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Hello and thank you for visiting Black Feathers on line store, where you will find a wide array of primitive and country smalls. As a life long Northern New England resident, I have been fortunate to be in the area where some of the best American, Folk-Art and Colonial life items have been discovered with more treasures yet to be found! I also have a great interest in books and early American bottles and glass. All the items listed are guaranteed authentic and any imperfections will be noted. Reasonable offers are encouraged and I will try to work with you on shipping also. I accept checks and PayPal. I ship via Fed Ex or USPS, which is not included in the price. Fresh items will be added often, so frequent visits to the Black Feathers store should be worth while and always know you can shop with confidence. Thank you, Carrie

Antique Bronze based Art Glass Vase

Blown white opaline glass layered with irridescent blue and green pulled feather decoration. Wide ruffled rim atop a bulbous shoulder, tapered body disappears into a beautifully age patina bronze base. Glass is in very good condition, no chips or cracks, does have in-the-making tiny bubbles in the blown glass. No makers mark. 10" height, 2 3/4" diameter base. Circa 1900.

Price: 49.00 with free shipping in USA

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Rindskopf Art Nouveau Glass Vase - Blown Irridesce

Art Nouveau Era blown glass vase with a dimpled neck and base, ending in an unusual round shoulder and neck with a rectangular top opening. Irridized glass; gleaming with colors, depending on the light, blues, purples, greens and more, with the ground being cobalt blue glass. The vase is not marked although after considerable time searching and examining the different makers of this type of glass, it is very likely a Rindskopf, circa 1900-1905. 7" height and 4 1/2" diameter. 1 3/4" x 2 1/4" rectangular top opening. Very good condition, no chips or cracks, no visible scratches.

Price: 225.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

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Antique Monmouth Western Stoneware Pottery Mug Tob

Monmouth Western Stoneware, 1896-1930. Nice thick stoneware with a brown and tan two-tone glaze and black applied tobacco advertisement on one side. The Monmouth Company leaf log and USA is impressed into the bottom of the mug. 4 7/8" height and 4 1/8" base diameter. Excellent condition.

Price: 16.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

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Antique Rosenthal Mobijou Barvarian China Plate Si

Collectible artist signed Barvarian china plate from the Rosenthal Company. This style plate named "Monbijou" was named for it's highly detailed ruffled edge design; not the painted design. These plates were produced between about 1896 through 1907 and were sent out to only the finest artists worldwide to be painted. This 5 3/4" plate is signed in gold by Annie L. Messer. She hand painted this plate with a lovely floral decoration and double gold rim highlighted design. The antique plate is in excellent condition as is the hand painting. 5 3/4" diameter. 1896-1907

Price: 39.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

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Antique Early American Pressed Glass EAPG 2 handle

19th Century EAPG glass bonbon AKA nut dish, nappy, with many design features that were used in Early American Pressed Glass through-out the 1800's. This little gem has two inverted dot decorated handles, a staggered saw tooth rim, an arched button pattern over a thistle type pin wheel, bottom completely decorated with a single, large pin wheel. Over 120 years old, in great condition, no chips or cracks, inside on the bottom has an in-the-making flaw that looks like a crack, which it is not. 4" top diameter, 2 3/4" height at the high point of the rim

Price: 32.00 Free Shipping in lower 48 states

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Antique Folk Art Side Table/Plant or Lamp Stand

Great little antique side table constructed from a mix of hard and soft woods that looks to have been "home shop" made. Simple design with a single board top, delicate square stock splayed legs having an x-braced base with a spoon carved daisy floral decoration in the center that serves as a great stabilizer and adds a nice decorative touch. The table has multiple uses; plant stand, side table, lamp stand, where ever a small table is needed. Very sturdy, in good condition, nice age patina. Early 1900's. 21 3/4" height. top is 10 1/4 x 12" more photos available.

Price: 49.00 plus shipping

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Antique Rockingham Glazed Earthenware Cake Mold

A 9" cake mold from the mid 1800's with a brown glaze known as Rockingham glaze. Cake molds like this were being made at many of the pottery manufacturers from New England to the Midwest. The mold is in good condition; no cracks; has 2 small chip repairs on the top rim of the center cone. 9" diameter approximately 3 1/2" deep.

Price: 20.00 plus shipping

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Swedish Folk Art Carved Wood Double Bowl LovingCup

Outstanding Swedish carving went into this double bowled cup/mug. Carved from a single piece of wood; intricate heart shaped handles; over-under bowls with decorative fans, geometric shapes and others, encompassing each bowl. The hardwood has aged nicely with a dark patina. One of the bowls has Made in Spain incised mark and the other bowl is incised with a Z with-in a circle, which is likely the carvers mark. Loving cup is 6 5/8" height, the bowls are about 4" in diameter. Excellent condition. Early 1900's.

Price: 68.00 with free shipping in USA

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Antique Putnam Lightning Fruit/Canning Jar

19th Century Lightning Jar - Early quart size fruit or canning jar with the patented lightning closure. The jar was made by one of the eleven glass houses producing jars and bottles for Putnam at the time as he was a glass container jobber as well as an inventor. The jar has embossed, raised lettering on one side which reads trade mark Lightning. The bottom is also embossed with Putnam 845. The information I found stated that his labeling was used from 1882 to 1896. The blown-in-mold jar is in good condition; has base wear; interior spots of haze; no chips or cracks. The glass lid is embossed with PAT'D APR of 82 Lightning. There may be more lettering in between this but the lid is too worn in this area between 82 and lightning. Lid has a chip about 1" x 1/2" on the side. The wire lightning closure is rusty but still works.

Price: 45.00 Free Shipping in the lower 48 states

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Antique Stoneware Bail Handled Jug

Nice old one gallon salt glazed stoneware jug with a wire and turned wood bail handles makes great bar decor as many of these were used for whiskey in the 1800's through prohibition. Just also has an old cork stopper to top it off. 9" height, 7" base diameter. Circa 1900. The jug is in very good condition, no chips, no cracks, does have in the making flaws. This jug was made using 2 molded pieces joined together and there is 2 places the glaze has flaked off the seam as shown in pictures, this does not effect the structural integrity. The jug is solid.

Price: 25.00 Plus Shipping

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Antique Country French Footstool

19th Century country French style footstool constructed of original, age patina mahogany with mortise and tenon joinery. The natural, darkened mahogany has remnants of old varnish finish. Cabriole style legs sopped with slightly chamfered edges; pyramid like top. A woven hemp or other natural fiber of the time; rope was used to weave the seat portion. The rope appears to be original; in very good condition and strong enough to sit on for low seating purposes such as the 1800's low chairs made for apple sorting. The footstool is 18 1/2" x 12 3/4" and 11 1/2" height. Very solid construction in great condition; does have scratches shown in pictures. More photos available.

Price: $45.00 plus shipping

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Antique Taunton, MA Stoneware Jug FT Wright Stone

F.T. Wright & Son, Taunton, MA, impressed stamp marked on the shoulder of the one gallon jug. Potters Franklin T. Wright and his son used this stamp mark on the stoneware they produced from 1866 into the 1870's. Jug has nice form and a thick D-shaped, applied handle. Other than a chip in the lip, the jug is in fine condition 11" height. (more photos available)

Price: $25.00 Plus Shipping

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Antique Asian Porcelain Ginger Jar

A smaller size jar decorated with hand painted enamels and gold gilt on a yellow ground. Ovoid form topped with two lids; an inner lid with a lip that allows the lid to set into the jar for a tighter seal and has a gold gilded knob. The top lid has a clear glaze with more hand painted enamel and gold over painting in a highly stylized fashion. The bright, colorful antique ginger jar is in very good condition, inner lid has a small chip which is only seen when top lid is removed. The top lid has crazing in the area that is not enameled. Inside of the jar shows in-the-making rings that ensure the little jar is hand made and not a mold cast production piece. 4" height including lid. (more photos available)

Price: $45.00 free shipping in lower 48 states

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Pair of 19th Century Pastel on Velvet Paintings

Original 19th Century Art Work. Wonderful pair of oval framed pastel and oil painted floral with foliage hand paintings on black velvet. The pair are related and one has a short story written on the reverse side telling why the paintings came to be and by whom. Each painting is about 140 years old and in very good condition, just a couple light scratches in the paint (shown in pictures). The gold paint on the oval frames is showing its age with fading and discoloration, which could fairly be repainted if desired, some like myself prefer the old rustic patina. 11 1/2" x 9 1/2" oval, ready to hang. Sold as a pair with free shipping in USA. More photos available.

Price: 95.00 Free shipping in lower 48 states

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Antique Folk-Art Hand Carved Handle

Unusual 20" handle with a thin slot on one end perhaps for attaching a sickle blade or other type of blade. The handle is completely carved on both sides with entwined semicircular lines and a raised star within a circle at the top. The opposite end has a carved hand grip and a metal haning hook. Handle is in great condition; has strinkage cracks on one end (shown in pictures) that do not effect the integrity. 20" length, width varies.

Price: 45.00 Free Shipping in the lower 48 states

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Antique Nippon Style Porcelain Urn/Vase

Early handpainted open urn or vase that could be pre 1891 Nippon. The piece is unmarked and has a scenic landscape over a ligh relief raised poppy flowers with foliage on the lower portion, also on neck. Opposite side is painted completely different with a single flower with foliage in enamel paint with a mixed tone of browns. With the different sides, it makes 2 urns in one by simply turning to the side you wish to see. The urn is in very good condition; no chips, cracks, etc. The relief opoppy's have some age shrinkage cracks but remain solidly intact to the urn. Nice large size at 12 inch height and about 6 1/2" inch diameter at the widest point.

Price: $59.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

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Antique French Enamel Painted Porcelain Platter

Beautiful French porcelain platter with flared rim having a lightly scalloped edge hand painted in green enamels and gold gilt. Center of the platter has a lovely purple and green dressed who looks to be reading a letter, maybe a love letter from her beau. Surrounding the center is bouquets of pink flowers with mixed green foliage. The platter is 15 1/4" x 10 3/4"; in very good condition; no chips; no crazing, etc. Does have a few in-the-making firing pings in the glaze as shown in the pics. Hand painted enamel, French Porcelain serving/decorative platter.

Price: $38.00 with free shipping in lower 48 States

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Large Antique Iron Strainer Dipper

Heavy duty ladle with thick iron rat-tailed handle attached to a heavy spun metal perforated bowl. Bowl retains most of what looks like zinc coating. Very good condititon. Early 1900's. 19" length, 6 1/4" diameter and 2" deep bowl

Price: 45.00 Free Shipping in the lower 48 states

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19th Century B.I.M. Glass Cruet

Great little cruet that was made by the blown in mold method. 5 3/4" height.

