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Ice Fishing Decoy

Multi colored paint decorated decoy, sure to catch the eyes of many fish. Yellow and red bottom, medium to dark green body, painted face with open mouth, carved and painted gills and metal fins round out this beauty. Measures 7"l x 3 1/2"h

Price: $95. less 25%

2019-Dec-06 07:26pm EST | Tags : Multi Paint decoy Painted face


Unusual and exceptional carving of a very early salamander ice fishing decoy in first paint. Heavily weighted, metal eyes, painted red mouth, and four painted striped metal fins. 8"l x 3"w

Price: $425. less 25%

2019-Dec-06 06:55pm EST | Tags : Painted Salamander Heavily weighted

Yellow Bottom Decoy

Such an elegantly painted smaller ice fishing decoy that is sure to entice the fish to your hook, or just for you to admire for your collection. Underbody and metal fins are painted yellow, top and sides of the body are shades of green with bright red dots along each side. Red glass eyes, carved and painted red mouth complete the simplistic beauty of fish. 6"l x 2"w

Price: $75. less 25%

2019-Dec-06 06:47pm EST | Tags : Artful Fish Red glass eyes

Native American Fish Decoy

This shiny carved ice fishing decoy is made from bone. It is carved and decorated with brass studs in order for it to glisten in the water. 5 1/4"l x 1 1/4"w

Price: $325 less 25%

2019-Dec-06 06:14pm EST | Tags : shiny surface Native American made

Salesman Sample Cabinet

Diminutive cabinet-maker's sample. Slant-top; 1 over 2 burl drawer fronts, paneled sides and back, gallery top. All feet well turned. Would make a lovely jewel box or desk organizer. This is an exceptional piece. Measures 12 1/2"w x 11"d x 15"h

Price: $995. was $1,450.

2019-Nov-29 06:00pm EST | Tags : several woods perfect condition

Brush Man

Early 20th C clothes brush with carved and painted folk art head. Such a fun and interesting way to imagine earlier people brushing their clothing. New museum stand. Measures 8"h x 2 3/4"w

Price: $375.

2019-Nov-29 06:00pm EST | Tags : colorful folk art utilitarian folk art

Early Mochaware Mug

Large mug in blue stripes and checks on white. Fine Condition. American 1800's, 4"w x 4 3/8"h.

Price: $375.

2019-Nov-29 06:00pm EST | Tags : oversized mug clean lines

Chip-Carved Comb Box

1800's comb wallbox in blue with traces of old red paint. Front and both sides are chip carved. Good key holder near door. 8"w x 6"h x 3"d

Price: $195

2019-Nov-22 06:00pm EST | Tags : wall hanging comb box blue comb box

Tramp Art Wall Pocket

Well carved tramp art wall pocket with original mirror. Made of old crate wood and cigar boxes including one piece labeled "J M Perio Superiors". 16"h x 8"w x 3 1/4"d

Price: $125

2019-Nov-22 06:00pm EST | Tags : pocket with mirror Tramp Art Pocket

Marble Ink Well

White marble ink well with lapis inlay and hallmarked silver neck. This would make a handsome presentation gift for someone who still writes and appreciates the written word. 2" square.

Price: $295

2019-Nov-22 06:00pm EST | Tags : Heavy white marble Solid marble

Tiger Maple Wall Rack

American Tiger maple wall rack suitable for holding magazines. Late 1800's to early 1900's. Only two sturdy pieces of wood held together by hinges on the bottom and adjustable thin leather straps at the midsection. 18"h x 12"w

Price: $250

2019-Nov-15 06:00pm EST | Tags : Exquisite Tiger maple Plain but elegant

English Tea Caddy

English Tea Caddy with brass inlay and lovely escutcheon. Three separate compartments inside--each with a lid. Measures 11"w x 5 1/2"h x 5 1/4"d

Price: $125

2019-Nov-15 06:00pm EST | Tags : fine workmanship special gift

Griffin Candlestick Holder

Circa 1890 cast iron candlestick holder in the form of a griffin. Very unusual design. 7"h x 6"l x 4"w

Price: $95

2019-Nov-15 06:00pm EST | Tags : Victorian Candlestick Iron Candlestick

"Braided Rugs" Sign

Trade sign for Braided Rugs made of wood and painted, 1920's - 30's. Double sided with truly great colors and bold lettering. Measures 24"w x 12"h

Price: $495

2019-Sep-20 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Bold Letters Trade sign

Child's Tea Set

19th c Child's Tea Set, Stick Spatterware Design. Set for 4 plus teapot, creamer, sugar. 2 chips & 1 hairline crack.

Price: $225

2019-Sep-14 11:42am EDT | Tags : Stick Spatterware Child Size Tea set

"The Kiss"

American retired jeweler, H.S. Ortman, created this 1966 wood sculpture "The Kiss". The figures are sensuously sculpted and set on rectangular base of mixed woods. Signed and dated on bottom. Measures 7" w x 11" h x 4 1/2" d

Price: $550

2019-Sep-14 05:37am EDT | Tags : Emotional Sculpture Love

Oval Wooden Firemark

Suggestive of a late 18th C firemark. In very early paint, the eagle is prominent in black on a white background. This may be a foundry model for metal firemarks. Measures 11 1/2" x 8". Was $595.

Price: Sale $425

2019-Sep-14 03:04am EDT | Tags : Original paint pleasing design

Shaker Sewing Helper

In typical Shaker tradition, this practical item has a drawer to hold necessary sewing needles, pins, etc. In addition to 6 rotating spools for thread. For beauty it has beveled edges, and well-turned legs. Slight chip from lower corner of spool holder. Late 1800's. 7 1/2"h x 4" x 4".

Price: $185

2019-Sep-06 03:00pm EDT | Tags : Practical tool Shaker Design

Octagonal Sewing Box

Very early and unusual with compartments inside, velvet on bottom, original hardware hinges and lock but no key, old metal reinforcements at 2 corners. Interior has a beautiful finish while the exterior has expected wear. 11"w x 6 3/4"d x 5"h

Price: $195

2019-Aug-30 03:00pm EDT | Tags : compartments holds everything

Pair of Kissing Birds

This romantic item of two gaily painted birds on a tree stump was prized in early days. Originally from PA, the chalkware birds are painted and decorated differently from each other. 4"w x 1 1/4"d x 2 1/2"h

Price: $350.

2019-Aug-23 03:00pm EDT | Tags : Romantic icon 3 Dimensional Poetry

Lone Star Treen Box

Unique Lone Star treen box with extra special patina. Slide top with room inside box for the tiniest of objects. 2”l

Price: Regular price $95.; Sale price $70.

2019-Jul-26 03:00pm EDT | Tags : Slide top tiny box Carved lone star on box

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