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Tin Cats Antiques is located in Amarillo, Texas and specializes in early American (18th & 19th century) antiques ... Colonial, primitives, furniture and smalls, and pieces with original or very old paint. Ninety percent of what we offer comes from the Northeast and New England areas. The remaining percentage is found in the midwest and maybe sometimes right here in Texas. We encourage you to visit https://www.tincats.com to see other items not featured here on Dig Antiques. We accept personal checks and business checks, as well as PayPal. NO DISCOUNT WILL BE GIVEN IF PAID BY PAYPAL. Buyer pays shipping costs, although free shipping is available on some items. Returns are accepted within 72 hours of receiving the item(s) for a full refund, minus shipping costs. No questions asked. Items must be returned with shipment insurance and in their originally shipped condition. Layaway CONSIDERED. However, no returns on layaways accepted. PLEASE LOOK FOR THE "UNDER $200" TAG AT THE LEFT SIDE OF THE PAGE FOR AN AFFORDABLE WAY TO BEGIN AND/OR ADD TO YOUR COUNTRY PRIMITIVES COLLECTION!

Early Norwegian Paint-decorated Tina

Early Norwegian Paint-decorated Tina This unique little box was constructed by Norwegian settlers in the 1700's and is hand painted with a beautiful flower motif on the top and sides of the lid. (Dimensions: 2.5" H x 5" W x 3" D) $300

Price: $300 TAKE 30% OFF

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Carved-top Pantry Box

Carved-top Pantry Box 4-1/4" in diameter; 2-1/4" tall. Round pantry box in original mustard/putty paint, fingerlap joints and beautifully carved flowers and stems on the lid. The top of the lid is a grayish-black paint. The fingerlap on the lid has split with age but is sturdy. Appears to have been lightly glued at some time. The inside of the lid is signed with carved initials J.F. The box is thick and sturdy. Nail and peg construction. Beautiful box. Rare carving. Rare signing. Rare size. Rare piece. $485

Price: $485 TAKE 30% OFF

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Aqua blue slide-lid Candle Box

Aqua blue slide-lid Candle Box Slide lid candle box in original blue/aqua paint and decorative pastings inside the box. The lid doesn't slide easily, but the box is sturdy and makes a beautiful display. $325

Price: $325 TAKE 30% OFF

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Natural Wood Game Board

Natural Wood Game Board Estate find; 16" by 16" by 1" natural wood-stained checkerboard. Inlaid three-quarter inch squares glued to one-quarter in base of wood. $250

Price: $250 TAKE 30% OFF

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Early Natural Norwegian Tina

Early Natural Norwegian Tina This cute natural wood box (tina) from Ohio measures six inches by four inches by three-and-a-quarter inches. It is skillfully stitched and joined by square nails and pegs, with just a few missing. The box remains sturdy; the walls are thick. Made by Norwegian settlers, it dates to the late 1700s, early 1800s. $250

Price: $250 TAKE 30% OFF

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SOLD: Nutmeg Grater

Nutmeg Grater Maple nutmeg grater; dry surface; great patina, 5.5" tall; 1800’s $250

Price: Sold. Thank you!

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Small, early grain-painted box

Small, early grain-painted box with front latch This petite 19th century painted wooden box is a survivor! It shows normal wear expected for its age, with some sturdy cracks and slightly warped lid, but it retains its original surface paint and hardware. This little box is skillfully dovetailed and nailed by square nails. The lid, though it doesn't close completely, connects by a working wire latch. The back of the box appears to have very old fill-in repairs where wood either rotted or shrunk at the dovetails. This 8" by 5 " by 4-3/4" box most likely would have quite a story to tell if it could talk! $265

Price: $265 TAKE 30% OFF

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Red Painted Tote

Red-painted Tote Late 1800s tote, original red paint. Beautiful patina and age-related wear. Cracks and chips as expected, yet sturdy. Simple butt-joint construction, hand-carved, old nails with old repairs in spots along the bottom sides. (Dimensions: 11" x 16" and 3" deep) $150

Price: $150 TAKE 30% OFF

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6.5” Natural wood Pantry Box