Price: 29.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

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19th Century Ship Diorama

Folk Art at its Best! Hand made sailing ship on the high seas mounted on a picture frame with hand painted back ground; wooden sails; activity having more ships, birds and cloudy skies. Overall good condition, minor paint loss on the bottom right; sail strings have decayed due to age; frame edge paint has been refreshed at some point. 18" height, 29 1/2" width, 3 1/2" at deepest. (more photos available)

Price: SOLD!

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Circa 1800 Forged Wrought Iron Revolving Gridiron

Very early forged iron gridiron attached with a center pin allowing it to revolve. The gridiron is raised on 3 fancy twisted legs attached to an offset handle with a punched hole for hanging when not in use. Early blacksmith made from the late 1700's to early 1800's. Overall length is 23" and a 10 3/4" circular gridiron cooking space. Good overall condition; pin that holds gridiron is a little loose. (more photos available)

Price: 95.00 Free shipping in lower 48 states

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Antique Pipe Tobacco Jar and Bag of MuehlHauser's

Nice turn of the century pottery in the form of a woven rattan wrapped jug with attached smoking pipe. Inside, there is a hanging tobacco pouch with the original tobacco of the period. The tobacco jar comes with a bonus MuehlHauser's smoking and chewing lithographed paper bag that's highly detailed. Potter Jar is in excellent condition. Paper Bag has a small chewed mouse hole. Both pieces for one price that includes free shipping in USA

Price: $95.00 with free shipping in USA

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19th Century Copper and Forged Iron Bed Warmer

Thick hammered copper and blacksmith forged iron bed warmer. Heavy duty construction with iron ring covered with copper lid ring. Forged iron and hammered copper rivets. Roged iron neck, escepts the 18 1/2" hickory handle that's likely a later replacement (stamped 1992). 8 1/2" diameter x 5 1/4" height copper warmer, 11" forged iron neck and 18 1/2" wood handle (more photos available)

Price: $95.00 plus shipping

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Antique Paper Labeled Floria Ant Poison Bottle

Rare Bogart's Ant Poison manufactured only by the Abernethy Pharmacy, Daytona Beach Florida. (as stated on label) Great cork top, little bottle with the original paper label and cork. Bottle also comes with the original box that's a bit tattered but fully labeled on all four sides with product info.

Price: 29.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

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Pair of Early Ale Bottles; 1800's Green Glass

Two early to mid 1800's ale bottles made of thick, heavy green glass. Deep push-up bases, cylindrical bodies, long, slender should and neck; applied string lip finish. Bottles are practically idential except for the colors og reen, one very dark; other a little lighter. Both are in good condition; no chips or cracks, they do have some light scratches. 10" height. Two, 170-plus year old ale bottles for one price, shipping included! Great for decorating, flowers, candles, etc.

Price: $32.00 with free shipping in US

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Original Vintage 1940's Attleboro MA Oil on Board

Artist - Amy Carr, circa 1940's. Rural Massachusettes scene with an array of architectual styles and landscape. Artwork is on the artist board with canvas that is of earlier twentieth century and has the maker stamp from the M. Grumbacher Inc. Company of New York, a company that begain at the kitchen table of Max Grumbacher in 1905 in New York City making brushes by hand. The painting is signed Amy Carr in the lower right corner. I have not found information on the artist. Art work size is 20x24 and the frame size is 22 1/2" x 26 1/4". Artwork and frame are in very good condition. Ready to hang and enjoy! (please note the photos have made the art piece look a little brighter than it is) I have 2 other similar paintings by the same artist listed on Dig Antiques. I will give a discount if someone is intersted in 2 or 3 of these paintings. They look great all together!

Price: 195.00 with free shipping in the lower 48 states

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Original Rural New England Landscape Painting

A circa 1940's oil on canvas covered artist board by Amy Carr. The painting depicts a rural dirt road lined with an old fence and trees leading through a New England Farm. There are three works by Carr available in my Dig Antiques shop, all are of rural New England scenes in matching frames. The back of this painting is stamped with the Providence Rhode Island company - Block Artists Material Co., If anyone interested in more than one painting, please message me for special pricing. The painting and frame are in good condition 22x26 frame and 19 1/2" x 23 1/2" sight. Circa 1940 oil canvas board, signed by artist Amy Carr.

Price: 195.00 with free shipping in USA

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Original Vintage O/B Rural American Painting

Lovely winter scene set in rural America circa 1940 and depicting children playing in the snow amongst tall hardwood trees and classic early architecture. The painting is by artist Amy Carr (unfound artist) and is oil paint on canvas panel, framed in a molded hardwood frame measuring 22 1/2" x 26 1/4". Frame has a chip on the backside of upper right corner. Painting has flaking in bottom right corner. We have 2 other paintings by the artist in on Dig Antiques that has a matching frame to this one and they look good all together. If anyone is interested in purchasing 2 or 3 paintings, special pricing will apply. Please contact me.

Price: 150.00 - Free shipping in the US

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19th Century B.I.M. Pontiled Perfume/Scent Bottle

Beautiful light lavender colored, thick, heavy leaded glass with an over all blown in mold (B.I.M.) pattern. Strawberry and fan with geometric pattern likely by Boston and Sandwich Glass Co., mid 1800's. Square form body with vertical paneled shoulder and neck; flared lip. The solid glass stopper is round formed facet cut; not the original, but fits ok and looks great with the bottle. Very Good condition.

Price: 38.00 with free shipping in lower 48 States

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Original Mid 1800's Heloise Leloir Engraved Print

Heloise Leloir Engraved Hand Colored Fashion Print - Two elegantly dressed young maidens in a beautiful rural landscape scene. The maidens and landscape are the work of well known 19th Century French artists, Heloise Leloir and Louis Berlier. Leloir is listed as a miniaturist and watercolorist but is best known for her works in the fashion industry in Paris. Both artist signatures appear in the lower left and right corners of the engraved print. A lot of their prints are later 20th Century reprints, this is a 19th Century engraving in a period frame that is a piece of art itself. The raised gold gilded plaster decorative work on the wood frame is outstanding and has withstood the test of time, still in near excellent condition. The 1850's to 1860's hand colored engraving, signed, measures 10 5/8" x 12 5/8" sight. The mid 1800's gold gilded raised decoration frame measures 16 1/2" x 14 1/2". both in near excellent condition, print has minor discoloration spot, lower right.

Price: 129.00 with free shipping in USA

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Antique Massillion Ohio Made Soda Bottle

Circa 1900 light blue/aqua soda bottle made by The Bottle and Glass Company in Massillion, Ohio. Bottom of the bottle are embossed lettering makers mark M.B. & G. Co. 16. the top of the bottle has a tooled blob finish that would accept a lighting-type closure. Glass is in great condition with lots of old glass character. Interior haze around the shoulder area 9 3/8" height.

Price: 24.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

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Antique Mauchline Ware w/ Souvenir Duntulm Castle

An unusual find, a mauchline ware black lacquered cylinder container with an elaborately painted scene on the cap. On the bottom of the container there is a message written as follows; stones from Duntulm Castle Oct. 1902 Mel. In excellent condition. Great little antique piece of Scotland history plus a fantastic piece of hand painted Mauchline ware.

Price: $59.00

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Vintage Hand Painted Nursery Rhymes Style Frame

One of a kind frame art picture frame features smartly dressed forest and farm animals mingling in and about a cherry tree. The artwork is all hand painted, (not printed) and lacquer finished. The unique wood frame appears to be all hand crafted and finished with a vinyl type material adhered to the wood. The 9 3/4" x 7 3/4" frame has a hinged leg stand for stand up display. Simple wall mounting hooks could easily by added if wall mounting is desired. The one of a kind, all hand made frame is in very good condition, paint has a couple age shrinkage cracks as shown in the pics. 6 1/2" x 4 3/4" picture showing. Will hold a photo up to 8x6 down to 7 x 5". (more photos available)

Price: 59.00 Free Shipping in Lower 48 states

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Rare A.B. Frost Framed Tile Art

A College Regatta, July 17, 1880 scene on the Schuylkillvier in Pennsylvania, where spectators are watching the great rowing race from their own row boats. The tile is a hand colored engraving print and signed A.B. Frost in lower left corner. Arthur Burdett Frost (1851-1928) is known as one of the greats in the Golden Age of American Illustration. Frost was also a graphic artist, comics writer and painter. The period framed tile is in great condition. Frame size is 6 5/8" x 7 5/8" and it's beautifully carved with a satin gold painted finish. Title site size is 3 1/2" x 4 1/2" Rare 19th Century tile art.

Price: 129.00 with free shipping in USA

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Antique 1800's Wrought Iron Peel

Early blacksmith forged wrought iron peel. 41 1/2" long with curled rams horn finial. The flat spatula ends shows heavy use wear. Slight crook in handle.

Price: 65.00 Plus Shipping

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Granite Ware/Enamel Ware Ladle/Spoon

Beautiful white speckles over a Robins Egg Blue enameled ladle. Large spoon shaped ladle in good condition, has edge wear losses. 14" length. 1800s-early 1900s

Price: 19.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

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Antique Heisey Glass Co. Marked Candy Dish

Very nice quality lidded; half pound capacity candy dish/bowl with engraved stemmed roses and raised rib pattern bowl and base topped with a ribbed lid with hexagonal finial. This top shelf piece was crafted at the Heisey Glass Co. between 1915 and 1935 and has the H in-a-diamond makers mark engraved intot eh center of the base. Very good condition, no chips, cracks or flaws. 9 1/4" overall height.

Price: 47.00 with free shipping lower 48 states

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Early American Pressed Glass Puff Jar

Beautiful seldom seen glass puff box with it's original pressed pattern brass lid with powder puff hole. This amazing piece was made in Beaver Falls, PA by the co-operative Flint Glass Co, LTD, which operated from 1869-1937. The pattern pressed inthe glass was named "Rex" and was introduced in 1908. Glass and lid are in excellent condition. Approximately 4" height and 4" at it's widest. Very nice, scarce example of Early American pressed glass, which could also be used as a potpourri bowl.

Price: 59.00 Free Shipping in Lower 48 states

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Antique Canadian Apothecary Bottle

Light aqua colored glass pint size bottle made by the blown in mold method. One side has a slug plate label and a narrow, long rectangle blank slug plate below it. Label reads syrup of Hypophospites "Fellows". A cure-all invented by James Fellows. He and his father were listed as drug merchants in 1850 New Brunswick. Bottle is in good condition, no chips, has light scratches. 7 3/4"

Price: 28.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

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Early American Pattern Glass -Massachusettes

Gorgeous trumpet vase elaborately decorated with the pattern dedicated to the State of Massachusettes. Even the bottom of the base has the pattern impressed into it which shows through beautifully as the vase stands. This is a great example of the 19th Century glass being made in America and was likely produced at the U.S. Glass Co., a group of companies that joined as one. Circa 1890. 6 3/8" high and 3 5/8" across top. Excellent condition.

