Butter Print Grape Cluster

Felt Mat

The most cheerful small felt mat we have ever had. Full of petals outlined in multi colored threads. 7 1/2"d

Price: $75.00

2020-Sep-18 05:37pm EDT | Tags : Multi colored mat Small Flower Mat

Painted and Striped Blue Candle Box

Painted and Striped Candle Box with 3 finger grooves. Interior is wallpapered. Signed and dated on bottom, 1846. 8 3/4"w x 4"h x 5 3/4"d

Price: $235.00

2020-Sep-11 06:02pm EDT | Tags : slide top candle box Dark Blue Box

Dome-Top Blue Trunk

Circa 1800, Dome-top Trunk in dark blue paint. It has handles, hinges, hasp, but no key. Paper label about Sheep inside top lid. Measures 21 1/2" x 13" x 13"

Price: $495.00

2020-Sep-11 05:56pm EDT | Tags : Blue Trunk

New England Document Box

Beautifully finished inside and out. Inside is covered in multi-colored print, while exterior sports a large leather handle attached to the top with studs, hasp and lock, key missing. Notice Initials "H and C" under hasp. 15"w x 9 1/2"d x 9"h. Originally $250.00

Price: SALE: $175.00

2020-Sep-11 05:48pm EDT | Tags : Large Document box SALE on Document Box

Redware Bowl

19th C. small redware bowl in fine condition with a glaze on the inside. 7 3/4" diameter x 3"h

Price: $95.00

2020-Sep-04 04:56pm EDT | Tags : True Redware Redware with glaze

Tramp Art Box

Large tramp art box as found, There is a missing corner of the top but otherwise, in fine condition. Inside there is a notable front page photo of the piece on an edition of the "New York Pennsylvania Collector" monthly newspaper. 18 1/2"l x 12"w x 11"h.

Price: $375.00

2020-Sep-04 05:01am EDT | Tags : Published Tramp Art Box Tramp art box with lid

Carving of Woman

American Folk carving of a woman. Some paint remains, nailed arms and applied stand. C 1930, Tennessee origin. Measures 8"h x 2"w

Price: $195.00

2020-Aug-28 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Primitive carving Paint remaining on primitive figure

Brass Bucket

An exceptional brass bucket as found with a bail handle. No attempts to remove the patina. That is for the buyer to do if one so chooses. There is a marking on the bottom along with a date. Measures 11"diameter x 7"h

Price: $125.00

2020-Aug-28 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Marked Brass Bucket Bucket with Bail Handle

Rebekah Lodge Doorstop

Cast iron Rebekah Lodge doorstop. National Foundry #81. Crescent moon with 7 stars and a bird in flight. Odd Fellow logo is known as the 3 link fraternity which stands for Friendship, Love, and Truth. The R represents the daughters of the lady's auxilliary of the International Order of the Odd Fellows. Very Collectible. 6"l x 7 1/2"h

Price: $195.00

2020-Aug-28 05:00pm EDT | Tags : IOOF Painted doorstop Iron Bird in Flight

Match Holder

Handmade and painted match holder in a variation on the heart and shield theme. Tiny figure of a man applied to the shield. 6 1/2"h x 3"w

Price: $150.00

2020-Aug-22 03:07pm EDT | Tags : Heart and Shield Design Painted Shield with Man

Shaker Scoop

A single chunky piece of wood has been used to create this scoop. Oral tradition claims it to be Shaker in origin. There is a very deep and thick bowl with a short handle and a sharp but deep hook on the end for a good grip and to hang. 8 1/2"l x 5 1/2"w

Price: $250.00

2020-Aug-22 02:55pm EDT | Tags : Wood Scoop Shaker design

French Heart Finial

Early metal heart symbol displayed inverted on marble stand. 19th C. clean, crisp, and sharp. 12"h x 3"w.

Price: $120.00

2020-Aug-22 02:48pm EDT | Tags : Metal Heart Heart on Marble

Shaker Oval Pantry

Authentic Shaker small three finger oval pantry box. Very fine condition and with all the expected Shaker details. 4 1/2"l x 3"w x 1 3/4"h. JUST REDUCED

Price: Now, $450.00

2020-Aug-14 04:30pm EDT | Tags : 3 finger box Markdown Shaker Box

Primitive Wall Box

Made from only three pieces of wood; top, bottom, and all sides.... this primitive piece is a beauty. Decorated on front, back and top. Measures 5 1/2“ x 5 3/4” x 11 1/2”h

Price: $295.00

2020-Aug-09 06:48pm EDT | Tags : Wallbox with lid

Patented Wooden Darner

Darner with label and patent (Harley's Complete Darner), 1874. Three pieces, thread holder and string hole, handle, and container for needles. Beautiful and smooth patina. 5 3/4"l x 2"w

Price: $95.00

2020-Aug-09 06:43pm EDT | Tags : Unique sewing tool Harley's patented darner

German Toy Horse

Toy horse from Germany, turn of 20th C. Wooden legs, attached hair tail, black painted mane and other features, brown eyes. 6"h x 5 1/4"w x 1 1/2"d.

Price: $150.00

2020-Aug-01 11:49am EDT | Tags : White horse toy

Signed 19th C Pin Cushion

This is the largest pin cushion with this design that we have ever seen. At 16"l, it is made of strips of heavy cotton in red, white, and blue with white stitching. A small faded label identifies the maker, in clear printing, as Rachel Hart. Oral history states the origin as the North Shore of Long Island, New York.