6.5” Natural wood Pantry Box This is an antique wood pantry box stamped Murdock & Co., Winchendon, Mass. It measures 6.5 inches across. It has old nails and a banded top. It has the original finish and dark paint residue on it as shown. There are a couple of nails missing in the lid causing the top to be a little loose when removed what it is fine when it is closed. $75

Price: $75 TAKE 30% OFF

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Early 19th century Farm Table

Early 19th century Farm Table Wonderful, early 19th century farm table with old, dry, bittersweet red paint and a three-board scrub top. The table also features a long narrow drawer. The table boasts the characteristic scratches, dents, chips and paint loss expected from old age and use. There is a small repair where the top connects to the underside of the table; some wood shrinkage on the drawer has created gaps, and there is no key to the lock on the drawer. The drawer knob also appears to be an old replacement. (Dimensions: 57-1/2" L; 32-3/4" W; 29-1/4" H) $750

Price: $750 TAKE 30% OFF

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Small Mustard Bowl

Small Mustard Bowl 11.5" to 12/5" wooden bowl with original mustard paint and thick, oxidized and chipping varnish. The paint design also shows delicate white leaves draping over to one side of the bowl. c1800s, not sure at what point the old paint and finishes were applied, but they are very old, too. $100

Price: $100 TAKE 30% OFF

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Painted Tin Bread Tray

Painted Tin Bread Tray 19th century black-painted tin bread tray. Shows a pretty design that has faded and worn with time. Excellent and true patina. Looks great filled with stone fruit! $85

Price: $85 TAKE 30% OFF

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Small Square Red & Black Game Board

Small Square Red & Black Game Board Early hand-painted game board in eye-catching red and black scheme. Rounded borders. Nice alligatoring and patina. Great small size. Slightly warped. 15" by 14" by 1" $250

Price: $250 TAKE 30% OFF

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Early antique milk stool

Early antique milk stool Constructed by through-mortise and tenon joinery. This old stool is possibly 1700s, judging by its wear and simplicity. It is super sturdy and cute, and I would bet it could tell many stories if it could talk! The patina and worn carvings make this stool especially desirable. Found in Ohio. Measures: 8" tall by 10.5 wide by 6.5 deep. $100

Price: $100 TAKE 30% OFF

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Mustard Grain-painted Slide-lid box

Mustard Grain-painted Slide-lid box Most likely mid to late 1800s. It measures 7-1/4 inches by 4 inches by 4-3/4 inches and was once just green wood that someone decided to make look much prettier by grain-painting it in a mustard color. It is simply constructed of thin pieces of pine. Found in Ohio. $50

Price: $50 TAKE 30% OFF

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Paint-decorated Natural Pantry Box

Paint-decorated Natural Pantry Box Very early pantry box decorated in yellow flowers and symbols, accented with black paint. Possibly PA origin, with Norwegian influence. 6" by 5" by 2" $200 More photos available upon request.

Price: $200 TAKE 30% OFF

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SOLD: Green & Blue Wooden Game Board

Green & Blue Wooden Game Board Carved house decorations on each end; almost-one-inch thick board. Hand-painted in blue and green wash. One-quarter inch breadboard ends, one end the breadboard is broken off but stable and gives character to this piece of folk art. Appear to be hand-made nails. $350

Price: SOLD. Thank you!

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Grain-painted Table Top Desk

Grain-painted Table Top Desk Gorgeous early desk with the most beautiful interior blue compartments. Original paint. Original hardware. New England origin, 1800’s $900

Price: $900 TAKE 30% OFF

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Green Mortar & Pestle

Green Mortar & Pestle Mid 1800s, large, hand-carved, original dry green paint. Small chip on rim. $600

Price: $600 TAKE 30% OFF

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Red Mortar & Pestle

Red Mortar & Pestle Mid 1800s, hand-carved, original red, dry paint; Vermont origin $500

Price: $500 TAKE 30% OFF

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SOLD: 7.5” Green Pantry Box

7.5” Green Pantry Box 19th century 7.5-inch blue-green pantry box with a finger-lap lid. Normal wear for its age. Wonderful character. $250

Price: SOLD. Thank you!