Price: 49.00 with free shipping in USA

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19th Century Oil on Board

Folk Art painting of cabins on the river. No signature on painting, but there is a signature on the rear of the board - G. Devereaux?. Carved and gilted period frame that has been repainted. Some of the frame paint is on the painting. There is some loss on the right side of the frame. 16" x 21" (more photos available upon request)

Price: $125.00 with free shipping in the lower 48 states

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1940's Holy Bible

Black hard covered boards with gilt print on spine. There is an inscription inside the front cover. This bible appears to have been issued by the American Bible Society to Lyle E Brown in 1944(ish) at Camp Blanding, Florida. The bible has not been used much, it is in very good condition. Tight spine. Includes a book mark that came with the bible. There is a dent on the front cover. Overall, very good condition.

Price: $28.00 free shipping in lower 48 states

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18th Century Japanese Keyaki Wood Block Pulley

Huge pulley carved from a single piece of Keyaki wood. Pulley is topped with hand forged iron in an interestingly decorative form of a 4 point anchor. Base of the pulley is hollowed out to fit over something, reason unknown. Has a band of forged iron wrapped for reinforcement. 23" tall and 8" wide. Good condition. Wood wheel has lots of wear. Purchased from an elderly Japanese Lady who claimed it was used in stone castle construction. We cannot verify this information, only pass it on.

Price: $120.00 Plus Shipping

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19th Century Stoneware Gin Bottle

Tall cylinder form stoneware bottle with an orange-brown glaze; impressed label H.C. Konig Steinhagen Germany. Konig's began producing the gin in 1640 and is said to have had the largest and oldest gin distillery in the world. This stoneware bottle is 11 1/2" tall and 3 3/8" in diameter. Very good condition; has a couple glaze flaws shown in pictures. (more photos available on request)

Price: $49.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

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19th Century Relief Molded Yellow Ware Cream Jug

Small size jug made of brown mottled glazed yellow ware. Eight sided with low relief molded foliage decoration. Deep pouring spout and applied decorative handle. Good condition 4 3/4" height Mid 1800's.

Price: $119.00 with free shipping lower 48 states

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Antique Stoneware Bean Pot

Nice old bean pot with dark brown, black streaked glaze exterior, single strap handle and a lid. The lid is not likely the original, but it works and looks good. Bean pot is in good condition, only one chip in the handle (shown in pictures). No cracks. 8" high 8 1/2" wide.

Price: $25.00 Plus Shipping

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Antique Forged Iron Flesh Fork

Old forged iron meat or flesh flork with three tines. Center tine with remnants of a barb, two outer tines having outward angles, all for better holding. This fork is the old primitive version of the modern day serving fork. Good condition, still usable. 13 inch length and tines are about 3 1/2" long.

Price: 25.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

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Antique Vaseline Glass Lotus Pattern Bon Bon Dish

Two handled bon bon dish seldom seen made with vaseline glass lotus pattern. Dish is beautifully decorated with raised lotuses having opalescense highlighted tips as well as the rim and handles. The base of the dish is raised on a beaded circular foot. Bon bon dishes made in this form were popular in the early 1900's and produced by a few different glass houses, Fenton was likely the largest. The dish is 5" x 7" and with a 3 1/2" height and in excellent condition. Black light tested with a nice florescent green glow.

Price: 38.00 with free shipping in lower 48 States

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1800's Boston, MA Ale Bottle Comstock Gove & Co.

19th Century blown in mold porter ale/mineral water, aqua glass bottle with embossed raised lettering labled Comstock, Gove & Co. 30 Canal St. Boston on one side. Opposite side initialed in large letters C.G. & Co. Charles Gove and Hiram Comstock formed the company around 1865. They sold porter ale, minteral water, soda and cider. Comstock died in 1883 and Gove chagned the name to Charles S. Gove & Co. The bottle dates 1865-1883. Is in good condition, no chips interior has some residue and haze spots. 7" height.

Price: $45.00 free shipping in lower 48 states

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Antique Sanfords Paper Labeled Master Ink Bottle

Early 1900's quart size master ink bottle with lithographed paper label and embossed raised lettering for the Sanford's patented pouring spout which has the patent date in raised lettering on the pouring spout cap that reads Pat. Feb. 27 06 Label has some great graphics and has an advertisement for two other Sanfords products on each side of the main portion. Paper is in very good condition although does have red ink staining. Bottle is in good condition; no chips, no cracks, does have interior residue in the shoulder and neck. There is about 3/4 of an inch of the original red ink left in the bottle. 10 1/2" height including spout. The Sanford's Manufacturing Company has a great American business success story that began in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1857. At one time, the company was named Sanford and Son! It's a long, interesting history (too long to list here) that can be easily be found by an internet search for those interested. (more photos available)

Price: $48.00 with free shipping in the lower 48 states

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Rare Antique Free Sample Olive Oil Bottle

Miniature sample bottle with raised embossed lettering label, Pompeian Brand Olive Oil Free Sample. The bottle is very crude, out-of-round; indented side; stands slightly tilted at 4 1/2". Small bottle with big character and crudeness, in good condition, other than in the making flaws and interior haze.

Price: $18.00 Free Shipping USA

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Circa 1870 Franklin Dexter 1/2 Gallon Fruit Jar

Crude aqua colored glass embossed with Franklin Dexter Fruit Jar lettering. The 1/2 gallon jar also retains its original metal and glass insert screw top. Glass insert is also embossed, Patented August 8th, 1865. Jar was produced by A.R. Samual and his Keystone Glass Works located in Philadelphia. Approximately 9" height and 4 1/2" base. Not your average jar! Very good condition. Scarce 1/2 gallon

Price: $80.00 Plus Shipping

2020-Apr-18 01:06pm EDT | Tags :

Scarce Tappan's Sweet Buy & Buy Bay Rum Bottle

Blown in mold amber glass bottle made between 1880-1910. Colored lithograph label on the body and neck; tooled neck finish and a nickel plated sprinkler cap with tube through a cork closure. Seed bubbles & wavy Amber glass bottle is 8 3/4" tall including cap; 2" diameter base in excellent condition. The main lable on the body has staining discoloration but is completely intact. Label on the neck has a tear and edge loss.. Sweet Bye & Bye was introduced in 1881 and was a huge success that continued to grow year after year. The product created by Tappan's, a company owned by Herman Tappan, a Native of Gloucester, MA who moved to NY City at a young age with money in his pocket, which he used to buy an interest in a small but established sent company. Tappan built the company into a major U.S. perfume company that was the largest at that time.

Price: $55.00 for pair with free shipping in Lower 48 states

2020-Apr-05 07:06pm EDT | Tags :

Early 19th Century Flax Hetchel

Used to split, straighten and clean flax fibers as a final step to prepare flax fibers to be spun. The hetchel is constructed of 4" long iron cut nails embedded in a tin wrapped board which is attached to a longer board using cut nails, also. 20 1/2" long x 5" wide x 5" high

Price: 65.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2020-Apr-05 05:06pm EDT | Tags :

Antique Condiment/Catsup Bottle

Circa 1900-1920's Cylinder form bottle with embossed arched panels was likely used for catsup. The fancy paneled glass is topped off with an old character rusted metal cap that makes it a handsome display or decorative condiment style bottle. Glass is in good condition, metal cap is rusted and has a small hole in it.

Price: 22.00 Free Shipping US

2020-Mar-28 04:42pm EDT | Tags :

Antique Schlitz Beer Bottle - Manchester, NH

Circa 1900 colorless glass beer bottle with embossed, raised lettering. Reads Hohman & Bartlett Manchester, N.H. in block lettering and Schlitz in fancy script lettering. Bottle has the crown cap finish top and base that indicates it was likely made in a post bottom mold. The long neck has a noticable sweep or bend, that really adds to the character, along with bubbles and short striations. Other than the in-the-making flaws, the glass is in good condition. Light haze spots on the interior. 9 1/2" height.

Price: 28.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2020-Mar-15 02:30pm EDT | Tags :

Antique Beer Bottle with Paper Label Bass Ale

Early 1900's paper labeled Bass Ale colorless glass bottle made by the S. Indiana Glass Works between 1904 and 1912. The glass is in good condition. Paper lable has losses as shown in pictures.

Price: 28.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2020-Mar-14 05:24pm EDT | Tags :

Antique Easter Post Cards

A group of ten beautiful antique post cards post marked from 1910=1916. Each of the used cards has a once cent Washington stamp or Franklin stamp. The cards are in various states of condition from good to very good and printed in the USA and Germany. Would make a nice start to an Antique Easter Collection for not a lot of money! All ten cards for one price and you get free shipping!

Price: 27.00 with free shipping in USA

2020-Mar-14 12:35pm EDT | Tags :

Antique Hawaiian Stereo View Cards

Two stereo view cards depicting Hawaiian scenes that were produced by T.W. Ingersoll and were copyrighted in 1905. Each card has an intereting story on the reverse side related to the stereo view picture. Card are numbered and title d#1334 The Travelers Tree, Palm of the Hawaii Islands and #1355 A Native Newsboy, Honolulu. Both are in good condition with light edge wear; the pictures retain good color and are clear. Both stereo view cards and shipping are included in the price.

Price: 18.00 with free shipping in the US

2020-Mar-14 11:21am EDT | Tags :

Stoneware Selters Natural Mineral Water Bottle

A great example of an early to mid 1800's stonware bottle that was German hand made. The stoneware has an incised Nassau Selter contents stamp on one side. The Selters brand natural mineral water was imported to the United States from the 1840's to the 1870's. The mineral water was sourced from wells in the Taunus Mountains of the Selters area in Hesse. The Romans in the Bronze Age used these same wells which hold a natural soda water because of it high levels of sodium bicarbonate and other beneficial minerals. At 11 1/2" tall, the salt glazed stoneware with a soft orange/brown color makes a fantastic decorative piece. In nice condition, has a couple small chips on the bottom rim. Made 1840's-1870's. 11 1/2" height and 3 1/2" diameter.

