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Diecut Christmas

One German diecut and the Santa I am not sure more than likely German but The angels are 10 inches tall 6 inches wide Santa Claus 16 inches tall 6 inches wide

Price: 85.00 both and Free Shipping

2020-Feb-17 04:39pm EST | Tags : Christmas

Four pieces of stone fruit

Four pieces of stone fruit

Price: 85.00 Free Shipping

2020-Feb-17 04:35pm EST | Tags :

Red Painted Measure

Red painted measure top metal band is missing should be able to see that from the photo 8 inches diameter at top 9 inches diameter at bottom 4 inches tall all original no repairs or touchup paint

Price: 85.00 Free Shipping

2020-Feb-17 04:19pm EST | Tags :

Wool homespun blanket

Wall homespun blanket. There’s a couple of bad spots I put quarters there so you can kind of see him 82” long 60” wide

Price: 180.00 Free Shipping

2020-Feb-17 04:12pm EST | Tags : Textile

Ironstone feathered edged platter

Ironstone feathered edge platter 13 1/2” x 10” no chips or cracks and no manufactures marked that I can see

Price: 59.00 Free Shipping

2020-Feb-17 04:00pm EST | Tags :

Watercolor early

Watercolor early nice early frame look at last picture will show you how it’s framed 9 1/2 inches wide to the outside of the frame 12 inches tall watercolors 5 x 7

Price: 195.00 free shipping

2020-Feb-17 03:56pm EST | Tags :

Mustard Painted carrier

Mustard Painted carrier With pinstriping a little damage to the right hand side top you should be able to see that in the picture 10 inches wide 7 inches deep 9 1/2 inches tall

Price: $45.00

2020-Feb-01 05:56pm EST | Tags :

Wall box putty colored painted square nailed

Wall box painted and a putty colored paint Square nails. The side in the bottom have a light blue color in the back has a dark blue color shows a lot of character 11 1/2 inches wide 7 inches deep 5 1/2 inches tall

Price: 90.00 Free Shipping

2020-Feb-01 05:52pm EST | Tags :

Foot Stool Sold

Footstool painted green I think the nails are square it’s very hard to tell the paints fairly heavy in even on this piece I don’t think it’s ever been repainted 16 inches long 6 inches tall 8 inches wide

Price: Sold

2020-Feb-01 05:49pm EST | Tags : Painted

Blue Lock box

Blue dovetailed lockbox original blue paint great color no repairs square nails great dovetailing 18 inches long 10 inches deep 7 inches tall. Nice story hand written on the inside of the lid data from 1908 it’s in picture number two

Price: 250.00 Free Shipping

2020-Feb-01 05:42pm EST | Tags : Painted Blue

Patriotic drum

Patriotic drum 7 inches in diameter 6 1/2 inches tall as you can see in picture number two the skins on both sides are almost completely gone

Price: 165.00. Free Shipping

2020-Feb-01 05:39pm EST | Tags :

Red ware Bank

Red ware bank I think the very top had been broken off and re-glued to this piece very nice old 7 inches tall 4 1/2 inches in diameter A little decoration around the top of the bank pick number two

Price: 40.00 Free Shipping

2020-Feb-01 02:29pm EST | Tags : Red ware

Paint it red ware Bank

Painted red ware Bank 4 inches tall 2 1/2 inches in diameter

Price: $50.00

2020-Feb-01 02:25pm EST | Tags : Painted redware

Blanket may be a doll textile

Blanket may be a doll blanket 23 inches long 18 inches wide

Price: $50.00

2020-Feb-01 02:16pm EST | Tags : Textile

Painted Tin Bucket

Painted tin bucket orange the bucket sold in the painters old 14 inches to the top of the handle 10 1/2 inches in diameter

Price: 55.00 Free Shipping

2020-Feb-01 02:10pm EST | Tags :

Basket blue painted handle and bottom rim

Basket blue painted handle and bottom rim It looks like the entire basket is painted a very light orange to little damages on the top which you should see in the pictures no other damages a great old basket 10 inches in diameter 11 inches tall

Price: 145.00 Free Shipping

2020-Jan-31 04:26pm EST | Tags :

Patriotic dress

Patriotic dress 32” long Mannequin not included

Price: 120.00 Free Shipping

2020-Jan-30 06:29pm EST | Tags :

Hooked Rug Chicken

Hooked rug chicken or rooster 17 1/2 inches wide 31 inches long

Price: 120.00 free shipping

2020-Jan-30 06:25pm EST | Tags :

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