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Welcome to South Central Pennsylvania's newest online and "bricks and mortar" antiques venue. With over 30 years experience buying and selling in the antiques trade, we are here to carry on our tradition of bringing our customers high quality, authentic antique furniture, pottery, baskets, woodenware, folk art and Americana. Our loyal customers from our former Southern New Jersey shop have followed us to our new store here in Abbottstown, PA, which is a testimony to Tracy's eye and decorating expertise. Her designs have been featured in several publications including A Primitive Place and Country Sampler magazines. Please stop and see us in our new shop located behind our 1740's log and stone home and also continue to check out our latest offerings here on Dig. Our hours are Mon. Fri. Sat. 10:30-4:00. Other days by chance or appointment. We accept personal checks, major credit cards and Paypal. Please see more of our items items at http://www.rubylane.com/shop/14-e-king . All items are guaranteed authentic. Returns within one week will be refunded in full, less return shipping.

19th C. Coarse Weave New England Cheese Basket

This primitive 19th C. New England cheese basket measures only 12" in diameter and 8" tall. The basket is coarsely woven out of ash splint and was used along with cheese cloth as a strainer to separate the curds. Once a utilitarian item, cheese baskets today are scarce and highly prized as highly collectible and decorative. There are some splits here and there but overall this basket is solid and in good condition. A heavy duty basket in an unusual size ready to hang. You can purchase this item and many others at our Ruby Lane website (see link above in our shop write-up)

Price: $275

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Western PA Stoneware Wax Seal Blue Striped Crock

This 19th C. wax sealer stoneware canning crock with 4 cobalt blue stripes originates from Western Pennsylvania. Standing only 7 3/4" tall, the crock is in very good to excellent condition.

Price: 285 plus shipping

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Early 1 Gal. 19th C. Ovoid NY State Stoneware Jug

This early one gallon 19th C. New York State blue decorated stoneware jug dates to the 1830's. It has a "severe" ovoid form- 8" in diameter at its widest and tapers to a small 4" base. As you can see, the jug is misshaped at the spout where it must have been depressed while being stacked in the kiln. There is a long chip on the base as shown, but is otherwise in excellent condition. Standing 10" tall, this jug with its deformed spout makes for an interesting conversation piece. More photos and stoneware on our Ruby Lane site.

Price: sale pending

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19th C. 9" Hog Scraper Candlestick Signed Heise

This early 1800's hog scraper candlestick measures 9" tall and is signed by the maker on the push-up "Heise". The stick is in excellent condition, exhibiting an old, dark surface. The push-up works well and there are no losses or repairs. A fine example of early American lighting! More photos on Ruby Lane.

Price: $110

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19th C. Scarce Small Size Cheese Basket

This scarce size 19th C. splint woven cheese basket measures only 10" in diameter and 5.5" tall. The basket is in excellent condition. There are no breaks, losses or repairs. A graphic basket in a great size and fine condition!

Price: 285 plus shipping

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Matched Pair of 19th C. Donoghue Racing Skates CT

This matched pair of signed 19th C. ice skates were manufactured by The Union Hardware Co. of Torrington, CT. The wood, steel, brass and leather skates are marked "The Donoghue Racing Skate" on each blade. The skates measure 17 3/4" long and are in excellent condition, with age appropriate wear to the leather. Great conversation piece.

Price: $85

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19th C. PA Shallow Redware Bowl with Manganese Dec

This manganese decorated redware bowl originates from Eastern Pennsylvania and dates from the second half of the 19th Century. Measuring 7" in diameter and about 1.5" tall, the bowl is in very good to excellent condition with only a few small imperfections in the glaze. The back of the bowl is blackened from use. Excellent color with nice black manganese decoration.

Price: $110

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19th C. Schoolgirl Sampler Eliza Halderman 1826

This cute little schoolgirl sampler was the work of Eliza Halderman and is dated 1826. The well-executed, silk on linen needlework is professionally framed in a contemporary hardwood frame. There is some foxing to the linen as you can detect in the photos but is otherwise in excellent condition. Measures 11 3/4" wide x 11" tall. More photos of this item and others on our Ruby Lane website. Please click link above.

Price: $450

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Early 19th C. Pewter Porringer Samuel Danforth

This unmarked pewter porringer is the work of Samuel Danforth (1774-1816) of Hartford, Connecticut. There is an old red and white tag from a former owner that faintly reads " Samuel Danforth Circa 1810". The porringer measures 6 1/4" including the handle. Very good condition.

Price: $345

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Madison Mitchell Canvasback Drake Decoy

This unsigned Madison Mitchell (1901-1993)Canvasback drake duck decoy dates from the second half of the 1900's. The solid wood decoy with painted eyes, original weight and tie, and original paint is in good condition with two age cracks as shown on the underneath. A classic Mitchell decoy from the Havre de Grace school of wildfowl art. There are more photos available, as well as many other items on our Ruby Lane website (click link above).