Price: 68.00 with free shipping in USA

2020-Mar-11 07:37pm EDT | Tags :

Rare Civil War Envelope, Southern Coin Design

A rare pictoral envelope not listed in Walcott, is listed in Weiss, C-O 51. A satirical image of a new coin design for the Confederate States of America (CSA). Printed in blue ink on cream colored laid paid. Reverse side shows use with an impressed stamp mark in the center of the flap? If gum portion was used, it did not stick. Wrinkles in the fold down flap. Printer is unknown. The blue ink color print is strong; very good image, in very good condition. A rare civil war envelope!

Price: 195.00 with free shipping in USA

2020-Mar-02 06:35pm EST | Tags :

19th Century Meissonier Photogravure "La Rixe"

Ernest Meissonier (1815-1891) French artist. An 1893 Photogravure titled "La Rixe" (The Brawl). One of 12 choice etchings and engravings of Meissonier's original paintings published in 1893 by J.S. Virtue & Co., London. The photogravure printing process has been around since the 1820's and was perfected in 1878 by a Czech painter. The process has an end result of a higher quality and richer black color with soft shades of gray, that stands apart from the other printing processes of the time and is still used to this day. This photogravure is in very good condition, and ready to hang in its period frame. A great historical piece for the bar or man cave!

Price: 139.00 with free shipping in USA

2020-Mar-02 06:13pm EST | Tags :

1886 New Hampshire County Fair Broadside

Nice old 1886 paper broadside for the Coos and Essex Agricultural Fair - Horse Racing Entries. The list contains racers from NH, VT and Mass. Shows the owner/rider, their home town, horses name and class. Printed by Lancaster Gazette, Power Job Print in Lancaster, NH. Broadside is in great condition, nice paper to frame and hang in the tackroom or barn. 11 1/2" x 4 3/4" Comes with a clear plastic envelope and cardboard backer.

Price: 40.00 free shipping in the lower 48 states

2020-Feb-29 07:09pm EST | Tags :

Antique Hand Painted Porcelain Teacup and Saucer

An early to mid 1800's matching cup and saucer made of porcelain with an elegant hand painted floral design. The puce and yellow color florals have a more of folk-art look compared to alot of fancy transfer pattern of the period. The saucer has a low bowl style which is a sign of the earlier sets being made. The English preferred to drink their tea from these bowl-like saucers well into the 19th Century. Cup and saucer are in great condition, each bottom is marked with the number 20.

Price: 37.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2020-Feb-26 07:07pm EST | Tags :

Lehnert & Landrock Original Heliogravure Print

Circa 1910 protrait taken in Tunisia, a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa. The side-on portrait is an elderly Tunis man reading is an original of the period. In the lower left is the studio logo and printed signature of the renowned photographers, Lehnert & Landrock. Superb quality with excellent shades and contrasts in very good condition, framed under glass. The 13x11 wood frame is in good condition, the black painted border has losses. 13 x 11 inch frame and 12x9 inch photo. (more photos available upon request)

Price: 299.00 with free shipping in the USA

2020-Feb-22 07:02pm EST | Tags :

Early Gaudy Welsh Octagonal Cream Jug

This is a great example of the earlier produced Gaudy Welsh wares, likely from the Staffordshire region in England. Bottom half of the jug is paneled eight sides, then transitions to a smooth shoulder and neck ending ruffed edge and high pouring spout. Cobalt blue highlights on the decorative scrolled handle. Hand painting in a splash of colors all over with an array of floral designs. Great piece of Gaudy Welsh dating from about 1820-1860. Good condition; small chip on the rim; firing ping on the handle and very small ones on one side, paint is in good, bright color condition.

Price: 58.00 with free shipping in USA

2020-Feb-18 06:31pm EST | Tags :

Antique Gaudy Welsh Mustard Pot

Scarce little mustard pot with original lid and porcelain spoon. Hand painted floral designs. Completely encompassing the pot in typical Guady Welsh colors. Bottom has unfound marks, possibly the artists? Usually any pieces with markes are from the later production period of Gaudy wares - early 1900s. Paint is still bright and in good condition. Soft paste porcelain pot and lid are good; one rim chip in each. Porcelain spoon is in good condition as well. Great looking little pot that isn't too common.

Price: 79.00 with free shipping in USA

2020-Feb-18 06:22pm EST | Tags :

Antique Marigold Carnival Glass Bowls & Plates

Early 1900's Carnival Glass bowls and plates in deep marigold color glass with a bright irredecent finish. Two individual serving size bowls with a crackle glass pattern and scalloped or petal rim. Two plates with the same color as the bowls; pattern is floral and vine and edges are lightly scalloped. Plates and bowls match well enough to use together if desired. All 4 pieces are in great condition and sold together for one price.

Price: 24.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2020-Feb-18 06:13pm EST | Tags :

Art Nouveau Period High Relief Satin Glass Vase

Beautiful translucent white satin glass vase in heigh relief molded roses. Glass was blown in mold during the Art Nouveau Period of organic design and style of the late 1800's through the early 1900's. Quality glass that has a silky feel and shows good translucentsy when light is shown into it as in pictures. Very nice piece to add to a space that needs a touch of soft white. Excellent condition. 6 1/4" height and 6" width.

Price: 59.00 Free Shipping in Lower 48 states

2020-Feb-16 06:12pm EST | Tags :

Antique Hand Painted Royal Doulton Jug

High quality bone china jug by Royal Doulton in the Village Fete pattern. Hand painted scene encompassing the entire jug with impressed artists initials on the bottom. Also on the bottom are al the right marks and numbers for the Royal Doulton factory including a stamp that dates from 1902-1922. The jug is in great condition, with a fun scene having lots to see. (more photos available upon request)

Price: 129.00 with free shipping in USA

2020-Feb-16 05:59pm EST | Tags :

19th C. Thomas Kelley Botanical Bookplate-Framed

Very Early! Published by Thomas Kelley in the year 1835 in London, framed, hand colored botanical book plate. Book plate features nine plants, most in bloom that have been hand colored with water color paints. Artist is unknown. Each plant is also identified below its picture in English. Water colors are in good, colorful condition. White paper has stains and toning. The wood frame is of the period and has wood shingle backer. Good condition. Book plate also has Thomas Kelley 1835 printed in the bottom center. Frame is 11 1/4" x 14 1/4" and has chip in the upper right corner.

Price: 79.00 with free shipping in USA

2020-Feb-16 01:02pm EST | Tags :

Antique Textile Grain Bag - Amoskeag Textile Mill

Late 1800's cotton grain bag from the Amoskeag Textile Mill in Manchester, New Hampshire. During the 19th Century, they had the largest mill and textile production in the world. This seamless cotton bag is 40" x 18" and has the company tradmark printed on one side and the grain type contents printed label although both are faded. Grain bag also has some stains, the material is in very good condition. No holes or tears.

Price: 30.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2020-Feb-15 07:50pm EST | Tags :

19th C. Biddeford Maine Baby Photo Cabinet Card

Adorable baby photographed by photography of Biddeford Maine. Cabinet cards were popular in the 1870's through to 1900. The photo is adhered to a thick decorative paper board with the photographers name on the bottom like this one. Some used the entire backside to advertise. Photo is in fair condition, fading and stains.

Price: 12.00 with free shipping in the lower 48 states

2020-Feb-15 12:17pm EST | Tags :

Circa 1930's English Stoneware Jug

Nice three color glazed jug. Broad shoulder semi ovoid form and a boldly looped handle. Jug has an impressed makers stamp on the upper shoulder from the Price, Powell & Co. , Bristol. Also has the proprietor's name - Francis Meade & Co, LTD incised across the shoulder. Great condition, has a couple small firing pings in the glaze. Apprixmately 13" height, 6 1/2" diameter base. Note: The ring lip may looked chipped in the pictures, but it is actually a flaw in the color of the glaze.

Price: 75.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2020-Feb-15 12:14pm EST | Tags :

Antique Framed Embroidery Samples

Approximately 80 different designes! Colorful samples using stitches and thread types of all sorts. It is unknown whether this was someone showing their skills, or maybe it was a sales sample. Paper backing has been removed searching for information, but not luck. Samples are in very good condition; linen type backer has brown toning. Black painted wood frame with glass is in good condition. Ready to hang. Frame 12x15. More photos available.

Price: 135.00 with free shipping in USA

2020-Feb-15 11:21am EST | Tags :

Antique Creamware/Pearlware Mustard Pot

19th Century creamware pottery with applied blue feather painted rings and flower petal topped lid; D form handle with Acantis leaf ends. Lid has repairs as shown in pictures, pot is in very good condition with only two small pings on the same side. 3 1/2" height with lid.

Price: 150.00 - Free shipping in the US

2020-Feb-04 07:36pm EST | Tags :

Advertisement for Kellogg's Corn Flakes, etc.

Early 1900's two sided magazine page with Kellogg's Corn Flakes advertisement featuring a group of very happy young ladies and a caption "All In Favor Say "I", along with an early box of Corn Flakes. The other side is an Oldson Rug Co. advertisement staing that they can turn old rugs to new ones. Page is in very good condition, has been kept in a cardboard frame with cellophane covered cut-out for view. 10x14

Price: 22.00 Free Shipping US

2020-Jan-27 06:35pm EST | Tags :

Antique Cute Kids Photos

Two early 1900's children photos. One is a phot post card of a little man with a big smaile standing on top of a rock boulder dressed in what maybe World War I coat and hat. The second photo is a brother and sister photo by J. Will Kellmer, Pittsburg, PA. Photo is mounted on cardboard type backer which is embossed with the Kellmer name and address. Bottom righ of the photo is pencil signed Kellmer and dated 1916. Both are in good condition. 3 1/2" x 5 1/2"

Price: 12.00 with free shipping in the lower 48 states

2020-Jan-24 06:35pm EST | Tags :

Vintage World War I Gravure Print with Calendar

A Dowco Gravure process color print reproduced from an original by reknowned artist Frank Schoonover of the Brandywine School. Titled "Bringing Them Home for Christmas". The artwork depicts American Soldiers leading French refugee families back home for their first Christmas after the Armistice was signed. Picture is in very good condition, paper frame could easily be removed and replaced with proper one. Signed and dated Frank Schoonover 9-18 (1918. Original painting done in 1918 and this Gravure Print in 1931. More photos available.

Price: 30.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2020-Jan-22 07:30pm EST | Tags :

Trio of Antique 19th Century Tin Types

Three tin types of young ladies and perhaps a mother. The two photos of the younger ladies are not framed. The mother photo has a decorative thick paper frame, oval cut-out and gold embellishments. Tin type photography was used from 1856-1867 and was used in to the early 1900's as a novelty. More photos available upon request

Price: 18.00 with free shipping in the US

2020-Jan-22 06:52pm EST | Tags :

19th Century Foundry Cast Printers Block

Early to mid 1800s, solid foundry cast lead with engraved copper face. Detailed hand cut detail of a manufacturing building which may have been used on a letter head or in the margins of newspapers. 1 3/8" wide & 1" tall More photos available upon request.