Price: $175.00

2020-Jul-25 03:28pm EDT | Tags : Rachel Hart pin cushion Patriotic Pin cushion

Six Pointed Star Pin Cushion

19th C Reversible pin cushion in the six pointed star design. One side has a red and black wool cover and the reverse is yellow and green cotton. Summer/winter? 6"l

Price: $48.00

2020-Jul-25 02:21pm EDT | Tags : Reversible Pin Cushion Cotton and Wool pin cushion

Pennsylvania Painted Storage Box

Early PA Painted Storage Box with double snipe hinges. Decorated with swags and leaves in red, green and yellow on four sides (including top). Check hardware. Measures 25 1/2" x 13" x 10". Regular price: $575.00

Price: Sale Price: $450.00

2020-Jul-18 06:56pm EDT | Tags : Vines and floral decoration on box Painted box

Pine Anywhere Shelf

This pine "anywhere" shelf was hand crafted in the late 1800's. unusual design on the back giving more visual interest. Measures 22"h x 13"w x 9"d

Price: $150.00

2020-Jul-18 06:43pm EDT | Tags : Universal shelf Hanging pine shelf

Apple Bank

This redware apple bank is in its original deep red paint and perfectly shaped to resemble a fruit ready to eat. These banks were difficult to find since the only way to retrieve saved money was to crack them open. This one is 3"diameter x 2 1/2"h

Price: $250.00

2020-Jul-11 03:07pm EDT | Tags :

Yellow Pear Bank

A true-to-life size redware bank depicting a yellow pear is yours to have and never open since you would have to break it to retrieve money. Measures 2 3/4" diameter x 4 1/2"h

Price: $225.00

2020-Jul-11 03:04pm EDT | Tags :

Octagonal Box

Very early and unusual with compartments inside, velvet on bottom, original hardware hinges and lock but no key, old metal reinforcements at 2 corners. Interior has a beautiful finish while the exterior has expected wear. Large enough to be a sewing box, jewelry box, or trinket holder. 11"w x 6 3/4"d x 5"h

Price: $150.00

2020-Jul-10 05:16pm EDT | Tags : Octogon wooden box Box with compartments

Lacemaking Bobbins

Oral history is that lacemaking started many centuries ago and made its way to the UK before the industrial revolution. Started there as a craft where men, women, and children did the work to supplement the family income. Later women and children worked the craft until it was more economical to procuce it by machine. Workers personalized their bobbins by adding beads for weight and by carving some to designate certain designs. These bobbins originated in the Northamptonshire area of England. There are 12 different bobbins in this lot; 4 beaded ones and 8 carved ones along with 2 Pattern Prickings which were used to create designs. Beaded bobbins are 4 3/4"h and plain ones are 4"h.

Price: 75.00 the set, container not included in price

Painted Ezra Miniature House

Early Americana depicted in this folk art miniature house with a detachable roof with chimney and the name, EZRA painted in red on a dark green roof. House is painted mustard yellow with painted doors and windows and has a deck with an enclosure. Very folky and primitive. 10"l x 7"w x 8"h

Price: $295.00

2020-Jul-10 04:53pm EDT | Tags : Folk Miniature House Colorful Painted Miniature

Miniature Buttocks Basket

This early Buttocks Basket is accurate in its scaled down version of a regular size one, although far more difficult to create. 4"w x 3"l x 3 1/4"h at handle

Price: $250.00

2020-Jul-03 05:19pm EDT | Tags : finely woven basket

King of cats

"The King of Cats" oil on board is an unsigned magnificant piece of folk art. With his mighty whiskers and commanding presence, he dominates the small space of this antique frame. Measures 9" x 9". Was $450.00

Price: SALE: $350.00

2020-Jul-03 05:10pm EDT | Tags : OOB of King Folk painting of CAT

African Animal Figures

A collection of African animals which appears to be made from gut and embellished with fur and feathers. Each one of the set is unique to the others and differs in size and shape. Sizes range from 2 1/2"h to 9"h

Price: 75 for the set

2020-Jun-26 07:00pm EDT | Tags : Mid Century African Figures

1700's Butter Stamp

Rare 1700's butter stamp with different designs on each of 2 ends. A good way to save wood with double the designs. The patina on this wood is amazing. Tapered bottom on 1 side. This piece has seen hundreds of years of use. 2"l x 4 1/2"h

Price: $275

2020-May-29 02:47pm EDT | Tags : Unique Butter Stamp Designs on butter stamp

Butter Print

19th C Treen butter print with a heart in the center and six stars in a circle around it, outlined by chip carving. 4" Diameter x 7/8"d

Price: $395

2020-May-29 01:40pm EDT | Tags : chip carved butter stamp Heart and stars butter stamp

Tri-Fold Shaving Mirror

Antique tri-fold shaving mirror with beveled glass, William Morris inspired pattern on the backs. Beautiful wood frame with metal hardware. ***There is no crack in any of the mirrors. 26 1/2" x 10 1/2"h open, 9" x 10 1/2" closed.

Price: $175.00

2020-May-10 01:53pm EDT | Tags : William Morris Design Beveled glass mirror

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