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Welcome to South Central Pennsylvania's newest online and "bricks and mortar" antiques venue. With over 30 years experience buying and selling in the antiques trade, we are here to carry on our tradition of bringing our customers high quality, authentic antique furniture, pottery, baskets, woodenware, folk art and Americana. Our loyal customers from our former Southern New Jersey shop have followed us to our new store here in Abbottstown, PA, which is a testimony to Tracy's eye and decorating expertise. Her designs have been featured in several publications including A Primitive Place and Country Sampler magazines. Please stop and see us in our new shop located behind our 1740's log and stone home and also continue to check out our latest offerings here on Dig. Our hours are Mon. Fri. Sat. 10:30-4:00. Other days by chance or appointment. We accept personal checks, major credit cards and Paypal. Please see more of our items items at http://www.rubylane.com/shop/14-e-king . All items are guaranteed authentic. Returns within one week will be refunded in full, less return shipping.

19th C. PA or NJ Redware Pitcher w/ Manganese

This 19th Century decorated 2 quart redware pitcher hails from Pennsylvania or possibly New Jersey and is in an excellent state of preservation. The squat-form pitcher features one incised line below the top rim, an applied strap handle, and 4 vertical accents of sponged black manganese decoration. On the unglazed bottom there is a stamped number "2". The pitcher stands 7" tall and is 6 3/4" wide at the base. Click on Rubylane.com for more photos

Price: $245

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19th C. Paint Decorated Presentation Jewelry Box

This circa 1860 American presentation jewelry box features a paint-decorated top and square nail construction. Built out of poplar, the box is in untouched, original condition just as it was made in the 19th Century. It has the original dark surface with red and green painted flowers and a green pinstripe. There are the original cast iron hinges and a cloth-lined drawer. Inside the box is marked "From Cousin Silas" in two places on the lid which also has a mirror. The box measures 12.5" x 7.5" x 5.5" tall. More photos in our Rubylane.com shop.

Price: $300

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19th C. Splint Oak Gathering Basket in Old Red

This medium-small sized 19th C. splint oak gathering basket was painted back in the early 1900's with bright red paint. It is coarsely woven with thick weavers and it has a single wrapped top and a pushed-up bottom. The solid wood handle is notched and fits between two strong wooden rims at the top. Measuring 9" x 10" in diameter and 10" tall, the basket is in excellent condition with no breaks, losses or repairs.

Price: sold

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Early 20th C. Footed Carryall in Original Blue

This early 1900's footed carrier was beautifully constructed and retains its original turquiose blue paint. The wooden carrier measures 17 1/2" long x 14" tall x 9" deep and is in excellent condition. Unique!

Price: $225

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19th C. Primitive Doll Cradle in Original Green

Here's a primitive pine doll cradle in original, dry Windsor green paint that measures 22" long x 12 1/2" tall x 11 1/4" wide. It was made with care and has canted sides all around and the rockers are firmly attached. The paint is guaranteed original and has just the right wear to the edges from years of use. The entire cradle was made with small wire brads throughout and I would date it to the 3rd quarter of the 1800's. Its perfect for teddy bears or your favorite cloth dolls. Mattress is included. More photos on Rubylane

Price: 150 plus shipping

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19th C. Treen Footed Cup Whimsy with Rings

This mid-19th C. turned wooden footed cup or goblet has two captured wooden rings and hails from New England. The solid maple cup is beautifully made and has the original mellow finish. The maker expertly turned this out of one piece of wood on a lathe, and it now is slightly out-of-round from age, measuring 4.5" tall x 2.5" in diameter at the top. I bought this many years ago out of an extensive New Jersey estate and it is offered here now for the first time. More photos on Rubylane.com

Price: $75.00

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19th C 4 Gal Pennsylvania Blue Decorated Stoneware

This large 4 gallon ovoid stoneware crock with blue decoration and ear handles hails from Pennsylvania and dates to the 1840's. It measures 14" tall and weighs about 15 pounds. It is faintly stamped with a number 4 under on of the handles. There is a 1/2" shallow flake on the outer top rim and a very faint 2" line coming up from the base. Please see photos. Great form, size and decoration! More pics on Rubylane.com

Price: sold

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19th C. Velvet Pin Cushions, Velvet Apples

The two velvet pin cushions have vibrant colors. The velvet red apples pair have a minor loss on the wrap around the stem on one but are nice.

Price: 225 shipping included

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Two-Sided 1920's Adirondack Style Trade Sign

This authentic 2-sided trade sign was found in Pennsylvania and dates to the early 1900's. The hand-painted letters are faded gold with red outlines on a brown background and it was obviously done by a professional. The sign itself is a 1" thick board with ends that were cut and carved to simulate a broken board in the Adirondack Mountains style. The sign measures 26" x 13" and is in very good condition with expected wear and some old paint spatters and drips. It still has the original iron hooks for hanging. More photos on Rubylane.com check out 30% sale this weekend!