Price: 20.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2020-Jan-21 06:50pm EST | Tags :

Antique Royal Bayreuth Barvaria Cream Pitcher

Royal Bayreuth Barvaria Cream Pitcher - Fine hand painted porcelain creamer with two men in a small sailboat/dingy on the high seas. Three inches tall with gold outlined rim and handle. Pitcher is marked & dates between 1900-1917. Good condition. No Chips. (more photos available)

Price: 37.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2020-Jan-18 06:21pm EST | Tags :

Civil War Lithographed Envelope

1860's lithographed in color, envelope printed by G.W. Holden. A liberty maiden with shield and spear backed by an Union soldier, are chasing off the snake wrapped Devil carrying the Confederate flag. Below the scene, the caption reads: "Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you.". 3 x5" Good condition; paper has toning; litho retains good color.

Price: SOLD!

2020-Jan-18 05:59pm EST | Tags :

Antique Lithograph Decorated Biscuit Tin

Larger size oval shaped tin with lid and two swing handles. Later Victorian Age, lithograph decorated with Mother and daughter dressed in high fashion scenes. With the growing industrialization of food production after the 1850's, producers of food products sought new ways of packaging. The biscuit tin was one of the most popular and efficient. Tins were made in all shapes and sizes with re-using them in mind. This handled tin could have been used for goods when traveling or on a picnic, etc. Overall good condition edgewear; a small dent; corrision spots. Oval 11 x 8 1/4" x 4" height.

Price: 41.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2020-Jan-18 05:48pm EST | Tags :

19th Century United States Glass Co. Salt Shaker

Circa 1892 Pressed pattern glass shaker has the "Frosted Circle" with Horn of Plenty pattern on four sides. United States Glass Company operated from 1891-1962. This shaker with patten #15007 was introduced in 1892. The unique star and crescent moon pattern screw on cap looks like pewter or maybe zinc coated. Shaker height 2 3/4". Good condition. Cap has corrosion on interior.

Price: 30.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2020-Jan-18 05:31pm EST | Tags :

Antique New York Florida Water Cologne Bottle

Light aqua colored glass that was blown in mold. Has a tooled sloping collar cork top finish. Bottle is embossed on one side; it reads "Florida Water Murray & Lanman Druggists New York" Florida Water Cologne was the American version of Eau De Cologne. The cologne consists of sweet orange, lavender and clove scented water. Bottle is in great condition, somewhat crude with air bubbles; a little whittle; and slightly tilted neck - just the way a great antique bottle should look! 1880's to early 1900's. 6" height (more photos available)

Price: 20.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2020-Jan-17 06:39pm EST | Tags :

Civil War Era Political Satire Envelope

Black and white printed envelope with the ingeneous printer J. Magee using the political satire scene as a way of advertising his company by way of the Union man on the right telling the deaf man with the oversized horn that buying Magee's printed envelopes will cure his hearing problem. Many different themed envelopes were printed by various printing companies as a way of promoting controversal beliefs between the North and the South. Back side has the "entered accorded to Act of Congress by J. Magee", his address and district, also dated 1861. 3 x 5 1/2" . Good condition with toning.

Price: 18.00 with free shipping in the US

2020-Jan-13 07:24pm EST | Tags :

"Up In Maine" by Holman F. Day

Published in 1907 by Small, Maynard, & Company, Boston, Mass. Book is the seventh edition with only 1000 copies printed. Nice green cloth hard cover with impressed, bright gold colored lettering and decoration. 209 pages with 13 pages at the end, having advertising for other publications. The spine and cover are in very good condition with light edge wear. Inside first cover page has "Jan. 1910 H.R.D." written in pencil. All pages are in very good condition with the exception of the first picture page with tissue having some brown toning. 7 1/4" x 4 3/4" A fund book, written in verse with stories about Yankee life. More photos available

Price: 28.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2020-Jan-12 05:56pm EST | Tags :

18th Century Creamware Pottery Lidded Bowl

Early creamware bowl with boldy flared rim and domed lid with knop handle. Hand painted vine and floral decoration over clear glazed, cream color earthenware body. Second half of the 18th century. Early pottery survior has repairs to the flared rim and underglaze discoloration. Approximately 4" height and 5" wide. The 204 sticker on the rim is previous owner's collection ID number.

Price: 89.00 with free shipping in the US

2020-Jan-11 06:34pm EST | Tags :

18th Century Pewter Spoon

Late 1700's pewter spoon with the "Dog Nose" style handle tip; large, deep bolw with rat-tail extending down from the handle onto the backside of the bowl.

Price: SOLD!

2020-Jan-11 06:25pm EST | Tags :

19th C. Paine's Celery Compound Nerve Tonic Bottle

1800's Windsor, Vermont Apothecary in gorgeous red amber colored glass bottle. Blown in mold; double collar cork top finish; deep beveled tombstone shape panels on four sides, two panels embossed (raised lettering); two panels blank. Bottle is in great condition, has bubbles, light whittle and striations in neck area. Made between 1870's to 1905. Milton Kendall Paine, born 1934 in Boston, MA. At 15 years old, moved to Windsor, VT for an apprenticeship in a drug store ran by A. and H. Wardner. After seven year apprenticeship, went into business for himself in 1856. Became very successful and well known. In 1887, he sold the celery compound business to Wells & Richards Co., Burlington, VT. More photos available

Price: SOLD!

2020-Jan-10 06:51pm EST | Tags :

Antique Early 19th C. JA Edwards Ironstone Bowl

James Edwards (1805-1867) Burslem, Staffordshire, England, pioneer of white ironstone China production and design. This bowl design was registered in 1841 as shape #832. Fluted, double swirl by James Edwards. Bottom has stamped "Domestic" for the engraved transfer pattern which was done in blue. Also has JA Edwards stamp and impressed "stone" lettering into the pottery. This mark is for ironstone. The bowl dates from 1841-1851. 10 3/8" diameter and depth is 2" deep

Price: 45.00 Free Shipping in the lower 48 states

2020-Jan-07 06:55pm EST | Tags :

Circa 1890 Holy Bible Oxford Teacher's Edition

The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments. S.S. Teacher's edition, Publisher: Printed circa early 1890's.Black leatherette boards, gold lettering on front cover and spine. Oversized black leatherette board cover is folded over edges. Gold wash on page ends is in good condition. Spine is tight, front cover & front pages are intact but two pages have split from binding but remain tight in the book. There is a handwritten name inside cover "Sarah P. Elliot Guilford, Conn.". There are book marks and a newspaper clipping in the book and I have left them. I think they add to the history of the book and it's past readers. These additions have caused discoloration where they have layed on the page. Includes colored maps in the back. Overall a nice copy of a late 19th century teachers bible. (more photos available)

Price: 50.00 Free Shipping in Lower 48 States

2020-Jan-06 01:02pm EST | Tags :

Currier & Ives Wild Duck Shooting Lithograph

Classic Currier & Ives hunting lithograph in color, published in 1870, titled Wild Duck Shooting. 9x13 print in a 16 x 19 3/4" frame; newer matting; period frame in black paint with grain painted border. Lithograph is in very good condition. Title portion of the margins has darking toning. Frame is iin very good condition with small chips in the black paint. Ready to hang! (more photos available)

Price: 165.00 with free shipping in USA

2020-Jan-01 06:46pm EST | Tags :

19th Century Dutch Pastel Painting

Hand painted pastel winter scene with a man skating and a light coating of snow highlighting roof tops and landscape. The frame is constructed of chestnut wood with a deep cove style profile ending in a gold guilded inside border. Natural age patina frame with old wavy imperfect glass is likely original to the painting. No signature found. Purchased through a reputable auction house with Art Appraisers verifying Dutch origin. Frame and artwork are in good condition.

Price: $279.00 with free shipping in the US

2019-Dec-31 06:23pm EST | Tags :

Late Medieval Cross Pendant

Medieval bronze cross pendant with siz white gems/stones. The pendant was originally part of an old British collection from which a private collector from London purchased in the 1960's and has now begun selling. Circa 14th - 16th Century A.D. has authenticity certificate from Pax Romana Art, London England. 1 3/8" height and 13/16 wide. Good condition. Comes with newer silver toned neck chain.

Price: 119.00 with free shipping in US

2019-Dec-30 04:54pm EST | Tags :

Antique 19th C George Washington & Blueskin Print

1800's engraved print featuring Washington on his horse "Blueskin". Battlefield scene with hilltop canons, flags flying and soldiers. Washington appears to be handing down an officer his looking scope with a holed boot; foot soldier standing by and another canon with balls in the grass on the other side of them. The print is engraved with F.O.C. Darley in the lower left corner. Directly under the print is written: Entered according to the Act of Congress AD 1859 by F.O.C. Darley in the clerk's office of the district court for the Southern District of New York. Darley was an early American self taught artist born 1822 in Philadelphia PA and can be considered to be America's first important illustrator. He was an extremely talented artist who worked in many different mediums; pil, pencil, inkwash, wood, steel and copper engraving. Print is in very good condition and is not framed Tombstone shaped print size 16 1/2" at peak and 12 3/4" wide. 20 3/8" x 15 7/8" outside margins.

Price: 295.00 with free shipping in the lower 48 states

2019-Dec-30 03:13pm EST | Tags :

19th Century Brass Push Up Candlesticks

Pair of brass push up candlesticks from the 1800's. Victorian; all brass. 1 has repaired crack at base and is crooked. The other one is a bit crooked also. 9" high and 4" across base. (more photos available)

Price: $30.00 with free shipping in the lower 48 states

2019-Dec-30 01:01pm EST | Tags :

19th Century Oversize Blown Glass Brandy Snifter

Large 36 oz. brandy snifter with engraved flower and leaf decoration - repeated around the bowl which has a knobbed stem joined with a wafer to a domed base. 19th Century to possibly early 20th century. Height is 8 3/4" and width across the top of the glass is 3 1/2". Very good condition. Use wear to the bottom the base.

