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We have been in the Antique business as show dealers for over 30 years and have been avid collectors for 40+ years! Over those 40 years, we have gained a strong collection of early painted Americana pieces and accessories. Payment can be made with a check or money order to Kris Troutman with Wisconsin residents sales tax of 5.1%. Layaways also may be accepted if needed. Any returns must be made within 3 days of delivery for a full refund only if item is returned in same condition as purchased. (Less shipping & insurance cost) We hope you enjoy our site! Please reach out via email or phone for further inquiries or for more photos if needed.

Grain painted wooden box

19th.C.grain painted wooden box that is square nailed and dovetailed.The box has wood damage to inside back corners which was repaired with a couple of round nails.The inside originally had a paper lining that was probably removed when repairs to bottom were done. Good outside appearance.14 3/4”L.x5 3/4”H.x8 3/4”D.

Price: 115.00 plus shipping

2022-Jan-20 05:16pm EST | Tags :

Primitive wooden scrub box

19th.C. Scrub box with remnants of gray paint.This piece shows a lot of wear to back board. Square nailed and splintered out wood to left side and base.Nice oval hole hole for wall hanging.19 1/2”h.x 5 3/4”w. x4 1/2”d.

Price: Sale pending

2022-Jan-18 01:52pm EST | Tags :

19th.C. Iron trivet

A nice hand forged iron trivet with some lite rust and pitting consistent to age.Has a shape of a boot jack,could it have been used for that also? Has a long hooked handle which hangs nicely on fireplace.15”L. X 5”W. X2 3/4”H.

Price: 68.00 plus shipping

2022-Jan-18 01:28pm EST | Tags :

2pc. Wheat shock butter mold

Early butter mold with tight hairline crack to outer case.very well defined carved stamp.3 3/4d.

Price: 65.00 +shipping

2022-Jan-14 06:19pm EST | Tags :

Small bench with Mustard paint.

Early 19th.C. Bench in original dry mustard paint. Some loss to back corners and minor split to top. A very nice primitive look with appropriate wear. 231/4”L x 101/2”W x 121/4” H.

Price: $195.00 plus shipping

2022-Jan-14 06:06pm EST | Tags :

Wooden bowl with older blue wash

A smaller size with a couple of cut marks on bottom that do not go through to bottom.103/4”x10”x21/2”depth

Price: Sale pending

2022-Jan-14 04:46pm EST | Tags :

Robbins egg blue over gray tote

Square nailed and splayed sides,nice smaller size with some paint loss and wear.(dry older paint) 111/2w.x71/4 d.x31/2h. To top of handle. Late19 th C.

Price: 195.00 + shipping

2022-Jan-14 04:33pm EST | Tags :

Bulldog Cast Iron Still Bank

Original paint with appropriate wear. Marked”design pat.1914”on reverse.3.75”h.wear to slotted screw on back.

Price: 95.00 + shipping

2022-Jan-14 04:15pm EST | Tags :

Pierced tin heart shaped sieve

Pierced tin heart shaped sieve with applied feet and handle.A nice kitchen piece that can be wall hung or sit on flat surface.all original approx.4”in diam. and 3” deep.

Price: 145.00 plus shipping

2021-Dec-15 03:22pm EST | Tags :

Pencil drawing

Pencil drawing of a man in original frame “J.S.Sloan Nov 6 1841”. Frame has several chips in gold gilding along right side of frame.4-7/8w.x5-7/8”h.

Price: 125.00 plus shipping

2021-Dec-15 03:10pm EST | Tags :

Original paint dome top box

Fantastic dome top original grain painted dovetailed box lined with newspaper on interior dated 1835. Slight gap on left side where lid meets base.15”w.x6-1/4”h.x7-1/2”d.

Price: 695.00 plus shipping

2021-Dec-15 02:54pm EST | Tags :


Late 19th c. Early 20th c. Checkerboard and cribbage both on same side with red,cream,black,green,paint and stenciling.Two different images depicting a boat and lighthouse at sea with the words “ That last dam egg is what made me seasick “The other says “That last dam egg made me loose the train”. With a man swinging around lamp post outside of tavern while train is leaving. Several scrapes and scratches from many years of honest use with one age split extending 5” from edge of board. No evidence of ever being a table top.19”w. X331/2”h.X1” thick. More photos upon request.

Price: $1195.00 plus shipping

2021-Dec-15 01:58pm EST | Tags :

Grain Painted Hanging Shelf with stenciled side’s

Grain painted hanging shelf with stenciled sides has a very nice look. 19 1/2”w X 28”H. X 7 3/4”D

Price: $300.00 plus shipping

2021-Dec-10 01:10pm EST | Tags :

Early Primitive Burled wood bowl

Early Primitive Burled wood bowl has wonderful burl graining which I believe it to be ash and is one of the best we have ever had the pleasure of owning. 12 3/4” D. X 11”D oblong. 3”-4” Deep.

Price: $995.00 plus shipping

2021-Dec-10 12:29pm EST | Tags :

Coggled rim Redware pie plate

19th.Century Redware pie plate in a figure eight design. Measures 8 3/8” D. Various chips and pock marks to plate. No cracks.

Price: $350.00 plus shipping

2021-Dec-09 02:36pm EST | Tags :

3 Pcs. Alabaster stone fruit Grapes

3 pieces of antique stone fruit grapes. Wear is consistent with age and use. The smallest grapes have the most wear and has a plastic steam. Extra large grapes measure 11 1/2” long and are very heavy. Large purple grapes 10 3/4” and the small purple grapes 7 1/2”

Price: $390.00 plus shipping

2021-Dec-09 10:35am EST | Tags :

Late 19th.Century round Gathering Basket

Late 19th. Century round split gathering basket in original green paint, bentwood handle. Basket measure’s 10” x 71/4” H x 113/4”H to top of the handle. Minor break near handle making it a bit loose but still intact and sturdy.

Price: $400.00 plus shipping

2021-Dec-09 10:21am EST | Tags :

Late 19th C. Double handle Basket.

Late 19th.Century double handle woven splint basket in original green paint from New England. Minor wear and measures. 113/4” x 91/2 ”x 6”H. 7”H to top of handle.

Price: 425.00 plus shipping

2021-Dec-09 10:05am EST | Tags :

19th.C. Walnut hanging wall box

19th. C. Walnut hanging wall box with dovetail case and drawer. 12”W.X18”H.x7 3/4”D Shipping cost: $32.00

Price: 325.00 plus shipping

2021-Dec-07 08:23pm EST | Tags :

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