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For the past 30 years, we have collected and offered for sale 18th and 19th century Americana at shows throughout the Northeast and Indiana. For several years, we maintained a booth in Antique Associates At West Townsend. Recently, the decision was made to "migrate" from my own website to Dig Antiques which will allow for more frequent updates. As a member of the New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association, your satisfaction is guaranteed. For any reason, you may return your purchase within 72 hours of receipt in the same condition it was sent for a refund minus the shipping and insurance costs. If by chance the item is proved to be not as described, I will be happy to pay the return shipping. Personal checks payable to Nadine Pechmann and Money Orders are accepted. Layaway is also available. Massachusetts residents please add 6.25% unless a resale # is provided. We ship USPS, UPS and FedEx depending on which is less expensive. Additional photos are always available to help you make a decision. Please text or email if you have any questions. If you would like to be added to the email update notification list, please contact me. Prices are wholesale until item is added to a "Sale". Thank you for visiting!



2021-Dec-05 11:02am EST | Tags :

Primitive Early 19th C Black Painted Wall Box

A Simple Primitive Wall Box With A Canted Bottom. It Is Constructed With Square Nails and Wears Its Original Dry Black Paint. Sometime In the Later 19th Century A Light Coat of a Varnish of Some Kind Was Applied. Wherever It Is Worn Away, the Dry Original Paint Can Be Seen. Measures A Little Over 11 3/8" Wide X 4 1/2" Deep X 5 3/4" High At the Back.

Price: 215.00 + Shipping

2021-Dec-05 11:00am EST | Tags :

Early 19th Century Peg Rack Or Peg Rail- Long Pegs

This peg rail is 45" long with 5 original pegs measuring 8" out from the board. Perfect for displaying baskets, lanterns, clothing etc. The mushroom pegs themselves are long, gracefully turned and attached with square nails. Further features are chamfering along the edges and dry original putty colored paint. A special piece!

Price: 225.00 + shipping

2021-Dec-05 11:00am EST | Tags :

Antique Tin 5 Way Kitchen Utensil 19th Century

This extremely scarce piece dates from the later half of the 19th century. It is referred to as either a 4-way or 5-way kitchen utensil depending upon how many functions are present. It includes a funnel, cookie cutter, donut maker, nutmeg grater and zester. The 4-way lacks the zester. It could also become a make-do candle holder! The tin has a wonderful dark patina and stands 5 1/8" high.

Price: 158.00 Free Shipping

2021-Dec-02 11:00am EST | Tags :

Late 18th/19thC Punched Tin Candle Lantern

This Classic Antique Lantern Wears the Best Near Black, Dry Crusty Surface. Very Nice Punched Decoration In a nice 10 1/2" High Size. The Original Handle Is Missing and Has Been Replaced With A Make-Do Twisted Wire One. Original Solder On the Door Hinges. and Cleats. The Candle Socket Is, Of Course, Cleated Through the Bottom. Measures 4 1/2" Across the Bottom.

Price: $185. + Shipping

2021-Dec-01 11:00am EST | Tags :

Circa 1855 Vermont Elijah Parker Candle Lantern

Elijah Parker Worked In Proctorsville Vermont and Patented A Unique Lantern Improvement. He Explained In His Own Words " for making the cornersof lantern frames of one piece with the flanges for receiving the glass as part of the corner. This saved soldering while it made a stronger corner." The Candle Socket Sits In A Little Saucer-Like Shape Which Is Soldered To the Bottom. The Lantern Is Constructed With 4 Glass Paneled Sides, A Pyramid Shaped Top and Wire Glass Guards. (The Bottom One On the Sliding "Door" Is Missing) The Extra Large Handle Is Attached To A Band Of Tin Through the Smoke Bell. The Piece Is Highly Decorated With A Round "Sun" and A Star In the Center Of All 4 Sides Of the Top As Well As Small Stars Punched Out All Around the Bottom. Measures 11 1/2" High Excluding the Handle. The Handle Itself Measures 4 1/4" In Diameter.

Price: $225. + Shipping

2021-Nov-26 11:03am EST | Tags :

18th C Hoof Or Mallet Form Dutch Onion Bottle

A Nice Dark Olive Green Bottle That Had Been Rolling Around the Sea For Quite A While. I've Seen This Form Described As Hoof or Mallet and Not the More Common Onion Shape. Surface Scratches From the Sea Bottom and A Couple Pieces Of Something Black Inside, Perhaps Old Seaweed. Two Small Chips On the Rim. Otherwise It Rings Nicely and Is Full Of Bubbles. Quite a High Kicked Up Bottom With the Wear We Want To See. Measures 7" High.

Price: $215.00 FREE SHIPPING

2021-Nov-26 11:02am EST | Tags :

Teeny Tiny History Of the Bible Early 19th C

This Wonderful Book Is One Of the Smallest I've Had. Measures Only 2" X 1 7/8" X 1" Thick. There Are 2 Pages That Are Loose At About 1/3 Of the Way and the First 14 Pages Are Missing. The Pages Prevent the Book From Closing All the Way. The Color Is Best Represented By the First Photo Of the Spine. A Real Cutie!

Price: SOLD! Thank You!

2021-Nov-26 11:00am EST | Tags :

Antique 19th C Tin Oil Lamp With Removable Font

Nice Details On This Unusual Piece Of Early Lighting. There Is Double Beading On the Handle and the Cone Shaped Bottom of the Shaft As Well As Embossed Bands Around the Upper Shaft. The Lamp Is Complete With Burner and Wick Pick. The Tin Has A dark Warm Patina. The Dish Base Makes Decorating For Every Holiday Easy. Measures 8 3/4" High.

Price: SOLD! Thank You!

2021-Nov-26 11:00am EST | Tags :

Antique American 18th Century Treen Plate

This early treen plate wears a nice mellow patina and beaded detail around the rim. It is guaranteed to be American. There are many knife marks on both the front and back. It shows good shrinkage, measuring 7 3/8" against the grain and 7 3/4" with the grain.

Price: SOLD! Thank You!

2021-Nov-26 11:00am EST | Tags :

Almost Antique Jug Shaped Breadboard

This old board makes me smile when I look at it. I'm guessing it's about 80-90 years old. Has a nice patina and lots of chopping marks. The "cork" is made to look like a corn cob plug. Just a fun thing to hang in the kitchen. Measures 13" to the top of the cork X 10 3/4 at it's widest.

Price: SOLD! Thank You!

2021-Nov-26 11:00am EST | Tags :

Antique Smallish 18th C Beehive Turned Bowl

This Bowl Is Thin and Light, Produced By Centuries Of the Wood Drying. There is a tight 1 1/8" crack from the rim. Nice Prominent Beehive Turnings. The Dark Holiday Green Paint Has Age, Probably Very Late 19th Century or Early 20th. This Bowl Was Purchased From the Wonderful Late Collector/ Dealer Doug Blanchard In Marcellus, New York. It Was Found In the Bottom Of the Red Cupboard In the Fabulous Summer Kitchen. Measures 10" Across X 2 3/4" High. Additional photos are available.

Price: SOLD! Thank You!

2021-Nov-25 10:59am EST | Tags :

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