Price: 99.00 with free shipping lower 48 states

2019-Dec-30 11:48am EST | Tags :

Early Native American Pottery Jar

Small, long neck jar or vase with hand painted ring bands and a band of single and crossed double feathers. Overall good condition for its age, has a repair to the neck, which was well done (not real noticeable) Paint has small chips and wear. 3 1/2" height, 3" diameter. Likely earlier 1900's. Has a rattle

Price: 350.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Dec-30 11:10am EST | Tags :

19th Century Staffordshire Quail/Game Bird

Unusual silver and gold lusterware type glazes with blue-tinged glaze over the body of the bird topped with a bright orange crested head. Staffordshire figures were made in many different styles and types of pottery since 1740 mostly in Stafforshire England, but also other countries as well. The blue-tinged glazed body of the quali is applied and fired first, then colors were applied and fired, last gilt was applied and fired if used. This procedure was being used circa 1830's to 1900. 2 3/4" high (more photos available)

Price: $60.00 free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Dec-29 02:14pm EST | Tags :

Scarce Early Porcelain Cat-in-a-Milk Can Figurine

Made by Grafton China Co., England. The figurine has the Tunbridge Wells crest and earliest company makers marks daing from 1900-1913. During the later Victorian to Edwardian times there was a collectors' craze for these crested figurines as day trippers shipping would purchase the coat of arms of the area and purchase as a souvenier. 3 1/4" height. Very good condition.

Price: 25.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Dec-28 02:20pm EST | Tags :

Antique Hand Carved Wood Whimsey

Amazingly carved from a single piece of wood is this whimsey with a rounded bottom rectangular piece with four window openings, which has a ball insie that is connected to a loop on the outside. Early 1900's. 3 5/8" x 1 1/8"

Price: 35.00 Free Shipping Lower 48 states

2019-Dec-25 03:51pm EST | Tags :

19th Century Hallmarked Pictoral Pewter Platter

Early interior of a home scene with a gentleman by the fireplace and a friend with a jug entering to join him. The back side of the platter has two European hallmarks, one is worn down. Information found about marks suggests it's made in Germany. 12 1/4" x 8 1/2". Very good condition with light wear on the front. More photos available.

Price: 95.00 Free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Dec-25 03:39pm EST | Tags :

Rare 1896 Newspaper Edition, the Morning Oregonian

Four full pages of color illustrations depicting the Opening of the Cascade Locks. In 1876 the U.S. Government authorized a project to build a canal and locks at the cascade rapids. This would create an open river navigation system joining Portland with the agricultoral lands of Eastern Oregon and Washington State. The project had many delays, 20 years later, 1896, the waterway opened. Very informative and interesting, colorfully illustrated piece of American history. Illustrated on 2 sides, 4 pages of antique paper in fair-good condition, folds, edge tears. Please view photos for condition issues and more photos are available.

Price: 150.00 - Free shipping in the US

2019-Dec-24 07:32pm EST | Tags :

Early 20th Century Outdoor Wall Mounted Light

Coach carriage lantern style light with chimney topped glass glove and cone shaped base. Natural verdigris patina and black painted brass. Cast metal wall mount cover and arm. Light purple sun tinted globe with loop pattern. 14 1/2" height x 5 12/" at widest of glass, 4 1/2" round mounting cover . Very good condition with natural patina to the metals - weathered. Scattered black paint losses. Light works, has cloth covered copper wiring.

Price: 60.00 with free shipping lower 48 states

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19th Century Botanical Lithograph

Beautiful hand painted floral litho in six divided plates with gold gilt frame and new matting. Artist is unknown. Paint loss on the frame, solid brown toning to the very old paper litho. 16 1/4" x 15 1/4" frame

Price: $65.00 with free shipping in the lower 48 states

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Antique Dimpled Poison Bottle-Vapo Cresoline

Patented in 1894, Vapo Cresoline colorless glass bottle, square with 2 sides having poison warning dimples and 2 sides blank, one would have had a paper label. Circa 1930 cork top finish, bottle is in good condition no chips or cracks, needs inside cleaning. 5 1/4" height.

Price: 24.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Dec-23 06:18pm EST | Tags :

Antique Hand Drawn Recognition Award to a Soldier

Information on the back side of the award states that this is a copy of the original, which Chas Fels of Swanter? Ohio has possession of as of 1923. Ther eis also many family members listed. Another note on the back states that Jacques Mahal, the soldier for which this is awarded, died of yellow fever. This hand drawn artists rendering of the original is sketched in what looks like pen, then painted with watercolors. Heavy paper in period frame with glass as found. Painted wood cove type frame in good condition, having high point edge wear to paint. Drawing is in very good condition, colors are vibrant, corner stain to lower left edge next to frame. 16 x 13 1/4" frame.

Price: 125.00 free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Dec-23 03:46pm EST | Tags :

Antique 19th Century Wirework and Asian Porcelain

Gorgeous, quality craftsmanship went into this making of this wirework. Nice design with twisted wire heart shaped handles attached to entwined circles the rim down to the tiny ovals used to hold the enamel painted bowl and footed base. Porcelain bowl has an Asian backstamp. Wirework is in great condition, bowl has some small rim chips under the wire. 9 1/2" diameter and 3" depth or height.

Price: 125.00 free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Dec-20 06:50pm EST | Tags :

Early Vintage Gooseneck Outdoor Light

Outdoor electric light constructed of bent metal tube with attached metal screw cap for threaded glass globe. Lavender colored glass globe with threaded top is in good condition; has a few small chips around the lip that are hidden when screwed into place. Also, light scratches and spots of interior light haze. The metal gooseneck has very old white paint that is chipped and surface rust. The screw cap is in very good condition and is made of brass with zinc coated exterior with white paint. The wiring is cloth coated and still works. The end of the gooseneck tube is threaded for wall mounting bracket. Gooseneck overal length is about 22". 3/4" tube and glass globe is 6" diameter and 7" height

Price: 159.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Dec-09 06:09pm EST | Tags :

19th C. Steel Yard Scale/Antique Balance Scale

19" forged iron hanging balance scale from the 1800's, which was once used by merchants and tradesman to weigh items from ounces to tens of pounds. This type of weighing devise is one of the oldest known and hasn't changed much since Roman times! This one is from the 1800's, is 19" long and has 1 1/2 lb and 5 1/2" lb removable weights. The beam has graduated notches and numerals. Overall very good condition. Makes a great looking wall hanger or suspended in a store front window, etc.

Price: $89.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Dec-09 05:35pm EST | Tags :

Antique 19th Century Pink Lusterware Lidded Sugar

Beautiful hand painted house and landscape scene in shades of pink and purplish-pink colors on creamy white soft paste porcelain likely made in England in the mid 1800's. In good condition for the age and being made of such a fragile type of pottery. One of the two handles has had a hard to see repair, also has an interior rim lip chip; only seen when cover is removed, all else is fine including the luster painting. (more photos available)

Price: $59.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Dec-09 05:33pm EST | Tags :

Antique Washington Pennsylvania Beer Bottle

Early 1900's amber glass beer bottle from Washington Brewery in Washington Pennsylvania. Raised lettering on one side reads "Washington Brewery, Washington PA. Bell Phone 132" The three digit number without letters should date this bottle to pre 1920. Bottle is in good condition, has some light scratches. 9 1/2" height.

Price: 25.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Dec-05 06:50pm EST | Tags :

19th Century Ozomulsion Apothecary Bottle

Later 1800's. Blown in mold; amber glass bottle embossed on one side with large lettering - OZOMULSION Apothecary bottle. Bottle is in great condition and is somewhat crude with a few good size bubbles, a tooled neck and lip. The form of the bottle is rectangle with large rounded sides and short sloping shoulders. When placed in good light, the dark amber glass turns to a nice lighter honey amber color. First introduced in the 1880's, Ozomulsion was supposed to be a cure for consumption, which was pulmonary tuberculosis. Very good condition.

Price: 38.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Dec-05 06:47pm EST | Tags :

Sponge Decorated Relief Molded Earthenware Pottery

Green sponge decorated serving bowl with flared and incised top rim, raised leaf molded pattern around the body, and a footed base. Bowls like this were made from 1830 to 1900 in potteries from the mid-west to New England region. This is a large bowl, 10" top diameter, 4 3/8" base diameter and 4 1/2" height. Has hairline cracks and chips on the footed base. Hairline cracks are tight and do not seem to affect the integrity of the bowl, which has decorative uses such as fruit filled centerpiece, etc. More photos available

Price: 18.00 plus shipping

2019-Nov-30 04:02pm EST | Tags :

19th Century Sponge Decorated Earthenware Pottery

Light yellowish earthenware pottery decorate with a green sponged on glaze and a clear salt glazed finish inside and out. Mid size pithcer, 5 7/8" height. These were usually used for milk. Made in the 1800's in Eastern U.S. Has 3 hairline cracks that do not leak. Base has chips as seen in pictures.

Price: $15.00 Plus Shipping

2019-Nov-30 04:00pm EST | Tags :

Aids to Diagnosis by J. Milner Fothergill

Publication Date: 1881 Condition: Very Good Students' Aids Series - Part I - Semeiology Very good condition with 2 pencil inscriptions on 1st 2 pages. Clean copy. Tight binding John Milner Fothergill April 11, 1841 to June 28th 1888. British physician and medical writer. Graduated University of Edinburg 1865. Was a physician at 2 small hospitals in London. He was enormously over-weight and died of diabetes. Also suffered from long-time gout. Known best for his medical writings. Title: Aids to Diagnosis Publisher: G. P Putnam's Sons Publication Date: 1881 Binding: Hardcover Book Condition: Very Good Dust Jacket Condition: No Jacket Edition: 1st Edition

Price: $95.00

2019-Nov-24 03:48pm EST | Tags :

Roads of Destiny by O. Henry

Fine, red leather with gilt letters. There is a Christmas Tag in front cover. There is edgewear to all covers and binding, but book does have a tight binding. Title: Roads of Destiny Publisher: Doubleday, Page and company Publication Date: 1915 Binding: Hardcover Book Condition: Good Dust Jacket Condition: No Jacket

Price: $15.00

2019-Nov-24 03:29pm EST | Tags :

A House Boat on the Styx by John Kendrick Bangs

First Edition. Very good condtion. Has pencil name on in side cover. Book is tight and unmarked with exception to name. Black and White illustrations. Green cloth covers. Gilt titles to cover and spine. There is small stains on the cover. Publisher: Harper and Brothers Publishers Publication Date: 1896 Binding: Hardcover Book Condition: Very Good Dust Jacket Condition: No Jacket Edition: 1st Edition

Price: $20.00

2019-Nov-24 03:28pm EST | Tags :

Rare 19th Century 1st Edition Clinical Chemistry M

Hard cover medical book written by Dr. C.H. Ralfe for students of medicine in 1883 and is the first book title "Clinical Chemistry" to be written in English. The book is written in the simplist form to help students realize the importance of chemistry in the medical profession. During the 19th Century, chemistry in medicine was highly debated among Doctors, some still not realizing the benefits. The book was published by Henry C. Lea's Son & Co., Philadelphia, PA and is illustrated with 16 engravings in 1883. Book is in very good condition. Red cloth with black lettering and gold lettering spline. Light spot toning thoughout; lots of pages with no toning - perfect! Pencil signed by previous owner on first coverage. 4 1/4" x 6 1/2".