2018-Nov-25 02:06pm EST | Tags :

Red-Painted Pantry Box

Red-Painted Pantry Box This small pantry box in its original red paint is beautifully worn yet sturdy, despite a crack in the bottom board. It’s iron nails and wooden pegs remain intact. (Dimensions: 6.25 d X 2.5 H) E85-1215-7 $100

Price: $100 TAKE 30% OFF

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5-5/8” Blue Pantry Box

5-5/8” Blue Pantry Box 19th century, original blue paint; paint loss appears in places where glue was once used for repairs. Nice box for a growing stack. $325

Price: $325 TAKE 30% OFF

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Green slide lid candle box

MAKE OFFER: Green slide lid candle box $450.00 Early 1800s. Slide-top candle box in original green paint. Pine, simple construction. Square nails.

Price: $450 TAKE 30% OFF

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1700s Salt Box

MAKE OFFER: 1700s Salt Box $350.00 Thick, chunky, simple walnut New England wall box from the 1700s. It has an arched and pierced back for hanging, and the box has a slant lid that opens and closes easily by wooden dowels. The bottom board has been replaced at some point in order to preserve this beautiful early piece. The sides are simply attached to the front and back and secured by thick, wrought iron nails. The wonderful thing about this box is that the back right corner shows the results of a mouse gnawing on the wood long ago. At some point in the box’s life, someone tried to repair the saltbox by using wood fill, which is not terribly noticeable unless one examines the box closely. This special salt box shows age-appropriate wear and wonderful patina. A favorite! (Dimensions: 10” w by 7” h by 5” d).

Price: $350 TAKE 30% OFF

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Black and Red swirl-painted dough box

MAKE OFFER: Black and Red swirl-painted dough box $750.00 Wonderful swirled pattern red and black paint; 19th century dough box is from Charlestown, N.H., although this design is often associated with early Maine folk art. There also appears to have older repairs. Normal signs of wear and aging. Very sturdy.

Price: $750 TAKE 30% OFF

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Antique Painted Scandinavian Bride's B

MAKE OFFER: Antique Painted Scandinavian Bride's Box $750.00 This gorgeous antique Scandinavian Bride's Box is bright and bold in it's salmon-red background painted with blue, yellow and white borders that encase the green leaves and white flowers surrounding the box's sides. The top lid has a print glued into it that depicts travelers on camels leaving what appears to be a home and a family. In German-speaking families, it was tradition for the bride-to-be to receive from the groom brightly decorated boxes such as this one; the boxes held small items and mementos. This early 1800's box is well-worn yet retains its lovely paint decorations. It was clearly well-kept over the years. It measures 15-1/4" by 9-1/4" by 6" tall. The flaw worth mentioning is that someone at one time attached a hook to the bottom of the box, presumably to allow the box to prop up and be seen on top.

Price: $750 TAKE 30% OFF

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Early carved and signed Norwegian tina

MAKE OFFER: Early carved and signed Norwegian tina (box) $300.00 This early carved and signed oval box says "LS" on both the top lid and the bottom of the box. The tina measures 9-3/4" by 5" by 3-1/2" and is stitched and sturdily built by thick walls, braided laces and square nails and pegs. I found this box in Ohio. It was made by early Norwegian settlers.

Price: $300 TAKE 30% OFF

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Antique European burl bowl

Antique European burl bowl $350.00 This antique European burl bowl was found in Ohio. The patina and wear on this bowl, as well as the old repair, give it much character and desirability. The 18th century bowl is thick, heavy and sturdy and measures 10.5 inches in diameter; the rim is 3/4" thick and the bowl is 10.5 inches tall

