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My mom loved history and antiques and taught her kids to recognize and appreciate craftsmanship of the old kind. Vacations became antique searches extending across the U.S. and, much later, across the pond to the U.K. I have been an eclectic antique-er, leaning towards folk art, but often finding treasures in other art forms. I became interested in the Shaker communities and their mission to produce all goods for their own use and also to sell outside of the community to support themselves. This began a serious collection over the years (as funds allowed) part of which is offered here. Please note that shipping costs will be added to every item...kept to actual and reasonable costs. Please ask questions or request additional photos to avoid disappointment and returns. And may you enjoy collecting "treasures" as much as t have.


Reminiscent of vintage photos in the Havre d'Grace Decoy Museum, this mat has hung at the side of my decoy collection for several years. It is finely worked on burlap which wraps around the edges to bind it on the back. The mat measures 9" x 12".

Price: $145.00 plus shipping.

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Probably hung in the clothiers store for customers to see themselves in a new hat..or scarf? It measures 9.5 inches square. Printed on the sides going clockwise are the words: J. WATERMAN. BANGOR,ME. CLOTHIER. ONE PRICE. The edge of the frame is scored all the way around, a sort of embellishment. The second photo shows the reverse side. The mirror is still bright but has small black marks here and there

Price: $195.00 plus shipping

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I have always considered this bird as one of my best finds....look at the detail in his paddle tail and the carved shape of his body with the wings slightly elevated and the nice painting on the wings. He measures 13" long x 5" wide x 5.5" tall. Glass eyes and nicely shaped and detailed beak. The second picture shows the old lead weights and leather line loop on the underside along with a crack from the lead weight, stopping at the tail.

Price: 395.00 plus shipping.

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This old legit working decoy was used at the Princeton Game & Fish Gun Club. I bought it from a long-time member of that club to add to my folk art collection. It is in original paint, faded and scraped, but has great wet-on-wet feathering on its back. It is hollow and a side seam is slightly separated and there is an old hairline crack in the bill. He measures 16" long by about 5.5" wide at the middle. This old warrior is An outstanding example of folk art and decoy carving.

Price: Sold

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From the Lower Nicola Indian Band whose territory extended into northern Maine. This form was originated by natives to pack out from trap lines to home. It was later copied by U.S. outfitting companies. It measures 20.5 inches X 15" and about 51 inches around its pot belly. The basket is solidly built and is reinforced by bentwood bands at top and wooden supports on the bottom. One bottom corner is missing weavers, see photo. The canvas straps are in tact. It is an altogether great piece!

Price: $290.00

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Beautiful little firkin with a bail handle, copper tacks and finger laps...all the right stuff to be the perfect topper on a stack of firkins. It is 6.5" tall, 6" across the top and 6.5" across the bottom.

Price: $135.00 plus shipping

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Lovely lines and a glowing patina make this a particularly special piece. It is 11" tall X 6.5" wide and was originally built with square nails;( there are a couple recent replacements). The 2nd photo shows that a piece of one of the scrolls is missing but the loss is a very old one and not noticeable at a glance, please see photo closeup.

Price: $175.00 plus shipping

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Offered is a unique and very hard to find Feather Basket. Experts are divided on this form's origins, whether Native American or Shaker. In any case it an ingenious design for a highly specialized function with a lid that slides up and down to fill and contain feathers. It is made of ash splint and has a carved notch on both sides of the handle to keep it in place as the lid slides up and down. There is a one inch piece of weaver missing in the lid, near the handle and a one inch missing weaver piece on the side also near the handle. The basket is 12" high to the top of the handle and 9.5" wide. Additional pictures can be emailed.

Price: $165.00. Plus shipping

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MAKE-DO Pin Cushion on China Doll Shoulder

This make-do pin cushion is offered as-found in Lititz, Pa. many years ago. I collected make-do's at the time and this was (and still is) the most unique one I'd ever seen. The pin cushion is bound to the doll's shoulders by a velvety cord. It stands a scant 3 inches tall. It is offered in as-is condition, which is exactly how I found it.