Price: 150.00 - Free shipping in the US

2019-Nov-11 04:13pm EST | Tags : Antique Books

Philco Political Radio Atlas

Election Edition!! Discusses presidential election of 1936 between Franklin Delano Roosevelt & Alfred Mossman Landon. Has stamp on front of cover Piermont Garage. Rear cover edge is chewed. 16 pages. Published by Philco Radio and Television Corp.

Price: 25.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Nov-04 04:27pm EST | Tags :

The Cannoneer - Story of a Private Soldier

1st Edition - 400 clean pages. No jacket. Red cloth hardcover with illustration & title on the front cover. Spine is warn and a bit faded. Clean copy and in overall very good condition. Back cover has some wear - loss of cover and wear to bottom edge. Arthur - Augustus Buell Publisher - The National Tribune 1890

Price: 100.00 - Free Shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Nov-03 06:02pm EST | Tags : Antique Books

One Hundred Years of American Independence

Barnes' Centenary History - Gilt lettering on spine. Gilt edged pages. Very good condition with wear to edges - see photos. Binding is tight. 663 pages. Illustrated. Publisher: A.S. Barnes & Company 1876 More photos available

Price: 350.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Nov-03 05:43pm EST | Tags : Antique Books

19th Century Blue & White Chinese Export Porcelain

Hand painted cobalt blue on Chinese porcelain plate. Eight children playing are the main characters on this eye catching fun plate. The border around them is densely decorated with crosshatching, dividing squares, diamond and shining stars, chain links and bats; which symbalizes prosperity, good luck and happiness. 9 1/2" diameter. The plate is in very good condition with some roughness to edges around the rim which more felt than seen. (more photos available)

Price: 125.00 - Free shipping in the US

2019-Nov-03 04:15pm EST | Tags :

American Whist

Illustrated. The laws and principles of the game, the analysis of the new play and American leads, and a series of hands in diagram by G.W.P. Copyright 1890, Houghton, Mifflin & Co. Leather covered; 367 pages; black & white illustration pages depicting hand diagrams. Has attached ribbon book mark. Very good condition. Some pages have light soiling.

Price: $28.00

2019-Nov-03 03:57pm EST | Tags : Antique Books

19th Century Pint Size Blown Glass 3 Ring Decanter

Small, pint size mallet form decanter with applied 3-ring neck, flared lip has ground interior with matching ground and numbered blown glass stopper. Vertical ribbed bottom panel and a crude unusual siz point star impressed base. Small seed bubbles and a couple small specks of impurities. Great looking pint decanter with a mix of elegant crudeness and unusual base. Excellent condition, light haze in the mid portion, base has light edge wear from use. 6 5/8" height without stopper. Base is 2 3/8". More photos available

Price: 112.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Oct-31 06:48pm EDT | Tags :

The Apple Pie Alphabet

Homewood Publishing Company Chicago. Book with Alphabets representing and apple pie. Also included stories and a nursery rhyme. Good condition with edgewear, shelfwear and last page is almost detached from spine and spine has been secured with blue tape. Pencil gifting of 1911 inside front cover. Pages are toned. Photos show wear. More photos available upon request.

Price: 30.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Oct-28 09:56am EDT | Tags :

Wallace Nutting Interior Colored Photo

Interior hand colored photo taken in Nutting's Southbury CT home, which he called "Nottingham". Photo depicts a colonial scene with a lady and her cat enjoying the fireplace. Pencil signed and titled "Comfort and a Cat" "Wallace Nutting". Picture is 7 1/2" x 9 1/2", great condition, strong color. Frame is 15 x 18 1/4", very good condition, appears original. Matting has toning area on the bottom. All else is fine. Circa 1915-1925.

Price: $169.00

2019-Oct-27 02:17pm EDT | Tags :

8-sided Relief Molded Earthenware Pitcher

White bodied pitcher with relief molded lions head spout and tail handle, blue sprig mold embellishments. Antique, eight sided relief molded earthenware lions head pitcher. White bodied earthenware pitcher with a lions head open mouth pouring spout, lions main decorated handle and sides embellished with blue sprig moldings. 7" height to top of handle. Very good condition.

Price: 32.00 Free Shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Oct-27 01:42pm EDT | Tags :

Antique Pokerwork/Pyrography Potrait Wall Placque

Early pyrography wall hanging placque of a cavalier style gentleman done with intricate deep carving and attention to detail. Highly skilled workmanship from the late 19th to early 20th century.

Price: $69.00

2019-Oct-24 02:13pm EDT | Tags :

Pair of Antique French Art Engravings

Early 1900's Engravings by the French artist, Joseph Bonello, born 1878 (time of death is unknown). Bonello, lived and worked, as an artist and engraveer, in Malta, an island south of Sicilily. He is well known for his works depicting landscapes and people in everyday life in Malta. This pair of fine engravings were produced circa 1920's. Both are signed and titled by the artist, in their original frames. Excellent condition, ready to hang. Frame - Boats on shore 14 1/4" x 16 1/2" and picture size is 5 1/2" x 7 3/4" Lady with baby 13 1/2" x 15" and picture size 5 1/2" x 7 3/4" More photos available

Price: 125.00 for both - free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Oct-06 07:18pm EDT | Tags :

19th C. Los Angeles Horse Racing Wood Engr. Print

Frame hand colored wood engraving title "A Thirty Mile Race at Los Angeles, CA." changing horses print is from a popular British manage "the Graphic" issued August 24th 1889. 18 5/8" x 15 5/8" frame

Price: $95.00

2019-Oct-06 06:42pm EDT | Tags :

Assortment of Early Masonic Pins

Masonic pin assortment with the largest one being a brass frame Whitehead & Hoag Co with celluloid covered lithoprint, Circa 1900-1920. Three additional pins are brass and brass tone metal with enamel. The W&H Co Pin is in good condition with toning to the lithograph. Three others are good with issues. Total of 4 pins.

Price: 39.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Oct-06 05:10pm EDT | Tags :

19th Century 2 piece Cast Iron Melting Pot

Cast Iron pots with iron wire bale handles on each. Two piece pots like these were usually used for melting glue but likely had many other uses as well. Makers mark is too worn to read, probably made in New England (where it was found). Most sizeable communities had a foundry or "country works" during the 19th century. Both pots have bottom gate marks that are part of the making process seen on earlier cast iron wares. Both Pots are in good condition with some surface rust, use ware and white residue in the inner pot. 5 1/8" high and 6 1/2" diameter

Price: 34.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Oct-06 04:10pm EDT | Tags :

19th Century Buttermold

Turned and carved cup and plunger type buttermold. The 4 3/4" diameter cup was lathe turned and has a deep incised ring around the center. The knob topped plunger has a carved flower and leaf design with an incised ring around the outside edge. This mold has seen lots of use and has a very worn edge around the cup, also old termite/worm holes (none existing now). Ther eis a crack up one side and across the top. All this negative adds up to a positively charming mold with deep patina and lots of character. 4 3/4" x 4" cup 3 1/2" diameter carved plunger end. (more photos available)

Price: $59.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Oct-06 02:51pm EDT | Tags :

Early Cast Metal Eagle Toy Firetruck Fragment

Cast wing spread eagle perched atop a solid metal ball with a press metal base that used to be attached to a toy firetruck. 3 1/4" height. Good condition. Early 1900's

Price: 25.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Oct-05 11:54am EDT | Tags :

Large Antique Wood Stave Bucket

Tongue and groove pine stave bucket wrapped with oak straps secured with copper nails. Swing handle is also bent oak and has carved wood pegs attaching it to the bucket. A large bucket with a height of 13 1/2" and a 15" diameter base. Natural age patinaed wood in very good condition having use wear and scratches.

Price: $49.00 plus shipping

2019-Sep-28 03:01pm EDT | Tags :

Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome

Published in 1902 by Homewood Publishing Company, Chicago. Ornate hard cover with incised gold gilt lettering and floral decoration on the front cover and spine. Cover also features a colored lithograph mountain stream scene that is applied to the cover and outlined with incised gold gilt. The book has been published many times over the years since its first in 1889, yet while researching, a cover finished in this manner and from 1902, has not been found yet. The story is a humorist one of the author and his buddies taking a boat ride down the Thames. They also had a dog along for the ride. Condition is good for the ages (117 years). Front cover has some toning, spine has small dark spot, back cover has light staining thru-out and top edge wear. First page has pencil writing where it was gifted as a Christmas present in 1902. All pages are in very good condition, some with very minor toning. Would make a great gift once more.

Price: SOLD!

2019-Sep-28 02:55pm EDT | Tags :

19th Century Ice Chipper/Shaver

Made in Philadelphia. Quality, multi-function ice tool with the American Machine Co. Philadelphia, PA incised makers mark and a patten date of 1884. Ice tool is made from cast metal with a turned hardwood handle with a brass ferrule. The four tooth blade can be used for chipping and is sharp enough to shave block ice and has an opening allowing the shaved ice to gather in the scoop shaped portion of the tool. In great condition and still very usable. 10" length.

Price: 28.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Sep-25 07:02pm EDT | Tags :

Antique Northwood Custard Glass Vase

Custard Glass with raised leaf and grape clusters over a woven diagonal basket type pattern, aka Grape and Cable pattern. A nutmeg stain was applied to the body giving the pattern greater depth. When placed under black light, true custard glass will illuminate a lime green color, as does this piece. There is no maker's mark, made by Northwood Glass, Co, circa 1914-15. Good condition, no chips or cracks. 3 5/8" height to top of ruffle. 4 7/8" across the top and 2 3/4" base. (more photos available upon request)

Price: $32.00

2019-Sep-23 06:20pm EDT | Tags :

19th Century Parian Ware Jugs

Mid 19th century relief molded jugs with raised branch handles extending in vine and leaf pattern continuing around the neck. The body features men having a drink and a good time in the forest. Each jug is 4 1/2" in height and 2 3/4" diameter base. One having an ID number from the previous owner, who was a long time collector of early glass and pottery. Parian Ware was developed circa 1845 by Mintons, a Straffordshire Pottery maker in England. It is a type of biscuit porcelain that imitates the white parian marble that the Greek sculptors had used for centuries before. Both are in excellent condition. (more photos available upon request)

Price: $145.00 for pair (free shipping in lower 48 states)

2019-Sep-23 06:14pm EDT | Tags :

Pair of Cobalt Blue Apothecary Bottles

Gorgeous apothecary bottles in the not so common cobalt blue color when looking for 19th Century era. Blown in mold with hand tooled lip, authentic apothecary bottles. Smaller quart size is 9" tall and large one is 1/2 gallon size and 11" tall. Sold together $110 or $60 each. Both have lots of base wear from use and light scratches that do not affect display.