Price: $185

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Signed 19th C New England Trencher in Old Paint

This very long and narrow signed painted wooden trencher originates from New England and dates to the first half of the 1800's. Carved out of a single hardwood birch log, the maker stamped his initials twice on the bottom as shown. The bowl retains an old vibrant red on the outside while the interior has the remnants of mustard yellow paint that is mostly covered with a white lye soap residue. Measuring 30" long x 7 3/4" wide x about 3 1/2" tall, the bowl is in very good condition with only a tight, stable crack on one end that does not detract from the aesthetic beauty of the bowl. Although there is a twist to the bowl which gives it character, it sits perfectly and is a testament to its age. This long narrow bowl with old paint and signature really has it going on!!

Price: $595

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mid-20th Century Quaker Portraits

This pair of mixed media portraits are signed on the back "from work of R.P. Bye by Doris D. McChesney, Odessa, Del". The 9 3/4" x 7 3/4" original wooden frames house the work of Mrs. McChesney who passed on in the year of 2001 at the age of 83. The watercolor and applied cloth and paper Quaker couple faithfully recreates the work of Rosalie Bye of West Chester, PA who worked during the same period. The two portraits are all original and in very good condition.

Price: $275

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Early 19th C. New England Tiger Maple Rolling Pin

This "tiger" maple or curly maple rolling pin was made in New England back in the early 1800's. It in turned out of one piece of solid tiger maple and is now slightly out-of-round from age shrinkage. The pin is tapered- slightly larger in diameter in the middle, as earlier rolling pins were. Measuring 16" long, the pin is in fine condition with age related light distressing and patina. A Blue Chip kitchen collectible!

Price: sold

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Very Large Wild Boar Iron Shooting Gallery Target

Dating from the early 20th Century, this large wild boar shooting gallery target bears its original white paint. Measuring 23" wide x 15" tall and a full 1/2" thick, the target weighs in at 32 pounds, making it the largest target you will probably ever see. It shows several dents and other signs of shots, but the large boar remains in good condition. Great for any folk art or carnival collector!

Price: $250

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Early Blue Decorated Stoneware Jar

This early stoneware jar with strong cobalt blue decoration dates from around the mid-Nineteenth Century. Standing 8 1/2" tall, the crock features 3 areas of distinctive brushed blue flowers that may have been the work of a Baltimore or Alexandria potter. In any case, a great little crock in good condition with just 2 small shallow rim flakes and a wear mark on one flower. A beautiful display piece!

Price: $245

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Early 1900's Dorothy Gripp Nut Head Doll

This folky nut head doll has been our possession for many years but I've never found out anything about the maker, Dorothy Gripp. The doll measures 8" tall and has pose-able arms and a stiff body. His is wearing his original overalls and red striped shirt- all hand stitched, as well as his black cloth shoes with leather soles. His head is made of a nut shell and has applied eyes and red painted lips. And talk about a bad hair day! Makers label on shoe bottom as shown. An extremely unusual and all original folk art doll that dates from sometime in the first half of the 1900's.

Price: $85

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19th C. Firkin in Original Mustard Paint

This 19th C. Painted Firkin has the original mustard yellow paint that was varnished ages ago. The surface is very old and distressed. Standing 14" tall with handle up and 10 1/8" in diameter (at the base), the heavy duty wooden container has 3 lapped bands that are fixed with iron tacks and a staple at the end. There is a wooden bail handle that is fastened with pegs on each side. An old stable separation is on the lid but overall the firkin is in very good condition. Note the un-varnished area along the bottom. An honest firkin ready to complement your stack!

Price: $350

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19th C. Document Box from Maine Logging Co.

This late 19th C. document box came from a logging company from the state of Maine. It was used for storage of documents from the "drive" in the years of 1886-87 as labeled on the front in beautiful gold and black letters against the hunter green ground. A "drive" was when the logs were being transported down a river. The box was simply made with nailed construction and has the original brass hinges and catch. There is nice patina to the paint and a little distressing on one side. Measures 14" x 10" x 7 3/4" tall. See more photos on Ruby Lane. Own a little piece of Maine history!

Price: 295 plus shipping

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Very Large New England Trencher in Old Red Paint

Dating from the first half of the 19th Century, this very large dough bowl or "trencher" retains the best old red painted surface. Measuring 27 3/4" x 14 1/4" x 7" tall, you don't find American trenchers much bigger than this one. The bowl is in excellent condition with a few small age cracks and wear spots on the rim. The interior of the bowl has an old whitish surface with the solid hard maple grain showing through. A simply magnificent bowl! Please see our Ruby Lane website for more photos and items. (Click URL above).

Price: $975

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Mt. Lebanon, NY Shaker Footstool in Old Paint

This 19th Century Mt. Lebanon, NY shaker foot stool comes right out of a Pennsylvania dealer's estate. The stool is in old, if not original black paint that has good honest wear and craquelure. The cant-top stool measures 11 3/4" x 11 1/4" x 6 1/2" tall in the back x 5" tall in the front. An authentic Shaker stool.

Price: $295

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