Price: $225

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Early Shorebird Decoy Carving

This early shore bird decoy retains the original paint and dates to around 1900. It is mounted in a bark covered stand and measures 9 1/2" long and is 14" tall when mounted in the display. There are a few shot holes and small loss on the head but the real value here is in the wonderful old painted surface. From a Bucks County Pennsylvania collection.

Price: sold

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19th C Molded Yellow Ware Bowl w/ Rockingham Glaze

This medium sized yelloware bowl was molded with a quilt-like pattern and finished with a rich Rockingham glaze. It measures 10 1/2" in diameter x 4 3/4" tall and is in excellent condition with minimal wear. The bowl is unsigned but may originate from Pennsylvania or Ohio and dates to the last quarter of the 19th Century.

Price: $85

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19th C. Wooden Beehive Bowl w/ Unusual Turnings

This 19th C. primitive beehive bowl has an unusual series of turnings on the exterior. It has an old nut brown finish and measures a slightly oval 12 1/4" x 11 3/4" in diameter x 4 1/4" tall. This is an unusual medium-sized bowl in excellent condition.

Price: $175

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19th C. Mocha Yellow Ware Potty w/ Blue Seaweed

This 19th C. American yelloware chamber pot has white and brown mocha bands and is decorated with cobalt blue seaweed around the circumference. The potty is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, lines or repairs. There is a small stone pop on the interior and a bit of white slip that stuck on the edge of the top rim. Excellent yellow too! There is an applied ribbon strap handle an a nicely formed foot. Measures 8 1/4" in diameter x 5" tall.

Price: $89

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19th C. Mocha Yellow Ware Bowl w/ Blue Seaweed

This 12" diameter yelloware bowl features white and brown mocha banding with 4 splashes of blue seaweed decoration on a strong yellow ground. It stands 5 3/4" tall and is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, lines or repairs. Please check out our Rubylane.com pages for more photos and a similar larger bowl.

Price: $275

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19th C. Hand Painted Folk Art Calipers w/ Hearts

When I first saw this pair of folk art calipers, I thought that they were clock hands from an old town clock. But I soon realized that they were the same length, so I am calling them calipers (used for measuring). In this case, I thing they are whimsical folk art, hand made of 1/2" pine and hand painted. The paint consists of white, mustard and red flowers on a blue background. The two arms are joined with the original hand-carved wooden peg so they can pivot into any angle desired. Note the heart shaped carvings on the ends (one has loss). Total length is about 42" when extended or 23.5" when folded. Strictly decorative in nature, these antique folk art calipers look great hanging on the wall.

Price: $265

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Monumental 19th C. Figured Walnut Masher

This large 19th C. solid walnut masher measures 13" long x 4.5" in diameter at the base and weighs over 3 pounds. It is a beauty and in excellent condition. Best of kind. More images on Rubylane.com (click on link above).

Price: $135

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Large Bunch of Over-sized Stoneware Grapes

This large bunch of over-sized stoneware grapes measures 12.5" long. The individual grapes measure between 1.25" and almost 2" each. They are attached to a wooden branch with heavy wire and give a life like appearance. Excellent condition. Note that the apple is for size comparison and is not included.

Price: $145

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18th C. Iron Rush Candle Lamp

This late 18th C. wood and iron rush candle lamp is a classic example of 1700's primitive lighting. When wax for candles was not available, people would place pieces of rush and light their way with the glowing embers. Surely this did not create much light but it must have been better than total darkness. The lamp measures about 9 1/2" tall. It is hand-forged twisted iron that scissors open to accept the rush. The iron is driven into a 4" x 4.5" wooden block. There is an old shellac stick repair to the bottom of the wooden base. The lamp and base shows the years of patina that has built up and comes complete with a grunge candle to make a wonderful display.

Price: $425

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American Avocet Shore Bird Decoy Signed Sillow

This diminutive American Avocet shorebird carving is signed in type on a label the underneath Sillow. The bird is beautifully carved and painted and has metal legs that are mounted in a bark-like base with birds feet. Measures 6.5" long and stands 5" tall. Excellent condition. Circa 1910

Price: Sold

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19th C. Hardwood Washboard or Mangle

This 24.5" long primitive washboard has a smooth side that may have had double duty as a mangle (bed smoother). At some point, someone put a beautiful finish on the hand-hewn board which has mellowed with age. There are some old, inactive worm holes and some loss on one end as shown but the condition is still very good. Weighs almost 4 pounds.

Price: $110

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