Price: 75.00 Pair or $40 each

2019-Sep-16 12:20pm EDT | Tags :

Primitive 19th Century Wrought Iron Tongs

12 inch tongs with six prong claw-like gripping end. Forged in two pieces and joined with peened iron pin making a pirot point. Tongs of this size were being used for handling small ice cubes, all though others were made from one piece and common. 12" long and good primitive condition.

Price: $28.00

2019-Aug-31 03:00pm EDT | Tags :

19th C Ladies Boot Shaped Blown Glass Scent Bottle

Blown in mold colorless glass scent bottle with applied neck and cork top finish in the form of a ladies lace-up boot. Good condition, has an in-the-making impurity flaw on the inside of the glass as shown in picture. 4" height. Mid-late 1800's

Price: 29.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Aug-31 02:53pm EDT | Tags :

Framed Feather Art

Exotic bird on a limb skillfully created with feathers; oil painting; and a touch of sponge painting. The frame is made up of two frames attached together, the outside one is varnished natural chestnut wood with two black painted pin stripes and the inside one is finished with gold gilding. The matting is light green square patterned fabric. Looks to be made in the 19th Century. 13 x 11 frame and 5 1/4" x 3 1/4" picture.

Price: 48.00 Free Shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Aug-25 02:40pm EDT | Tags :

Antique Folk-Art Doll

Great little one of a kind hand made cloth doll, which has yarn hair with braided pony tail and handmade floral head dress; painted face; hand stitched clothing and leather bottom shoes. Dress is completely tattered. Arms are stationary and the legs will do a complete 360. Probably made in the early 1900's and has had lots of use which reflects in the condition. 9 1/2" height and 3 1/2" wide at the shoulders.

Price: 20.00 Free Shipping in Lower 48 States

2019-Aug-25 02:34pm EDT | Tags :

19th Century Sterling Silver and Glass Lighter

Unusual table top lighter made by Frank M. Whiting in North Attleboro, MA 1877-1940. Lighter has blown in mold base topped with a beaded sterling silver ring and thumb wheel lighter insert with sterling cap. Good condition overall, sterling ring has a few small dings. 2" height and 2 1/4" diameter

Price: 32.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Aug-18 03:18pm EDT | Tags :

Antique Treenware Butter Making Utensils

Assortment of wooden tools used in the home-made butter process consisting of a: Pair of ribbed butterhands, 9"x3"; trowel with raised handle, carved from one piece 6 3/4" x 2 1/2"; spoon or spatula 8 3/4" x 2 1/2" and a nicely carved paddle 9" x 4"

Price: 5 Pieces for $33. and shipping included in US

2019-Aug-13 07:41pm EDT | Tags :

Pike Mfg. Co. Crate Advertisement Fragments

Pike Manufacturing Company, Pike NH, whetstone shipping crate fragments with an 1878 date on one piece and great red lettering and graphics stamped into the wood. The Pike Mfg Co. was a classic small business story that began with a man needing something to sharpen his hand scythe in the year 1823. He found a stone on this New Hampshire property that worked well and the rest is history! Pike Mfg. Co, 1823-1923. Company was the first in North America to manufacture and sell all types of sharpening stone sand was a great success! Also produced other products. 2 pieces 12 1/4" x 4 1/2"

Price: 25.00 Free Shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Aug-12 05:08pm EDT | Tags :

Diminutive Dome Top Chest

Small size chest constructed with wood and square nail fasteners; wall papered exterior; horizontal molded wood bands; black metal banding and lock; embossed tin fasteners. Interior features a divided lift out drawer and open bottom storage compartment, all covered in plain brown paper. Good overall condition with losses to the paper, inside and out and wear consistent with age. 16" wide x 9 1/2" x 10 1/2" height. More photos available upon request.

Price: $85.00

2019-Aug-12 02:37pm EDT | Tags :

Pair of 19th Century Canton Porcelain Bowls

Similar pair of 7 1/2" blue and white porcelain bowls from the Canton, China region. Made for export in the late 18th century to the end of the 19th century. Both bowls are in good condition, with one having a tight 2 1/2" hairline crack.

Price: $44.00

2019-Jul-23 06:32pm EDT | Tags :

19th Century Architectural Plaster Samples

Numbered molded plaster samples on board used in architecture for decorative accents that could be prepared in the shop and later added to homes and commercial buildings. Shrinkage cracks due to age.

Price: $55.00 for pair with free shipping in Lower 48 states

2019-Jul-20 04:51pm EDT | Tags :

Hallmarked 19th Century Cruet Castor

Circa 1880, Hartford Silver Plate Co. hallmarked American castor with an Asian influenced rim design of insects, birds, plants, sun & moon and others. The cruets are blown in mold glass, then etched and wheel engraved. All of this set is in good condition; silver plate has tarnish, discoloring on the undercoated top section of the castor.

Price: $85.00 plus shipping

2019-Jul-15 04:58pm EDT | Tags :

19th Century Wood Candle Shelf

Scroll-cut pine wood shelf with Spanish brown stain and small square head nail fasteners. 7 3/4" height x 5 1/2" width Shelf = 5 1/4" x 2 1/2" Good condition, Minor edge wear

Price: $35.00 free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Jun-22 10:03am EDT | Tags :

Boston&Sandwich Glass Co. Blown Glass Whiskey Jug

Blown Ruby-cased glass jug with applied colorless handle and star-cut base. Stopper is facet-cut colorless glass and a replacement that fits and goes good with colorless handle and ruby colored body. Fine example that was crafted by the Boston & Sandwich Glass Co. and the Sandwich Co-operative Glass Co. circa 1870-1891. 8" height to top of stopper. Has some light interior haze.

Price: $95.00

2019-Jun-11 07:33pm EDT | Tags :

Antique Painted Foot Stool

Thick plank of chestnut wood with beveled edge on turned legs. Black over red grain painted with remnents of white pin striped top. Circa 1900. 11 3/4" x 7" height

Price: $45.00

2019-Jun-11 07:27pm EDT | Tags :

Yellowware Cup & Plate

19th Century relive molded brown glazed cup with outward flared rim decorated with dental mold, hanging acanthus leaves, vertical panels ending in leaf tips. 3 3/4" height. Cup is in great condition with base wear. Also, 19th century is the 10" pie plate in a Rockingham type glaze. Good condition with heavy base wear.

Price: 2 pieces for $49.00

2019-Jun-01 04:57pm EDT | Tags :

Pair of Molded Earthenware Storage Jars

Matched pair of brown glazed earthenware pottery jars with wax sealer type tops and raised opposing arch bands decoration. Made in the second half of the 19th century. 6 1/5" height and 5" diameter approximately. Both have top rim chips.

Price: $30.00 for both pieces - plus shipping

2019-Jun-01 01:46pm EDT | Tags :

Early Miniature Blanket Chest

Early 1800's six board chest, molded lid with iron eye hook hinges, bootjack cut-out ends. Pine board, square nail construction, heavily worn black paint and natural patina finish. 20 1/2" x 12 1/2" x 13 1/2"

Price: 350.00 plus shipping

2019-Jun-01 01:42pm EDT | Tags :

Coiled Pine Needle Basket

Marvelous little basket! Hand crafted with meticulously wrapped pine needles in thin splint coils. Tightly stacked coils creating a slightly bulbous form ending with an outward flared rim. Estimated to be from the earlier part of the 1900's, basket remains in very good condition with only three areas of the thin splint missing as shown in the pictures. 4" height x 6" outside rim

Price: $70.00

2019-May-16 10:22am EDT | Tags :

19th Century Pontiled Cologne Bottle

Blown molded, wickered demijohn form cologne bottle. Likely made at the Dyotteville Glass Works in Philadelphia 1830-1860's. Early, crude glass with a rough pontiled base. 3" height. Very good condition.

Price: 65.00 Free Shipping

2019-Apr-22 01:32pm EDT | Tags :

19th Century English Earthenware Soup Tureen

Earthenware tureen marked with Dunn, Bennett & Co Pottery stamp and manufactured in Burslem, England circa 1886-1891. Decorated with brown transfer Pavot or Poppy pattern. Very good condition, not showing lots of use wear. Lid has some light crazing. 8x8" 3 1/2" height and 6" height with lid.

Price: 39.00 with free shipping in lower 48 states

2019-Apr-14 05:25pm EDT | Tags :

Wall Hanging Pipe Box

Early Oak pipe box with hinged downward opening door, single shelf interior and carved top and bottom back board. 21 x 6 x 4 Add a couple of shelves and it would make a great spice cupboard!

Price: $75

2019-Feb-12 07:36pm EST | Tags :

Primitive 19th Century Oval Oil Painting

Wonderful European seaside scene depicting a well dress maiden and child and perhaps bartering with a fisherman's wife with his catch. The oval oil on canvas mounted to stretcher board is 15" wide, 12" height and is not framed which gives it an appealing, primitive look when hung. The back of the canvas shows 2 small repairs that aren't visible in the painting.

Price: $195

2019-Feb-12 07:33pm EST | Tags :

The Mexican War and It's Warriors

First Edition hard cover book published by H. Mansfield in 1848. Written by J. Frost and is a complete history of all the operations of the American Armies in Mexico. Illustrated with numerous engravings and also biographical sketches. Book is in fair condition with edge losses to cover and binding. Most of the pages have staining but still very legible. First page is signed A.C. Hannum, Chicopee 1849.

Price: $80.00

2019-Feb-12 07:25pm EST | Tags :

Large Hand Carved Scoop

Early hand carved scoop is from pine wood with a nice deep bowl and the handle looks to be topped with an eagles head which is age and use worn but still visible. 17" long 7" wide. Light weight and very dry surface has some chips. No cracks

Price: 60.00 Free Shipping Lower 48 states

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Early 19th Century Bootjack

Early hand made hardwood board cut and carved to form a boot-jack. Large square nail fasteners used to secure fulcrum to the bottom side. Large pierced hole for hanging. Nice dark natural patina. Great early American hand crafted piece. 26" x 5 1/2"

Price: $95.00

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19th Century Oil Chromolithograph

A very scarce 12x10" chromo in original 15x13' frame depicting a Niagara Falls scene that was one of a pair offered to subscribers of the Demorest's Monthly Magazine. Not signed. Very good original condition.

Price: $125.00

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