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Nesting Blocks

Sam L Gabriel Co. 1939 heavy cardboard childrens' ABCs and nursery rhymes nesting blocks. Entire set of 10 educational lithographed boxes with original box bottom and label. 50"h stacked Large box 7" x 7", Small box 3" x 3"

Price: 40% off $395.00

2019-Oct-18 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Educational Blocks Nursery rhymes

Steiff Multicolored Duck

Unmarked Steiff, button hole in foot. 1950-1960 felt bill, legs and feet. Airbrushed multicolored mohair over rest of body and black glass eyes. A charmer. 4"l x 4"w

Price: 40% off $68.00

2019-Oct-18 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Colorful Fluffy Duck

Noah's ark

C 1850-1870, sometimes called "Sunday Toy", since it was considered special enough to play with on Sundays. Wooden design with lithograph doors and windows, many pairs of animals. 17 1/2"l x 5"w x 9"h

Price: 40% off $750.00

2019-Oct-18 03:00pm EDT | Tags : Sunday Toy Bible Story

Civil War Pick Up Sticks

Civil War "Pick Up Sticks" games. Wood carved, pine. In beautiful treen box. Measures 5"h

Price: 40% off $125.

2019-Oct-14 08:02pm EDT | Tags : information inside many sticks

Balance Man

Folk art carved and painted balance man, early 1900's. His expression speaks to his difficulty in balancing. Man: 10"l x 2"w; Man with balance:15"l x 2"w

Price: 40% off $195.

2019-Oct-14 07:58pm EDT | Tags : balance toy workable

Tudor Doll House

Hand Crafted Tudor Doll House, 1/2 timber detailing dating to 1920's - 30's. All original , it retains a working door, glass windows with lace curtains, wallpaper and original flooring. Furniture also handcrafted, though not original to the house. Includes cradle, rocker and 2 side chairs (all with string seats), mini basket, 4 drawer dresser, needlepoint work and basket with knitting. Measures 22 1/2"h x 12 1/2"w x 9 1/4"d

Price: 40% off $750.

2019-Oct-11 06:00pm EDT | Tags : fine workmanship many special details

Folk Art Doll

Very old wooden carved and painted folk art doll. Articulated arms and legs. Lovely painted facial features. Measures 12"

Price: 40% off $395.

2019-Oct-10 01:35pm EDT | Tags : Antique Doll Handmade Doll

Changeable Charlie

"Early 1900s colorful puzzle toy called "Changeable Charlie" in its day. Block Set, complete with box. Lots of play remains. Measures. 8"l x 3 1/2"w 1"d

Price: 40% off $150.

2019-Oct-04 06:00pm EDT | Tags : colorful blocks make others

Handmade Lion

Handmade Lion with sewn nose and mouth, button eyes with fur mane and tip of his tail. Metal supports in legs. Measures 15"l x 10"h

Price: 40% off $275.

2019-Oct-04 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Blue eyes lovable lion

Folky Doll Rocker

Folky Doll Rocker painted cream over green, woven seat. Measures 10", 5" h to seat, 12" h to back. (Doll not included. Intended to show comfort)

Price: 40% off $195.

2019-Oct-04 03:00pm EDT | Tags : wooden doll rocker comfy doll chair

Skip Jack

Hand carved and painted child's snow vehicle, also known as a "Skip Jack", this one has a snow scene painted on the seat and wishes for an early spring here and there. 21"l x 10"h x 9 1/4"w.

Price: 40% discount off $395.

2019-Sep-27 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Snow Toy Child's Fun

Toy Tinware

17 pieces of early toy tinware for the luckiest child around. This set is all they needed to cook most meals of the day. Largest piece 5"l x 2"w.

Price: 40% discount off $295

2019-Sep-27 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Complete kitchenware Chef's Delight

Black Boy Doll

C 1900 New England origin, soft Black Boy Doll as Folk Art. Well dressed in red and taupe felt suit and matching hat. His face is stitched and his hair is made of dark brown thread. Hard to find a doll such as this dapper lad. 12 1/2"h

Price: 40% discount off $125.

2019-Sep-27 03:00pm EDT | Tags : Boy doll Unusual dapper doll

Doll House Upholstered Chair Set

Upholstered pair of chairs with ottomans in luxurious velvet fabrics. This well-designed set of four pieces will make any doll house even more comfortable. Chair size: 3 1/2"h x 2"w

Price: 40% discount off $ 95.

2019-Sep-26 06:49am EDT | Tags : 2 toy chairs and ottomans yellow velvet toys

"Braided Rugs" Sign

Trade sign for Braided Rugs made of wood and painted, 1920's - 30's. Double sided with truly great colors and bold lettering. Measures 24"w x 12"h

Price: $495

2019-Sep-20 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Bold Letters Trade sign

Horseshoe Tramp Art Frame

Early 1900's tramp art frame in rich medium brown finish, all surrounding the symbol of good luck--the horseshoe. As an added bonus; an early photo of a camper at his tent site. 10 1/2" x 9"

Price: $195

2019-Sep-20 06:00pm EDT | Tags : tramp art horseshoe frame

Inlaid Whimsy

Early and totally inlaid (interior and exterior) whimsy with two rings. Interesting design with different woods. 5"h x 3"w

Price: $195

2019-Sep-20 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Inlaid mixed woods wooden whimsy

Child's Tea Set

19th c Child's Tea Set, Stick Spatterware Design. Set for 4 plus teapot, creamer, sugar. 2 chips & 1 hairline crack.