Price: $55.00 plus shipping

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Three Shaker smalls

This group of smalls is offered at one price. The Sander is just under 3 inches tall and beautifully turned. The petite pin cushion is wrapped in willow wood cloth and topped with pink velvet in good condition. The last is a fairly common comb in very good condition.

Price: Sold

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Early 20th C sconses, 13.5 inches high, with beautifully executed tole painting, each having a bird at the top. They are made of a very sturdy metal and have rolled edges. Please note that there are small spots of paint damage, which can be easily touched up and old wax here and there particularly in the bottoms (The price has been reduced by half to compensate for these flaws). They are a handsome pair and show beautifully on the wall.

Price: $100.00 plus shipping

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I purchased this decoy from Chas Riser of Boonsboro, Md. many years ago to add to a folk art collection. It is of Massachusetts origin, c. 1920-1930, carver unknown. It has much of its original paint, including its yellow-orange beak. There is a flattish piece of lead weight on the underside and a leather loop on the lower breast. Note the end of a peg in the top of the neck. In addition to its value as folk art it is an outstanding decoy with historical importance.

Price: Sold

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Early German Putz Village in bag - Rare!

These little Putz villages are circa 1920 - 1930. They are rarely found in their mesh bags which are fragile. This village has a school house, a church, four houses, a tree, a dog, and 3 fence pieces. They are all in miniature, the tallest is a scant 3" tall. Please note that there is another similar village listed here.

Price: SOLD

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One of the rarest majolica pieces, this is the "Gentleman" teapot made by Brownfield and Sons, circa 1880's. Three teapots were made for the tourist trade on the Isle of Man. (Reference Karmason/Stacke page 118.). There is a small chip on the brim of the hat and one beneath it. The sole of the up-raised shoe is missing. The latter was likely a defect at the pottery. Please contact me for further information.

Price: $1,000.00. Plus shipping

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Said to be made by Sister Lilian Barlow and her brother, Elder Wm. Perkins of the Mt. Lebanon N.Y. Settlement late 19th/early 20th C. The box and its lid are lined in pink "brocade" fabric. Measures 9.5" X 6.5" and has 3 of its original implements. The box is fastened by three finger laps with copper tacks; the lid is fastened by one finger lap. It has the typical swing handle with flat rounded shims separating the ends from the box. There are water spots on the lid and a few minor blemishes on the body. Additional photos available on request.


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The striking Black and Tan mat measures 13-3/4" across. The colorful one with the crocheted edge has a silkier feel to it (nylon?) and measures 12.5 inches. There is a 2 inch separation one row from the next in one spot where the thread has broken.

Price: $60.00 the pair, plus shipping

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The SABBATHDAY Lake settlement was still active into the 20th C and offered handcrafted items for sale to "the world". This box is likely circa 1930. It measures 11" X 8" and is 3.5" tall. A tray with 6 small compartments fits into the top portion and is lined with patterned blue paper; the paper has several stains and there is also staining on the mirror. One little compartment has a fitted lid. Note that the original key is included.

Price: $120.00 plus shipping

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Early German Putz Village - Rare!

These little putz villages from eastern Germany are circa 1920 - 1930 era, possibly Erzgiberge , a village famous for its handmade wooden toys. They are rarely found in their original mesh bags as shown here. There are 2 horses, one man, one tree, five buildings and one windmill in their mesh bag. One of the fence pieces has a split a long the top and is only partially printed with its "rock" facade. They are all in miniature, the largest being the windmill at 4" tall.

Price: SOLD

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Southwestern tribal "Teaching Kachina"

Vintage "teaching" kachina made by family elders and given to children to teach the customs and legends of the tribe. Carved of cottonwood root and hung by a string from the rafters of the home. I have no experience in this field and have quoted from the information given to me by the old gentleman who sold it to me years ago. The paint is in bad shape and the headdress has become unattached from its slot in the kachina's head. There are also some cracks in the body. BUT, defects aside, I think it is an outstanding piece of folk art that is genuine and many many years old. And I am many many years old too and selling my collections.

Price: $75.00 plus shipping

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