Price: $350 TAKE 30% OFF

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Eunice Hager Sampler, 1860

Eunice Hager Sampler, 1860 $300.00 Large, beautifully stitched family history sampler in black wool on tan linen 3 alphabets, the numbers 1-10. 17" x 14" It says: Elisha Hager born Jan 21, 1781 Died July 26 1860 Patty Hager born April 23 1782 Died March 16 1833 Marsha Hager born June 20 1808 Died Jan 2 1852 Eunice Hager born Aug 1 1810 Levina Hager born Aug 31 1812 Daniel Hager Born Nov 27 1814 J Madison Hager born March 21 1817 Died March 6 1860 Elisha Hager Jr born Aug 2 1819 John Hager born Aug 11 1821 Died Feb 7 1852 A Hortensia Hager born June 30 1824 Eunice Hager is my name English is my Nation Halifax is my Dwelling Place And Christ is my Salvation. (Elisha and Patty were the parents. Patty had 9 children and died at the age of 50). This dates about 1860, probably stitched just after her father and brother died. Rare and unusual! Excellent condition - no stains, stitch loss or holes. I have had a real wooden frame made for this sampler, but it is easily removable, i

Price: $300 TAKE 30% OFF

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Painted mortar and pestle

Painted mortar and pestle $375.00 19th century mortar and pestle in old mustard over original olive paint. Sturdy crack on the base that has occurred with wood shrinkage over the years; hairline and barely visible crack on one side. Beautiful carved turnings and a wide 5-3/4" base. Very nice matching mortar and pestle.

Price: $375 TAKE 30% OFF

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MAKE OFFER: Penny Scarf Runner

MAKE OFFER: Penny Scarf Runner $550.00 Early Penny Scarf Runner; mid-late 1800s. The base of this early runner is made of old marked burlap sack.. It is hand-stitched beautifully in greens, blues and cream colors, with just a little fading over time. There is also some fabric breakdown, as shown in pictures, due to the early age of this piece. It looks gorgeous on a table and brings attention to an otherwise lacking piece of furniture. This is an incredible piece of folk art textile to add to any collection. Dimensions: 41" by 18.5"

Price: $550 Make Offer

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Early Black Doll in Original Period Cl

Early Black Doll in Original Period Clothing $700.00 This Early Black Doll in Original Period Clothing Wonderful measures 21” in length. She is an outstanding example of the care, talent and love put into making dolls during the 1800s. She has curly black yarn hair, black beads for her eyes, a stitched pinched nose and stitched red lips. She has a wonderful period blue and white striped dress and sheer off-white apron. She wears two dainty linen and lace slips and a pair of pantaloons. There are a few holes to her hands and feet, quite normal for a doll of this age. Her face also has a few tears, which do not take away from the wonder of this historical doll. The body is stuffed hard. She is sturdy and well preserved. This would no doubt be an exceptional addition for any collector.

Price: $700 TAKE 30% OFF

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MAKE OFFER: Superb Late 1800's Pomegranate Quilt

MAKE OFFER: Superb Late 1800's Pomegranate Quilt $575.00 Here is the story of this "killer quilt." I was at a show recently, and a quilt I had displayed sold. Of course I needed another one to take its place; in addition, I was heading straight to another show after that one. My fellow dealer asked me, "Do you want a killer quilt for that show?" (Well, who doesn't, right?") So she pulls this insane quilt from her personal collection that she had not yet hung in her own booth, begins to unfold it to show me the details when I just said, "Stop! I'll take it." It's that amazing. The gorgeous 19th-century hand-stitched quilt boasts of chrome yellow, green, red and a light cream ... all colors typically used in fabrics of the late 1800’s. Pomegranates are a folk-art symbol of love, and this quilt was given as a wedding gift and then stored away and never used or laundered, which is evident by the texture of the fabric. There is one spot where dyes ran to look blue (see photos), and there

Price: $575 Make Offer

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Sweet, smart-looking early black doll

Sweet, smart-looking early black doll $700.00 This is a sweet, smart-looking early black doll with her astrachan wig, embroidered features ( beads in eyes and a pinched nose), little laces to suggest shoes, brown cotton body, black polished cotton head, and complete and authentic original layers of clothing - breeches, underskirt, red calico dress and blue and white polka-dotted apron. She is a simple and direct statement of the late 19th c in America. There is a little sewn repair on her face.