Price: $225

2019-Sep-14 11:42am EDT | Tags : Stick Spatterware Child Size Tea set

"The Kiss"

American retired jeweler, H.S. Ortman, created this 1966 wood sculpture "The Kiss". The figures are sensuously sculpted and set on rectangular base of mixed woods. Signed and dated on bottom. Measures 7" w x 11" h x 4 1/2" d

Price: $550

2019-Sep-14 05:37am EDT | Tags : Emotional Sculpture Love

Oval Wooden Firemark

Suggestive of a late 18th C firemark. In very early paint, the eagle is prominent in black on a white background. This may be a foundry model for metal firemarks. Measures 11 1/2" x 8". Was $595.

Price: Sale $425

2019-Sep-14 03:04am EDT | Tags : Original paint pleasing design

Oval Trencher

Super old oval trencher, with hole on long side for hanging. Good clean (gouge-free) surface and fine patina. 19 1/2" x 11

Price: $350

2019-Sep-06 03:00pm EDT | Tags : Honest trencher Decorators Dream

Shaker Sewing Helper

In typical Shaker tradition, this practical item has a drawer to hold necessary sewing needles, pins, etc. In addition to 6 rotating spools for thread. For beauty it has beveled edges, and well-turned legs. Slight chip from lower corner of spool holder. Late 1800's. 7 1/2"h x 4" x 4".

Price: $185

2019-Sep-06 03:00pm EDT | Tags : Practical tool Shaker Design

Early Butter Stamp

Unusual small design of a carved wooden oval nut with a flat top and small handle. This size is rather small for an early butter stamp. 1st quarter 1800's. 3 3/4"l x 2"h

Price: $225

2019-Sep-06 03:00am EDT | Tags : Small butter stamp Carved nut

Glass Ink Bottle

Sterling ink well with glass in a delicate design. This well-designed ink well holds a pen. Wooden pen with nib is included with the ink well. Circa 1890. 3 1/2"w x 3"h

Price: $395

2019-Aug-30 03:00pm EDT | Tags : Ink Well Glass and Silver

Octagonal Sewing Box

Very early and unusual with compartments inside, velvet on bottom, original hardware hinges and lock but no key, old metal reinforcements at 2 corners. Interior has a beautiful finish while the exterior has expected wear. 11"w x 6 3/4"d x 5"h

Price: $195

2019-Aug-30 03:00pm EDT | Tags : compartments holds everything

Pair of Kissing Birds

This romantic item of two gaily painted birds on a tree stump was prized in early days. Originally from PA, the chalkware birds are painted and decorated differently from each other. 4"w x 1 1/4"d x 2 1/2"h

Price: $350.

2019-Aug-23 03:00pm EDT | Tags : Romantic icon 3 Dimensional Poetry

English Tea Caddy

English Tea Caddy with brass inlay and lovely escutcheon. Measures 11"w x 5 1/2"h x 5 1/4"d

Price: Regular Price, $125; Sale Price, $80.

2019-Jul-26 03:00pm EDT | Tags : Victorian Caddy Beautiful Interior on Caddy

Lone Star Treen Box

Unique Lone Star treen box with extra special patina. Slide top with room inside box for the tiniest of objects. 2”l

Price: Regular price $95.; Sale price $70.

2019-Jul-26 03:00pm EDT | Tags : Slide top tiny box Carved lone star on box

Lancaster County Crib Quilt

Lancaster County, PA crib quilt, all handstitched in yellows and reds with calico backing. Expected fading but still vibrant. 35" x 32".

Price: $195

2019-Jul-12 03:00pm EDT | Tags : PA crib quilt Baby quilt

Bull Meat Market Ornament

A rare and unusually large ornament from a meat rack, this heavy iron red bull (C,. 1880) was removed from the rack and now mounted on a painted wooden stand. Midwest origin. 11"l x 7"h

Price: $775

2019-Jul-12 03:00pm EDT | Tags : Large Meat Market ornament Iron Red Bull

Hanging Spoon Rack

Early wooden spoon rack in original surface. Holds 24 spoons on two levels . Good size and age. Hangers included. Original price $295.

Price: $195

2019-Jul-05 03:00pm EDT | Tags : natural wood 24 spoon holder

Framed Fabric Needlework

Delicately stitched floral needlework signed and dated, 1868, beautifully framed and stamped on back of frame (made by Willet Hicks, Trenton, NJ). Photos show lighter than in person. Measures: 11' x 11'

Price: $250

2019-Jun-21 09:41am EDT | Tags : needlework

Small Footstool

Small footstool with half moon ends. Metal gliders added to feet later. 12 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 6"

Price: $80

2019-Jun-13 08:57pm EDT | Tags : half-moon cutouts Sturdy Wood

Souvenir Tray

Early souvenir tray from Castle Crags, in Northern California near Mt. Shasta. Wild and beautifully painted tray with woven sides ending in braids. 18" x 12" x 1 1/2"

Price: $275

2019-Jun-07 03:00pm EDT | Tags : Northern CA Tray Braided trim on tray

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