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My name is Kim Guzzi and I live in Pittsburgh PA. I own The Antique Center of Strabane. It is a 40 dealer group shop south of Pittsburgh. I am also President of the 1830 Log House, a historical museum in Upper St. Clair. Thus, 1830 Log House Antiques! I prefer PayPal, checks or Money Orders. If you purchase an item that you feel is not as described, please contact me within 48 hours.

Flower Butter Stamp

19th Century Flower Butter Stamp. American from a Pennsylvania collection. 4” diameter. Q

Price: $295.00 plus shipping

2022-Jun-23 02:32pm EDT | Tags :

Pineapple Butter Stamp

19th C American Pineapple butter stamp, print. Deeply carved. 3 3/4” in diameter. No breaks. From a Lancaster Co. PA collection

Price: $225.00 plus shipping

2022-May-22 02:43pm EDT | Tags :

Double Berry Butter Stamp

Double berry with leaves butter stamp. 3 1/2” in diameter. From a Lancaster County, PA collection.

Price: $98.00 plus shipping

2022-May-14 01:05pm EDT | Tags :

Early Primitive Chopper

Early Primitive Chopper. 6 1/2” wide

Price: $68.00 plus shipping

2022-May-14 01:02pm EDT | Tags :

Springerle Cookie Mold

Springerle cookie mold. 6” tall. 3” wide. From a Lancaster County, PA collection.

Price: $98.00 plus shipping

2022-May-14 12:56pm EDT | Tags :

Yellow ware Pie Plate

Yellow Ware pie plate. 9 1/2” in diameter

Price: $135.00 plus shipping

2022-May-14 12:54pm EDT | Tags :

Sunflower Butter Mold

Compote style Sunflower butter mold/stamp. 3 1/2” in diameter. From a Lancaster County, PA collection

Price: $165.00 plus shipping

2022-May-14 12:48pm EDT | Tags :

Chocolate Mold

Anton Reiche, Dresden chocolate mold. Girl with watering can. 8” tall. 9 1/2” wide

Price: $195.00 plus shipping

2022-Apr-20 02:33pm EDT | Tags :

Early Butter Stamp

Early butter stamp with deeply carved flower, leaves and thistle. Possibly English. 4” in diameter. From a Lancaster County, PA collection.

Price: $145.00 plus shipping

2022-Mar-27 10:48am EDT | Tags :

Victorian Candy Container

Victorian candy container in the shape of a bucket. Wooden staves are hand painted and a silk lining. 5” tall

Price: $145.00 plus shipping

2022-Mar-15 11:00am EDT | Tags :

Rolling Pin Spice Box

Rolling pin spice box. 8” in length

Price: $98.00 plus shipping

2022-Mar-14 05:23pm EDT | Tags :

Tramp Art Frame with Heart! Great Size!

Tramp Art Frame. Wonderful Folk Art Heart. 5” x 7”

Price: $145.00 plus shipping

2022-Feb-04 07:01pm EST | Tags :

Hand Blown Calabash Flask, Masonic, Union, Eagle

Hand blown aqua Calabash whiskey flask. Grasped hands with Masonic symbol, Union and Eagle. Applied top. Open pontil. 9” tall.

Price: $165.00 plus shipping

2022-Feb-04 06:43pm EST | Tags :

Tin Candle Snuffer Dated 1858

Nice early tin candle snuffer with scalloped details. Dated 1858.

Price: $35.00 plus shipping

2021-Aug-13 02:35pm EDT | Tags :

Children’s French Wooden Shoes Dated 1918

Children’s wooden shoes with wonderful carving and leather detail. Dated November 5th, 1918. France. 7 1/2” long.

Price: $125.00 plus shipping

2021-Aug-13 02:30pm EDT | Tags :

Early Thistle Butter Stamp

Early Thistle butter stamp. Nice deep carving. 4 1/3” wide.

Price: $165.00 plus shipping

2021-Jul-08 02:12pm EDT | Tags :

Child’s Sad Iron with Trivet. Williams

Child’s sad iron. Wood handle. Nice original green paint on attachment plate and knob. Iron trivet marked Williams.

Price: $38.00 plus shipping

2021-Jun-17 12:28pm EDT | Tags :

Gentlemen’s Collar Box. Champion 12

Champion 12 collar box. The Standard Collar Company, New York. Dated 1878.

Price: $58.00 plus shipping

2021-Jun-17 12:25pm EDT | Tags :

Sailor’s Whimsy

Mid 19th Century Folk Art Carved Wood Sailor’s Whimsy From Massachusetts. 5” tall.

Price: $165.00 plus shipping

2021-Apr-05 04:05pm EDT | Tags :

Pineapple Ice Cream Mold

Nice pineapple ice cream mold. No makers mark. Excellent condition. 4” tall.

Price: $58.00 plus shipping

2020-Dec-13 11:00am EST | Tags :

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