Price: $700 TAKE 30% OFF

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MAKE OFFER: Early Dome-top Maine Box

MAKE OFFER: Early Dome-top Maine Box $600.00 This early dome-top box boasts the typical dry red and black paint of early to mid-1800s New England, especially Maine. While it shows wear expected from age and use, it is still in excellent condition and shows displays delicate black floral and dotted designs. Square nails. Small iron hinges. All original and clean. There is not a key available. Dimensions: 32" by 14" by 11.5"

Price: $600 Make Offer

2018-Nov-24 07:44pm EST | Tags :

MAKE OFFER: Early Red Paint-decorated Trunk

MAKE OFFER: Early Red Paint-decorated Trunk $1,900.00 Red Paint-decorated Trunk Either Western New Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania, this is an original trunk with all red paint and black folk art designs. Original brasses. The bottom sports a pretty matchstick molding on the sides, with just a few sticks missing. Lots of great wear to this early 19th century trunk. Dimensions: 41.5” long by 19” tall by 21” deep. For more photos: http://tincats.com/?q=productdisplay/make-offer-early-red-paint-decorated-trunk

Price: $1,900 Make Offer

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Smoke-decorated Blanket Box

Smoke-decorated Blanket Box The mustard colored smoke decoration on this blanket box is exceptional. The till on the inside is unusual in that it slides, rather than lifts. It’s also a desirable size. Original hinges and outstanding trim. It is 39-1/4” wide by 19” tall by 18” deep. Early 19th Century, New England

Price: $1,500 TAKE 30% OFF

2018-Nov-24 07:35pm EST | Tags :

MAKE OFFER: Oil on Canvas of a Pretty Woman

MAKE OFFER: Oil on Canvas of a Pretty Woman $450.00 Painting of a Woman Oil on canvas painting of pretty woman. She looks like actress Uma Thurman, to me. Black-light shows in-painting on this attractive painting; due to this post-purchase discovery, I am offering this item at cost. Original frame.

Price: $450 Make Offer

2018-Nov-24 07:33pm EST | Tags :

Calico Doll Quilt

Late 1800s to early 1900s hand-stitched calico doll quilt; good overall condition with a small area of fading. Measures 26" by 19".

Price: $285 TAKE 30% OFF

2018-Nov-24 07:29pm EST | Tags :

Pennsylvania Star Doll Quilt

Skillfully sewed calico doll's quilt with a central black star. The black color of the star was used as a mourning print fabric introduced ca. 1880. Excellent condition. 21.5" by 17"

Price: $300 Make Offer

2018-Nov-24 07:20pm EST | Tags :

Tenth Anniversary Tin Doll Cradle

This sweet little tin cradle measures 7.5" long x 4.5" to top of hood. The cradle is in excellent condition, with just the right age patina. c 1850 - 1870. American. I purchased this little piece a while back from Kathy Schoemer, who has more knowledge and probably appreciation for these 10th Anniversary items made by our ancestors. Here is what she said in her original description, "The tinsmith was a creative fellow, and whimsical too, apparently. My late friend from Acworth, Elizabeth Brown, made this little lavender-filled mattress and pillow, which fit quite nicely inside." According to Kathy, pieces such as these are not easily found, and often when one does find them, they are at high prices. This one is priced fairly, and I hope it will go to someone with a great appreciation for early tin and early anniversary traditions.

Price: $350 TAKE 30% OFF

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17-inch out of round blue dough bowl

17-inch out of round blue dough bowl $550.00 From a private collection, this 19th century dough bowl boasts a beautiful old and original deep soldier blue paint. The aged painted surface shows expected signs of wear and use, as well as paint oxidation. This large, out-of-round bowl measures 1 $550.00 From a private collection, this 19th century dough bowl boasts a beautiful old and original deep soldier blue paint. The aged painted surface shows expected signs of wear and use, as well as paint oxidation. This large, out-of-round bowl measures 16 ¼”- 17 ½” in diameter, 1” lip, and is 6” deep. This excellent bowl does have a lightning-bolt crack about 3 inches. It shows evidence of previous repair work; I do not believe it takes away from the overall beauty of this bowl because of its outstanding paint color. The paint is overall dry, but there is shine that is achieved over time that wear smooths and soften ... to achieve patina. Some shine is also a result of lighting.

