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We have been selling antiques for 35 years and participate in many New England and New York shows. We specialize in country furniture, early smalls in paint, early lighting and folk art. Method of payment is by check or money order only. New York state residents must pay 8% sales tax or have a valid resale number. We offer an easy layaway plan if needed. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions or for more photos by phone or e-mail. Be sure to check out our website at .



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2018-Dec-15 01:43pm EST | Tags :

Painted Bucket

Early 19th c staved bucket in the original Windsor green surface, very good condition, never had a lid found in Maine

Price: 110.00 plus shipping

2018-Nov-28 09:27am EST | Tags :

Early Painted Box

Red painted dovetailed storage/valuables box, paint is old and dry original to the box, original snipe hinges, square nailed trim, missing latch and lock. Box dates 1780-1800 New England origin found in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire. Measures 12" high , 13.5" deep and 30.5" wide, great small size box in honest paint and condition. More photos can be sent.

Price: 395.00 plus shipping

2018-Nov-20 09:48am EST | Tags :

Lap Sewing Board

Great Lap Sewing Board double sided with game board one side, back gammon on other side. Board has adverting for multiple business from the 19th century from Manchester, New Hampshire, great early lap board from New England measures 36" wide and 19.5" tall. more photos can be sent

Price: 295.00 plus shipping

2018-Nov-14 10:23am EST | Tags :

Childs Rocking Horse

Early 1900 Childs rocking horse in original dapple paint and condition, glass eyes, leather ears, has the bridle, saddle and stirrups measures 40" long and 25" high, more photos can be sent.

Price: 375.00 plus shipping

2018-Nov-13 10:51am EST | Tags :

Painted Bowl

Early 19th century bowl in reddish brown paint that is original and dry. There are no cracks, rim is painted black, bowl does show some faint chop marks, measures 3" high and 10.5" x 11.5" out of round from proper shrinkage, good early bowl from New England.

Price: 265.00 plus ship

2018-Nov-13 07:10am EST | Tags :

Punched Tin Lantern

Early 19th century punched tin lantern, has clinched candle cup through the bottom, original hanging ring, star punched design on the sides, hinges and latch in fine working order, stands 15.5" tall, does have minor dents and dings as it should dating early 1800, more photos can be sent.

Price: 245.00 plus shipping

2018-Nov-12 08:18pm EST | Tags :

Kreamer Muffin Tin

Heart shaped muffin tin marked Kreamer, 12 hearts in good condition measures 11.5" x 14 3/4" good folky piece of early tin.

Price: 115.00 plus ship

2018-Nov-12 08:03pm EST | Tags :

19th Century String Winder

Small wooden string winder dates mid 19th century, neat piece of early Americana back when string was often needed and used in earlier times. Measures 13" x 8"

Price: 40.00 free shipping

2018-Nov-12 07:02pm EST | Tags :

Norton Bennington Pitcher

One gallon pitcher marked E&LP Norton Bennington, VT, this pitcher is in perfect condition with no cracks or repairs , nice original dark brown surface, stands 10" tall , late 19th c.

Price: 195.00 plus ship

2018-Oct-09 06:56pm EDT | Tags :

Master Salt

Great small master salt , turned from one piece of wood, this early salt is perfect with no excuses, shows incised lines mid body, the best salt we have had. Measures 2.5" high and 2 3/4" wide at top.

Price: 155.00 free shipping

2018-Oct-06 06:52pm EDT | Tags :

Brown Glazed Storage Jar

Really nice early brown glazed speckled redware storage container, great condition tiny rough spot to top rim barely able to feel it. Measures 7.5" tall and 6" wide at bottom.

Price: 185.00 plus shipping

2018-Oct-06 05:22pm EDT | Tags :

Hearth Broom

Horse hair hearth broom in original mustard and black paint decoration, late 19th c measures 26" long.

Price: 198.00 plus shipping

2018-Oct-06 12:15pm EDT | Tags :

Great Noggin

Early 19th century Noggin in maple wood , nice patina, tiny chip on the rim, New England origin measures 9" tall.

Price: 295.00 plus shipping

2018-Oct-06 09:13am EDT | Tags :

Tiger Maple Scoop

Great country store Tiger maple wood scoop, carved from one solid piece of wood, there are no cracks or repairs, just a great early piece of treenware in dry untouched as made condition. Measures 15" long 6" across and 3" deep. 19th c.

Price: 195.00 plus shipping

2018-Oct-04 07:07pm EDT | Tags :

Herb Grater

Early punched tin herb grater, squared nailed, one board with hanging hole, untouched original as made, nice old dark surface to the tin and the board, measures 14" tall and 5" wide.

Price: $245.00 plus shipping

2018-Oct-04 06:58pm EDT | Tags :

Small Treen Scoop

Early small Maple wood food scoop, has a great shaped handle with carved thumb hold. Nice dark patina to the wood , dates 1800-1820, ex Smitty Axtell collection measures 4" wide at scoop and 4 1/4" tall at handle.

Price: 190.00 plus shipping

2018-Oct-04 06:44pm EDT | Tags :

Small Dome Top Box in Original Red

Dome top storage box in the best dry original red paint, square nailed construction, original leather hinges and locking clasp hardware, a true New England box in red painted surface, 1800-1840, 18.5" wide, 7.5" top of dome, and 9" deep. More photos can be sent.

Price: 235.00 plus shipping

2018-Jul-25 10:56am EDT | Tags :

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