Price: $550 TAKE 30% OFF

2018-Nov-24 07:10pm EST | Tags :

MAKE OFFER: Small hanging cupboard in old blue pai

MAKE OFFER: Small hanging cupboard in old blue paint $375.00 This 19th-century cupboard boasts old, dry light blue paint that has been exposed to water drops and sunlight ... all a part of its wonderful surface and patina. Construction is simple, but it is sturdy, made of pine and has many practical and decorative uses. Found in New England. MEASURES 12-1/4" x 19" x 15"

Price: $375 Make Offer

2018-Nov-24 07:06pm EST | Tags :

Vinegar-painted dry surface

Vinegar-painted dry surface, mid-19th century box with molded trim & 1841 paper-lined bottom & sidewalls. In almost original condition. Someone unfortunately painted the inside boards of the top lid w/some kind of red stain or enamel paint. This seems to have been done sometime ago. The brass key plate missing on the front, is quite curiously pinned to the back sidewall. It is present but not located on the front. This early box shows wonderful character.

Price: $350 TAKE 30% OFF

2018-Nov-24 06:20pm EST | Tags :

MAKE OFFER: New England burl mortar and pestle

New England burl mortar and pestle; 19th c. 7-1/2" h. Very good condition. Married mortar and pestle. The wood against which this photo was taken is pecan ... makes me wonder about the wood of this mortar and pestle. $550

Price: See description

2018-Nov-05 12:00pm EST | Tags :

MAKE OFFER: Primitive mustard spice cabinet

Perfect example of an 1800s spice cabinet! Original mustard paint, some well-used and chipped knobs, but a wonderful old piece! Eight drawers. 1800s. Has a hole for hanging on the wall. Old square nail construction. Great primitive piece! $295

Price: $295 plus shipping

2018-Oct-24 05:56pm EDT | Tags :

MAKE OFFER:Watercolor of small child in blue dress

Water Color Small child in blue dress. Sweet smile on her face. Dated 1.22.1896. The smudge-mark in the photos actually is from a dirty glass. Easily cleaned. Original gold frame. $295

Price: $295 plus shipping

2018-Oct-24 05:46pm EDT | Tags :

1800s Fruit Theorem

1800s theorem in original gold frame. Theorem is pretty but has some issues to mention; there is water damage, foxing and a repaired tear. Nice golds, blues and reds; good example of commonly-painted theorem of the time. Measures 14.5" by 18" $300.

Price: $300 TAKE 30% OFF

2018-Oct-24 03:27pm EDT | Tags :

Pastels Yo-Yo Doll Mat

Yo-Yo Doll Mat 1930’s Yo Yo doll mat in pastels. Excellent condition. Purchased from Stella Rubin. $200

Price: $200 TAKE 30% OFF

2018-Oct-24 03:23pm EDT | Tags : under $200

Lot of New England Painted Tin Pieces

If you like the look, this lot is for you. Purchased together, the price is a firm $485. All pieces of tin are mid-1800s with original, un-touched paint. Some pieces are in better condition than others. The cup shows the most paint loss. The crazing on the pretty tea caddy in otherwise excellent condition is due to an old applied varnish. The beautiful tray shows minimal paint loss, but has some misshapen areas around the hand--rolled edges. The syrup pitcher also shows vibrant paint but chipping to the black background. The stone fruit lemon is an early piece with great color and no chips.

Price: $485 TAKE 30% OFF

2018-Sep-28 02:37pm EDT | Tags : Lots

New England Tea Caddy Lot

These tea caddies were actually purchased a year apart in different places. They are mid 1800s New England, with the larger of the two being in slightly better paint condition than the smaller, which measures 5.5" tall by 3" wide. Placing them together on this probably early 1900s braided mat that is in good condition with an early red stone fruit strawberry brightens them up and makes a nice showing. More photos available upon request. Lot price is $375.

Price: $375 TAKE 30% OFF

2018-Sep-28 11:57am EDT | Tags : Lots

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